60 of the Best Women’s Clothing Brands to Sell on eBay

51. ZARA

Most Common Types of Clothing: Everything….

What to Look For: ZARA is a Spanish company that prides itself on “Instant Fashion.”  In the fashion world, the average company takes 6 months to take an item from conception to production.  Zara claims to manage this in only a week.  Because of this, they try to release what is hot RIGHT NOW and pushes out over 12,000 designs a year.  Trendy dresses, blazers, and jackets have all been good sellers for us.  Because there are so many ZARA items to be had, avoid basic blouses and shirts unless they’re still in style.  Leather/faux leather items (both jackets and pants) are great sellers as well.

The Current Market Outlook: Good/fair.  Zara is a well loved brand among bloggers and fashionistas, so as long as you’re picking up the right styles, you should have no problem moving items quickly and for a profit.

Resale Value: Low


Most Common Types of Clothing: Jeans & Denim Shorts

What to Look For: Everyone (including thrift stores) knows about MissMe jeans, and prices are typically sky high.  However, MissMe also has a range of tops such as blouses and hoodies which are worth picking up to flip.  As with jeans, look for the more highly decorated and flashy pieces.

The Current Market Outlook: The market has slowed overall but MissMe items are still worth picking up if you can get them cheap.

Resale Value: Low-Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Dresses and swimwear

What to Look For: According to New York Magazine, “[Nanette Lepore]’s gypsy-influenced designs are feminine and youthful. The looks are full of bold colors and bright prints, with ruffles and lace that manage to look good-time-girly but not overly frilly.”

We’ve had the most luck finding Nanette Lepore dresses and items from the Nanette Lepore swim line at our local thrifts.  Pretty much anything from the brand will sell well, especially because very few thrift stores recognize the name.

Nanette Lepore is also one of the higher-end brands that you can pick up and Ross and we always grab a few pieces when they’re clearancing items.

The Current Market Outlook: Our Nanette Lepore items tend to move quite quickly.  As long as you don’t look at the MSRP, you’ll feel good about the sales!  The NWT items we’ve found have sold for only a fraction for what they were originally in the store.  Like 15-20% of retail.  So take that into account if you’re going to source the brand at stores like Nordstrom Rack.

Resale Value: Low


Most Common Types of Clothing: Jacket, shorts, shirts

What to Look For: Columbia can be an excellent brand for resale if you know what you’re looking for.  There are literally hundreds of Columbia items at any given thrift store, but the majority of them are not worth picking up.  Look for coats, fleeces in very good condition, and button downs with unusual patterns/designs.  Leave the t-shirts and shorts behind.

The Current Market Outlook: The market for basic items is already non-existent.  Keep to quality, non-basic items and you won’t have to fight the saturation.

Resale Value: Low

55. LEVI’S

Most Common Types of Clothing: Denim & vintage items

What to Look For: Pretty much everything from Levi’s is worth selling except for their basic jeans.  Keep an eye out for:​

  • Vintage high-waisted jeans, particularly 501s.  These can be cut into shorts or distressed if you have some skills and want to be more unique.
  • Vintage t-shirts
  • Denim vests and jackets
  • Current jeans that are NWT or show absolutely no signs of wear.

*This goes for all jeans, but be sure to check for…women’s stains…We’ve gotten home with many pairs of pants we thought were pristine, only to find blood spots on them… which makes them extremely difficult to sell.*

The Current Market Outlook: Very good for vintage items.  Vintage jeans and jean shorts are getting more popular, and we often spend winter stocking up on vintage Levi’s shorts.

Resale Value: Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Jeans & shorts

What to Look For: Rock Revival is one of the easiest brands to pick out when you’re looking for denim.  Their logo is nearly always loud and proud on the back and when you couple this with the “innovative wash treatments, thick stitch lines, back pocket reverse Fleur-de-lis, and hardware” trademarks of the brand, you have a unique look that it hard to miss.

Thrift stores almost always recognize Rock Revival jeans (or just price them high based on the look), but we still pick them up.  Look for jeans, pants, and shorts, but only pick them up if they are a current style.  Don’t worry about extreme distressing, as this all adds to the “look” as long as the cuffs are fine.

The Current Market Outlook: Very good.  Prices have fallen slightly, but we can still get $40+shipping (or more) out of most pairs of current jeans and shorts.  We also keep a lookout for Rock Revival when we source at Ross & TJ Maxx, although they are less common there.

Resale Value: Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Fleeces, t-shirts, jackets

What to Look For: Like Patagonia, The North Face is an outdoor brand that has managed to become main-stream-desirable.  Look for vintage items, fleeces, down items and snow pants.  You can almost always find the style name (by searching the style number) which improves that sale price.

The Current Market Outlook: The current outlook for newer pieces and items in great condition is holding steady.  The North Face is one of those brands that we will almost always pick up.

Resale Value: Low-Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Dresses, blazers, and tops

What to Look For: Max Azria has been active in the fashion world for nearly 30 years, so you’ll find a huge number of styles with his brand names on them.  Jackets and dresses do very well on the used market, the flashier and more unique the better.

BCBGeneration is just one of many lines from Max Azria that does very well on eBay.  Also look for: 

  • Runway
  • Hervé Léger by Max Azria
  • Max Azria

The Current Market Outlook: The entire fashion house filed for bankruptcy and was sold in 2017, so it is likely that the used market will slowly diminish as the brand fades.

Resale Value: Low-Medium


Most Common Types of Clothing: Dresses, jackets, & tops

What to Look For: Princess styles, of course!  Vera Wang is best known for her bridal designs, so if you’re feeling brave, keep an eye out for wedding dresses with her name on them.  Just be aware that wedding dresses can be VERY difficult to sell.  In the non-bridal world, keep an eye open for dresses, blazers, and jackets, usually with fun but not blinding patterns.  As with BCBGeneration, Vera Wang Princess actually represents several lines from Vera Wang that are worth selling.  All of the brand lines have the name Vera Wang in them (Simply Vera Wang, White by Vera Wang, etc.), so that’s all you really need to remember.

The Current Market Outlook: Fair.  The Vera Wang items you’ll find at thrift stores are likely to be from her collaboration with Kohl’s and will not bring any serious money, but it is a good brand to have on your bread and butter list.

Resale Value: Low


Most Common Types of Clothing: Pajama sets & nightgowns

What to Look For: Nick & Nora is a sleepwear designer that makes some of the best flipping pajamas! (See what I did there? ha) The more specific and unusual the pattern is, the more valuable your item likely is.  Niche items often sell slower though, so you have to wait for just the right buyer to come along.  Look for two-piece sets and nightgowns.  Don’t be tempted to pick up single pieces no matter how nice the pattern is, as they will sit forever.

The Current Market Outlook: When we first started selling, Nick and Nora sets would sell for $40 all day long.  Now, if you find good patterns and sit on them for awhile, you’ll be hoping for $30.

Resale Value: Low

You made it to the end! If you read this in one sitting, congratulations, you have the grit and determination to make it on eBay! If you didn’t, don’t worry. You now have the information to make it anyway. However, you’re only just scratched the surface on what your Reselling Revealed Premium Access gets you. Check out some of these other awesome articles:

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