Daily Sales: 5/27/2015

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Selling on eBay is the best!  My wife and I both love thrifting and being able to sell online really just gives us an excuse to buy things that we like.  We figure that if something is cool and we like it, someone else will!  We had a good number of sales today and are right on track for our monthly goals.  Our slump time of the month is approaching however so we’re going to listing lots and thriting more!  We had some sales today that I really wanted to share with you guys so I’ll have to put in 4 of our top sales today…


Item: Men’s Lacoste Half Zip
Paid Price: $5.60
Sale Price: $33.50
Shipping: FREE!
Notes: This is only of those solid sales that makes up a true eBay business.  You literally can’t find Burberry, Coach, or Salvatore Feragamo all the time.  While we do try to buy high dollar good with a profit margin of at least $20 to make it worth our time to thrift, clean, photograph, and list, a good portion of our sales are made up of items that profit in the $15 dollar range.  Lacoste is usually a good brand to pick up.  As usual, the higher the original cost the better is sells, so polos, sweater, jackets, etc. are usually takers.  I very rarely pick up Lacoste shoes however as they have to be unusual or mint to sell well.

Item: Ribbed Silk Tommy Bahama – XL
Paid Price: $4.90
Sale Price: $29.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: I usually pick up Tommy Bahama stuff to resell.  The conditions are the same for most things, I only pick up things that are cheap (I’d pay up to $10 for one that’s unique and a great size), and in excellent condition.  In casual cruise wear/hawaiian shirts, bigger is better.  When selling on eBay always be on the lookout for big sizes, I’ve sold 3XL Tommy Bahama shirts in the $50 range.  This one I grabbed because it was ribbed, something I hadn’t seen before, and had an awesome large floral pattern.

Item: Men’s Size 11.5 Newport Keens
Paid Price: $3.50
Sale Price: 34.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: Whenever you see men’s Keens, do a happy little dance!  Unless they’re totally destroyed, Men’s Keens always end up in the cart.  They’re usually cheap (all sandals at our local Savers are less than $5) and are consistent sellers.  Women’s Keens also sell but are not in the same realm as men’s.  These were in relatively decent shape and sold quickly the first time they were listed.  The buyer never paid however so when we relisted them we went for a high dollar amount and they sold after a month or so.  We also sold a pair of women’s keens today that went for around $24 + shipping.

Item: DNA Cycling Italian Made Cycling Leotard (w/ padded bottom)
Paid Price: $7.00
Sale Price: $34.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: This was one of those items that I had no idea how to price.  My wife and I assumed it was a fairly valuable item with a fairly low demand.  We placed it on bid first at a starting price of $39.95 but it got very few views, not watchers, and most definitely no bids.  We decided we probably were a bit hopeful in our pricing so relisted it with calculated shipping and a Buy It Now of 34.95 and it sold in a couple of weeks.  Cycling gear in great shape is almost always worth picking up.  Stick with well named cycling brands however instead of athletic gear companies who simply decide to make cycling gear….


Number of Sales: 7

Cash Flow In: $231.89

Amount Spent on Inventory Sold: $36.97

Total Returns: 0

Total Profit before fees and shipping: $194.89

Total Spent on New Inventory: $0 🙁

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