Daily Sales: 6/2/2015


By “Two for one sales…” I mean that yesterday was such a crappy sales day on eBay that I’m not going to grace it with its own post!  We sold a solitary pair of shoes.  But lucky for them, they get to be included today!

Item: Lululemon Racerback Tank-Top – Size 6
Paid Price: 4.20
Sale Price: $26.39
Shipping: Free!
Notes: Lululemon is a high end maker of workout clothes for women.  People are always on the lookout for their clothing which makes them a quick easy sale!  This would have sold for the $29.99 it was listed for but when it sold on sale we celebrated anyway!

Item: Burton Full Zip Fleece Jacket – Men’s Size Large
Paid Price: $5
Sale Price: $25.96
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: High end fleece always sells, and no does Burton!  Not that Burton is high end, but put the two together and you’ve got a winner!  This was a heavy fleece that sat for only a month or so.  Be sure to pick up heavy fleece as people are always on the lookout for it.  Columbia fleece jacket and pullovers on the other hand….have been sitting in our storage unit for months!

Item: Men’s Nike Lunaracer –  Size 12.5
Paid Price: $8.99
Sale Price: $34.99
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: If I ever buy anything Nike to sell, it’s shoes.  While the majority of their clothing is slow to sell because it’s in such plentiful supply, gently used men’s shoes are always hot sellers.  The bigger the better!

Item: 1949 Printing of Taffy’s Foal
Paid Price: $.50
Sale Price: $19.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: On one of our first thrifting trips my wife grabbed this on the way past the book section.  Neither of us were born yesterday (1946 isn’t yesterday) but we hadn’t heard of Taffy’s Foal before.  As we had both sold books on Amazon we looked it up quick and decided that for the price of 50 cents we couldn’t really go wrong.  However…it’s has sat since then.  When first listed at a price of $29.95 it had a watcher within minutes and then sat with nothing for months.  We discounted it and finally got it on it’s way to a new home!


Number of Sales: 6

Cash Flow In: $126.28

Amount Spent on Inventory Sold: $15.70

Total Returns: 0

Total Profit before shipping: $110.58

Total Spent on New Inventory:$0

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