60 of the Best Women’s Clothing Brands to Sell on eBay

31. ETRO

Most Common Types of Clothing: Tops, cardigans, and pants

What to Look For: ETRO is yet another Italian powerhouse of fashion.  Originally founded as a textile/prints company, ETRO is known for its complex and beautiful fabric designs.  Their paisley pattern has been iconic since its inception in the late 60’s, and is the most commonly found design in thrift stores. Basic dresses from ETRO sell in the $500-$1000 range new, and can go for hundreds of dollars in pre-owned condition, depending on the style and print.  (Brighter designs do better).  Beyond checking unusual and bright prints, the only way to find ETRO is to be checking tags.

The Current Market Outlook: Most high-end brands hold their value if you are patient, and ETRO is no exception.  Don’t be tempted to do an auction.  We typically price for around 10-25% of what MSRP was, and add a “Best Offer” option if it doesn’t sell.

Resale Value: Medium-High


Most Common Types of Clothing: Lounge pants, dresses, blazers

What to Look For: When Andrew Rosen (of Calvin Klein) and Elie Tahari got together to form a clothing company, it was destined for greatness.  Not to mention that they launched with a focus on creating comfortable stretchy pants.  They have since expanded to a full range of clothing, but the stretchy pants remain. Theory items look much like other trendy brands, so check tags.  Current styles tend to do best, especially cute dresses and blazers.

The Current Market Outlook: We consider Theory to be a good “bread and butter” brand.  If you find cute items for a good price, they sell.  Just don’t buy crap that no one wants (or if there are already a million for sale), and you’ll do well.

Resale Value: Low-Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Blouses, pants, jackets

What to Look For: Torrid is generally considered a plus-sized clothing company and makes clothing in women’s sizes 10-30.  Originally owned by Hot Topic, Torrid does their best to release extremely current and relevant styles, so older pieces might not do as well for you. While bigger is not always better…in general, larger sizes do tend to sell better.  Look for large, brightly patterned tops, trendy blazers, and dresses.  Since Torrid tries so hard to release what’s hot at that exact moment, older pieces you find might be a bit dated and slow to sell.

The Current Market Outlook: The market for Torrid is fairly saturated, so don’t buy pieces unless they’re special in some way.  Luckily, Torrid is a common enough brand to find that we find one piece worth selling almost every sourcing trip.

Resale Value: Low


Most Common Types of Clothing: None are common…

What to Look For: We have yet to find a classic Fendi piece at a thrift store, but fortunately have found several of their basic dresses and lower-end pieces (low-end means selling for around $100 used).  The true Fendi line is filled with fine leather and fur pieces, so if you find one, don’t spend all the profits in one place!  Fendi loves to put its name/logo all over its clothing, so keep a sharp eye for the box “F’s.”

The best places to source Fendi pieces is usually online or from classified ads.  Vintage pieces are also hot sellers and can be found in boutiques.

The Current Market Outlook: Extremely strong.  The recent influx of eBay sellers has had absolutely no negative effect on used Fendi prices.

Resale Value: High


Most Common Types of Clothing: Tops, skirts, dresses

What to Look For: Matilda Jane is a relative new-comer in the clothing industry.  They make “unpredictable” and “whimsical” clothing, so look for bright and playful prints, most often on skirts and two-tone dresses.  Both women’s and girls’ pieces are worth picking up if you find a cute enough item.

The Current Market Outlook: Matilda Jane items are still new enough that neither eBay or thrift stores are crowded with them.  We consider Matilda Jane items to be middle-of-the-road bread and butter items.

Resale Value: Low


Most Common Types of Clothing: Tops, dresses

What to Look For: Johnny Was is the “expensive” brand that is a holy grail for most new resellers.  Imagine the dress that a flower child would wear if they had an insane amount of patience and embroidery skills, and you have Johnny Was.  Look for embroidered floral, particularly with an Asian flair.  If the piece is complex enough, condition is not as important.  We found a Johnny Was coat that had a huge embroidered tiger on the back.  It was in very poor condition with loose threads everywhere, but we put it on auction and it ended right at $100!

The Current Market Outlook: Johnny Was items are difficult to find, so their value is holding strong.  To add to the happy message, not many thrift stores in our area are familiar with the brand – so we have gotten most of our finds for a steal!

Resale Value: High


Most Common Types of Clothing: Leather goods, embroidered blouses

What to Look For: Double D Ranch isn’t even sure how to describe its style… but they summarize it as “a blend between bohemian, cowboy, and Native American heritage.”  We just think of them as really fancy cowboy clothes.  Look for studs, embroidery, and richly decorated items of clothing.  The best selling items are leather (typically jackets) but we’ll pick up anything we can find.

The Current Market Outlook: Very good.  Double D Ranch releases several new collections a year and, often times, people will pay top dollar for items from past collections that are no longer available.

Resale Value: Medium-High


Most Common Types of Clothing: Shirts/Dress Tops

What to Look For: Even though Topshop’s parent company has recently filed for bankruptcy, its items still remain desirable and easy to flip.  There are no longer any TOPSHOP stores in the U.S., but that just makes items more valuable!  Topshop has run the entire gamut of fashion and doesn’t have an identity of its own besides “what’s currently in style.”  Be checking tags, and if you want to get a better idea of what they make, their items can still be found at Nordstrom and seen online.

The Current Market Outlook: The market outlook for TOPSHOP is currently up in the air.  In the coming months we’ll be keeping an eye out to see if their bankruptcy filings affect resale, but as of now, it hasn’t and our sales have been consistent.

Resale Value: Low


Most Common Types of Clothing: Tops & Dresses

What to Look For: Another victim of bankruptcy, The Limited has closed its brick and mortar stores, but continues to be available online after being bought out.  Maybe it’s because people are no longer able to try items on in a brick and mortar location, but we find NWT items from The Limited quite regularly at thrift stores.  Look for clothing that appeals to business women in their 20’s, and you have an idea of The Limited.  Also look for their alternate clothing lines including Express and Justice.

The Current Market Outlook: Fair.  We typically only pick up NWT items or items that are unusual or interesting in some other way.

Resale Value: Low

40. NYDJ

Most Common Types of Clothing: Jeans, pants, & skirts

What to Look For: NYDJ was founded in 2003 to combat the low cut, squeeze-your-muffin-top, uncomfortable jeans that were the rage at the time.  The offer 66 sizes of jeans from petite to maternity, so they have something for everyone!  If we aren’t in the mood to go through every pair of jeans on a rack, we’ll typically walk down the aisle both ways (so we can see the butts of jeans and then the fronts/tags).  The purple tags of NYDJ are easy to pick out.  As with almost all jean brands, boot-cut jeans are out.  Instead, look for boyfriend jeans, cropped fits, and skinnies.

The Current Market Outlook: If you can find current styles, the market remains strong and items sell fast.  If you are selling an out-of-style pair of jeans, you can expect them to sell slowly for little to no profit.

Resale Value: Low-Medium

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