60 of the Best Women’s Clothing Brands to Sell on eBay


Most Common Types of Clothing: Leggings, dresses, & cardigans

What to Look For: If you’ve been thrifting for any length of time, you can probably pick out Lularoe items from a mile away.  Although their patterns are all different, they become easy to recognize.  Look for long duster cardigans, metallic dresses, and solid colored leggings.

The Current Market Outlook: Fairly poor.  There have been so many Lularoe sellers dumping their inventory that there is almost no market for used items anymore, unless they are special in some way.  We pick up their “elegant” line, very large sizes, and extra-exciting patterns.  Everything else stays on the rack because we remind ourselves that we have 100 items still in inventory, and it will probably take 2 more years to sell them all.

Resale Value: Low


Most Common Types of Clothing: Sweaters & tops

What to Look For: Thousands of dollars worth of Botox and plastic surgery has done nothing to dampen the success of Betsey Johnson.  Her brand and designs capture the flair of youth that she seems to be looking for at her doctor’s office. Betsey Johnson articles are often very flamboyant and include lurid colors, designs and embellishments.  Do a search for Betsey Johnson on eBay and spend 5 minutes browsing to understand her incredibly varied, yet consistent style.  You won’t regret it, as many of her pieces are worth close to $100 even in pre-owned condition.

The Current Market Outlook: The odder the piece, the more you can ask for.  Vintage Betsey Johnson sells extremely well, especially sweaters.  Apparently we haven’t found the right price for sweaters, because the last 3 we have found have sold for $65, $80, and then $100…all within 24 hours.  Also keep an eye out for unusual dresses and blazers.  Basic shirts are understandably worth less and we’ll typically leave them alone.

Resale Value: Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Shirts & jackets

What to Look For: The first time I met my wife’s grandma, she was wearing a full Juicy Couture tracksuit, platform flip-flops, and holding a massive Starbucks coffee (it was 2014….)

While that might have given me a tainted view of the brand, it hasn’t stopped me from profiting off it!  The most common item you’ll find is the tracksuit hoodie jacket with some sort of massive logo on the back.  Give these a pass unless they’re in excellent condition.  From our experience, the type of person who is wearing Juicy places a high value on looking nice – so don’t pick up worn out pieces.

The Current Market Outlook: Fair.  The majority of Juicy pieces are no longer considered to be very “in-demand” style-wise, but nice pieces still sell.  We recently found a NWT jacket and pants at a thrift store that sold for $80 in 3 days!

Resale Value: Low

44. ASOS

Most Common Types of Clothing: Dresses, tops, & jackets

What to Look For: We find mainly dresses from ASOS, and the ones with bright and fun patterns do particularly well.  We typically don’t grab basic tops but make an exception if they are particularly interesting.  ASOS makes a full women’s line (and a short-lived kids line which is worth flipping), so also look for jeans and jackets.

When you list an item, be sure to list it by the US size and not the UK size!  We have mixed them up more than once.

The Current Market Outlook: Fair.  Good items sell, typical items sit – so be selective in your sourcing.

Resale Value Low


Most Common Types of Clothing: None are common

What to Look For: Coco Chanel is an *extremely* desirable, high-end brand that is rare to find in thrift stores.  While it has been found, we have had more luck buying pieces off our local craigslist or finding them at estate sales.  Even t-shirts (one of their cheapest items) can sell for hundreds of dollars used.  If you find a more complex piece, start planning your cruise.

The only authentic Chanel piece we’ve managed to find at a thrift store was a pair of sunglasses that Kirstie found at the bottom of a $1.  They were a bit scratched up but ended up selling for $150 + shipping.

If you are hoping to get lucky and find Chanel at a thrift store, looking for the logo is probably your best best.  However, you’ll probably have more luck sourcing it intentionally elsewhere.  We routinely buy Chanel items that were foolishly put on eBay auction, and then relist them with a much higher BIN (buy it now).

As with all desirable designer brands: BEWARE OF FAKES!

The Current Market Outlook: As strong as ever. For as they say…”fashion changes, but style endures.” -Coco Chanel 😉

Resale Value: High


Most Common Types of Clothing: Scarves, Silk Blouses

What to Look For: The Hermes logo is familiar to anyone who has been in the fashion industry for more than a day.  As you could probably divine from the label, Hermes is a Paris based brand.  Famous for their silks and obnoxious patterns, Hermes articles are quite valuable and found at thrift stores surprisingly often.  Your best bet is in finding a vintage silk scarf, which can go for anything from $60-$400 depending on the pattern.

The Current Market Outlook: Very good.  More items appearing on the used market actually seems to have increased the accessibility of the brand and the price it sells for!

Resale Value: High


Most Common Types of Clothing: Business Dress Wear

What to Look For: Sold mainly at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, EXCLUSIVELY misook is a fairly new brand that has taken the fashion world by storm.  They specialize in producing high-end, but easy-to-care-for knit pieces. The majority of their items tend towards business and dressy, so be on the lookout for business suits, cardigans, and high fashion tops.  Their style, while distinct, is not easy to pick out on a rack so you’ll have to be checking tags to find them.

The Current Market Outlook: Very good.  Misook continues to gain traction as more people become loyal followers of the brand.  As misook is not an extremely well known brand,  the used market is not yet clogged up with items.

Resale Value: Medium-High


Most Common Types of Clothing: Sweaters & tops

What to Look For: Sundance (a Robert Redford resort) is only about 15 minutes from my house, and while I have been there several times, I had no idea that an awesome brand had sprouted in my backyard until I started reselling!  The “Sundance Catalog” of items is released annually and showcases a full line of women’s clothing, as well as jewelry and men’s items.  Keep an eye open for tops (particularly embroidered ones), cardigans, and jeans.

The Current Market Outlook: Fair.  The demand for higher-end pieces such as mohair and silk items has increased, while the market for basic items has slowed significantly.

Resale Value: Low-Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Jackets, outdoor pants

What to Look For: prAna started out as a sustainably-sourced clothing company of hand-sewn yoga clothing, and has since been acquired by Columbia.  They now produce men’s and women’s clothing for rock climbing, yoga, outdoor water sports, hiking, and adventure travel.  While men’s clothing tends to sell better overall, we sell several prAna pieces a week and it’s a great bread and butter brand.  Look for jackets/sweatshirts and pants, particularly those meant for rock climbing.

The Current Market Outlook: Fair to good.  The used market may have hit the bottom, because pricing seems to have settled at a consistent $15-25 apiece for the past year.

Resale Value: Low


Most Common Types of Clothing: Jeans & denim jackets

What to Look For: Avoid older, boot-cut 7FAM jeans, as you’ll be lucky to sell them for $10 +shipping.  Look for newer styles that are distressed, the desirable DOJO line, or are skinny/cropped.

The Current Market Outlook: Good for newer, stylish jeans, terrible for anything older and out of style.  Just be choosy and your items will move.Resale Value: Low

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