60 of the Best Women’s Clothing Brands to Sell on eBay


Most Common Types of Clothing: Button-up shirts, shorts, pants, and blazers.

What to Look For: Lilly Pulitzer is a bright, fun, high-end brand which can be extremely profitable to resell.  Because of its popularity in high society, Lilly Pulitzer has earned the title “Queen of Prep.”  Look for bright florals and geometric patterns when sourcing for Lilly Pulitzer items. People love bright florals, so we check the brand of all bright items that we see, and if they are a halfway decent brand, pick them up. Lilly Pulitzer items are incredibly difficult to find in our area, but we see people who regularly find items both in thrift stores and at the Goodwill outlet. The most common pieces that we find are button down shirts and they sell very well.  Lilly Pullitzer for Target pieces can be profitable, but be sure to look them up as they typically don’t sell for as much as the main line.

The Current Market Outlook: As we don’t find pieces very often, I can’t comment on how the market has changed. I can, however, say that the pieces that we do find typically sell in the $20-$40 range for a basic button front shirt.

Resale Value: Low-Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Tops, blazers, dress pants

What to Look For: Christian Dior was a French designer who came into his own in the early 19th century, putting France on the map for high fashion.  While their items can be bold in style, they are mostly in blacks and whites.  Look for the “Christian Dior PARIS” tag, but be sure to authenticate any pieces you might find.  Christian Dior pieces don’t typically have a look besides “fashionable,” so be checking tags all the way down the rack!

The Current Market Outlook: Christian Dior has excellent brand recognition and the market for used items is very healthy.  Because they are rare finds, the market for Christian Dior items has withstood most of the saturation.

Resale Value: Medium-High


Most Common Types of Clothing: Basic shirts, jackets, and skirts

What to Look For: If you’ve been thrifting for any length of time, you probably think you’ve found a Dolce & Gabbana piece or two.  The sad truth is, you probably haven’t. Authentic D&G items are typically only found in high-end estate sales or resale stores, but fakes abound everywhere.   Whatever you find, go find a comfortable spot to sit and look it up and authenticate it.  If it’s real, that might be the only piece you need to find that day!

The Current Market Outlook: D&G is considered the height of Italian Fashion and their pieces are priced accordingly.  As with other high-end brands: authenticate the piece, price it high, and wait for the right buyer.

Resale Value: High

24. RAG & BONE

Most Common Types of Clothing: Jeans and shirts.

What to Look For: Rag & Bone is a relatively new (less than 10 years old) New York company that makes trendy clothing in cute, but hard-to-recognize styles.  In other words, you’ll have to be looking at brand tags to find the brand. They have a consistent and recognizable tag, however, so as long as you recognize the name, you’ll be in business.  As with many brands, your location will highly influence whether or not you find certain brands. Rag & Bone items are extremely rare in our neck of the woods, but if you live in a large city (or closer to New York), you’ll likely have better luck.

The Current Market Outlook: The majority of Rag & Bone pieces we’ve found have been in very good condition, which is necessary for a high resale value.  The market for nice pieces (such as jeans or other denim) is holding quite steady. Shoes have not done nearly as well for us, and tops fit more into the bread and butter category.

Resale Value: Medium

25. Brunello Cucinelli

Most Common Types of Clothing: Sweaters and shirts

What to Look For: Brunello Cucinelli is a man that any hustler or flipper can look up to.  He started his own clothing company making brightly colored cashmere sweaters with only $550 (after dropping out of school), and a mere 40 years later he is worth in excess of one billion dollars!  Even today, the company is known for its exceptional quality of cashmere. You are unlikely to find pieces at a local thrift, but we’ve had luck at estate sales and auction houses. Unlike his original brightly colored pieces, more recent pieces are often made in understated and business appropriate colors.  

The Current Market Outlook:  Because this brand is high-end and rare to find, the market isn’t saturated at all. Pieces that are damaged may also still be worth selling just for the material, so I would say that the market outlook is as strong as ever.Resale Value: High


Most Common Types of Clothing: Full women’s line.

What to Look For: New resellers are often confused when they hear that Ralph Lauren pieces can sell for thousands of dollars in used condition.  This is because, unlike most brands, Ralph Lauren actually has a tiered tag system with a different color for each line/price range. While the higher-end pieces are obviously more difficult to find, the hierarchy goes as such (from most to least expensive):

  • Purple Label
  • Black Label
  • Blue Label (this is Polo by Ralph Lauren)
  • Silver Label
  • Green Label (Lauren by Ralph Lauren)

The Current Market Outlook: Unless it is black or purple label, Ralph Lauren items are not in high enough demand to sell by virtue of the name alone.  Therefore, look for pieces that are actually cute or nice, and coupled with the name, they will do well in the current market.  If you insist on picking up 90’s style green label tops and dresses, then you can expect them to sit forever.

Resale Value: Low to high depending on the label

27. J.CREW

Most Common Types of Clothing: Tops, jackets, blazers

What to Look For: Trendy items, particularly those made of a desirable material, are great sellers.  Look for cashmere and wool items especially, as we have sold wool pea coats for over $100 in used condition.

J.CREW vs. J.CREW Factory: Given the fact that you see the name “J.Crew” every few items on the rack, it may come as a surprise to you that real J.Crew items are unusual finds.  The majority of the items you find are J.Crew Factory pieces (denoted by two diamonds on the tag under the name), which come from J.Crew’s outlet line.  These are much lower quality, much cheaper, and are worth much less.

The Current Market Outlook: The price for high quality pieces is holding steady.  The market is so saturated with Factory pieces, however, that we only pick them up if they’re exceptionally unusual or cute.

Resale Value: Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Tops, dresses, jeans

What to Look For: Madewell is a J.Crew company whose items are aimed at a younger clientele of women than their typical line (in other words, they make cuter things). Sweaters and jackets do extremely well for us, particularly longer, duster style cardigans.  Look for bright colors and unusual patterns.  The stranger something is, the more someone will pay for it if they fall in love with it!

The Current Market Outlook: You’ll have a hard time selling basic Madewell items such as t-shirts (since they weren’t very expensive to begin with), but unique pieces continue to sell extremely well.

Resale Value: Low-medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Athletic tops, jackets

What to Look For: Patagonia is a bit of an anomaly in the outdoor world.  With no apparent effort of theirs, they somehow have transcended into the streetwear world and absolutely dominate the “casual outdoor wear” market.  The best selling items from Patagonia are the colorful pieces with outlandish patterns.  Look for unusual fleeces, dresses, and button downs.  However, pretty much anything will sell well and we routinely get $15-20 for used t-shirts that we pick up for a couple dollars.

The Current Market Outlook: Strong and only getting stronger.  Patagonia should be one of your top brands to look for and pick up.

Resale Value: Medium-High


Most Common Types of Clothing: Leggings, sports bras, athletic tops

What to Look For: Athleta is the women’s activewear line of GAP.  It is typically considered higher-end than average GAP pieces and holds its value better.  The company interprets the idea of “activewear” very loosely, so keep an eye out for tank tops, shorts, dresses, sweaters, sports bras, etc.  Heavy sweaters have done the best for us lately.  Also, most Athleta pieces have a model name, so do your best to find it (using the style number), as it can increase your resale value.

The Current Market Outlook: Consistent.  As with most brands, avoid the bottom end of the brand and look for items that were more expensive to begin with.

Resale Value: Low-medium

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