47 of the Best Men’s Clothing Brands to Sell on eBay

What to look for: While they have several more categories on their website, True Grit really only specializes in pullover fleeces for men.  The softest, warmest, most comfy pullover fleeces.  They run about $140 new, and in good condition, sell reliably for about half that used.  Look for the tell-tale plush teddy bear fleece and check the tag.  The sweaters typically have to be in good condition to sell well, but their shirts can move quickly in any condition, the stranger the pattern the better.  True Grit also works with linen, and those pieces hold their value well.

Profit Potential & Market Outlook:  Although the market has slowed recently, we have got as much as $70 (50% of retail) for one of their fleece jackets within the past month.

What to look for:  There was a time in my thrifting career when I wouldn’t even pick up Lacoste polos.  I had accidentally picked up one too many fakes, and was

to put in the hours to educate myself on what to look for, and have saved myself a bunch of money on fakes since (while also being able to recognize the genuine articles, which are great sellers).  Look for polos, t-shirts, and button downs.  Just be sure to put in your due diligence!

Izod Lacoste: We get questions from time to time whether Izod Lacoste pieces are actually Lacoste.  The short answer is yes, kind of.  Izod (an American company) purchased part of Lacoste in 1952, and produced Izod Lacoste items in the U.S. under licence from Lacoste.  These items (generally polos and jackets) are worth picking up to flip.  This partnership ended in 1993 and the companies are now completely separate – so if you see something that looks too new, it’s probably fake.

Profit Potential & Market Outlook:  The market has slowed (due to saturation and the influx of fakes) but if you find authentic items in very good condition, you can still get a premium price out of them.

What to look for: KUHL has come a long way since they first launched their company based on a new ski hat design.  Kuhl pants are one of my absolute favorite things to find, because it’s an automatic $30-40 in my bank account.  Other items are harder to find, but jackets, base layers, shorts and tops are all excellent sellers.

And before you waste away wondering, KUHL just means “Cool” in German.  We were pretty disappointed when we learned that.

Profit Potential & Market Outlook:  Excellent.  The market is still strong, don’t be tempted to underprice things.  Kuhl items are very rarely on sale when new, so we typically price things at up to 50% of retail.

What to look for: John Varvatos does not have much of a presence in my area, so it’s always surprising to me how many people find it and make great money with it.  John Varvatos is very supportive of the music industry and his clothing reflects that: high-fashion clothing with an edgy look.  While we’ve found mainly button downs and sweaters, we are always looking for jackets (especially denim), as they have the potential to bring much more money.

Profit Potential & Market Outlook:  Very good.  If you can find it, you can profit from it.

What to look for: Robert Graham is a menswear designer that designs all of its “American Eclectic” fabrics in-house.  There are several Robert Graham lines and styles, but the most valuable ones are always the most colorful and ridiculous looking shirts.  Look for button down and polo shirts, but be very wary of fakes.  Robert Graham shirts feel quality, and you can find several guides online for weeding out impostors.

Also, if you live in an area where you can find Robert Graham shirts easily, consider saving them up for a while.  Robert Graham has a practice of naming a shirt after anyone that has a collection of more than 100 of his shirts!

Profit Potential & Market Outlook: Very good.  Unusual prints continue to sell for hundreds of dollars, and even tame prints are great bread and butter items.

What to look for: Under Amour is one of those every day brands that has enough of a following to sell well on the used market.  Pretty much anything Under Armour is worth picking up if you get a good enough price on it!  We specifically pick up hoodies, jackets, polos, and workout shirts. If you can get shirts for a couple bucks apiece, you’ll have better luck putting them in lots of 3-5 and selling them that way.

We also source NWT Under Armour items regularly on clearance at Ross and TJ Maxx.  

Profit Potential & Market Outlook:  The market seems to have steadied. Don’t pick up most women’s items or very basic men’s items – unless you plan to sell them in a lot – and you’ll be alright.

What to look for: L.L. Bean is one of those companies that you see so often that it might not occur to you that it can actually be worth very good money!  At least, that was the case with me.

Look for fisherman sweaters, wool items, down parkas, and the traditional duck boot.  Most basic vintage items, such as jackets, are not worth much unless they are classic or unusual.

Also be sure to look up anything with a vintage tag or anything that is made in the USA.

Profit Potential & Market Outlook:  Very good for vintage items or current items in good condition.

What to look for: There are many different brands included under this umbrella, but they all have Tiger Woods in common.  Any clothing item that is golf related and has a relationship to Tiger Woods is usually worth picking up to resell.  Because of their long standing relationship/sponsorship, most of the items you find will be Nike.

Profit Potential & Market Outlook: The market is good currently, but may wane as Woods passes out of the spotlight.

What to look for: While it’s best known for its shoes, Timberland also makes a full line of men’s clothing, most of which is great for resale!  Look for leather, canvas, and denim goods, as they were the most valuable when new, and tend to hold their value better.  We pass on shirts of all varieties, although some people have luck with button down and mechanic’s style shirts.

Profit Potential & Market Outlook: The Timberland brand has withstood the ups and downs of trends, and their used clothing has done the same.  If it’s nice, it will sell.

What to look for: Abercrombie & Fitch is another one of those commonplace brands with the potential to bring in huge money.  We’re talking hundreds of dollars.  There are two major items in the A&F line which will bring you the most money:

  • Canvas jackets & parkas.  Any type of canvas jacket (usually made in olive drab or khaki) has the potential to bring big money.  The best ones have a fur hood or are fleece lined.  Each of these jackets has a specific style name that (if you can find it) will boost the value of your listings.
  • The “Muscle Fit” line.  Abercrombie’s slim and muscular line is difficult to find, but highly sought after.  We pass on smaller sized polos and t-shirts, but pick up Larges and 2XLs.  Muscle Fit hoodies can bring $80 or more if you find one with a good logo!

Profit Potential & Market Outlook: Good.  Most items are bread and butter, but we still pick them up!

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