Daily Sales: 5/28/2015

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Today we finally got our Zebra LP-2844 in the mail!  For those not in the know, this is a thermal label printer designed to save us money!  Shipping from home saves both time and money!  As an added bonus, the unusually sized box that the printer came in was the perfect size to ship on of our sales in! (The boots below)  This really made my day and I already dislike packing, and having to make my own box to fit something strange just compounds that.  Only two sales today but with a decent ROI! (Return on Investment)

Item: Hyperlite 3DS Wakeboard Boots
Paid Price: $8.40
Sale Price: 99.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: This is a fine example of an item that you don’t need to know anything about to sell.  I spied these sitting on a shelf at Savers and threw them into the cart.  While I was looking everything up before heading to the checkout I simply searched the name on eBay and checked “Completed.”  No dice.  Not to be put off so easily I googled them and found out that they were made just a couple years ago and retailed for over $300.  For the $8.40 that Saver’s wanted (after our 30% off coupon) I’ll take that gamble any day!  Some quick research helped me to write a description.  The boot was unusual enough that I figured anyone who searched them already knew what they wanted.  They boots sat for about a month before selling.  We probably could have asked more but these take up a lot of space and we definitely didn’t want to have them around come winter!  Good thing we didn’t put free shipping on these as they cost over $30 to ship to be re-homed in Florida!

Item: Tory Burch Strap Sandal Heels
Paid Price: 6.40
Sale Price: 59.99
Shipping: FREE!
Notes: This is something that my wife grabbed (of course).  I detest digging through women’s shoes.  We only buy women’s shoes that are in exceptionally good condition or are extremely expensive.  While this sounds common sense, I’ve bought too many pairs of women’s Sperry’s and Toms only to have them sit forever.  We have a pair of sparkly lace-up women’s Toms right now listed at only $25 that does nothing but gain watchers.  14 of them to be exact…Number of Sales: 5

Total on Items Sold (shipping not included): $159.94

Amount Spent on Inventory Sold: $14.80

Total Returns: 0

Total Profit before shipping: $145.14

Total Spent on New Inventory: $0 (Gotta do something about this!)

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