Daily Sales: 6/3/2015


We had some time to take some pictures, measurements, and crush some listings today!  We listed around 25 items which seems to appease eBay’s algorithms.  I’ve noticed that the more active I am with listing/relisting items, the more items I sell.  I’m not sure if it gives us a prioritization bump in eBay searches, more people follow items through to the store, or what…but it just seems to work!


Item: Men’s Johnston and Murphy “Melton” Cap Toed Shoes
Paid Price: $7.99
Sale Price: $52.76
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: At $7.99 these shoes were a no brainer to pick up.  Johnston & Murphy makes expensive shoes for both dress and casual wear.  I have a pair of suede chukka boots that have been sitting forever but much to our elation these sold within a week!

Item: Women’s Skechers Tone-Up Flip Flops
Paid Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $24.50
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: We’ve sold a copule pair of these Tone-Up flip flops but these went for the highest price yet.  They had everything going for them, trendy aztec pattern, a lazy way to get in shape, and no longer available in stores!  Even being a size 6, these sold within 2 days.

Item: True Religion Brand Full Zip Jacket
Paid Price: $11.99
Sale Price: $61.56
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: This jacket is a true survivor.  It has continued to hang out in our storage unit through many sales, price reductions, and even a re-photographing.  It seemed to be content to sit on eBay garnering watchers (It was up to 9 I think…) before selling for $61.56.  True Religion clothing is *always worth picking up and *usually sells fast.  Be very careful though as this is one of the most widely faked brands.  Spend the time in the store to look up the signs of authentic True Religion jeans so you don’t get taken as we have in the past.

Item: Vintage Woolrich Golf Sweater
Paid Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $25.50
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: This sweater had lots going for it.  Good subject matter, a good name (Woolrich), good age, and good condition.  Even though it was cotton instead of wool this sweater sold within a couple of weeks.  Unusual or vintage Woolrich clothing usually sells well.  The only genre of clothing from Woolrich that we’ve haven’t had any luck with is new button downs.  Be sure to research them well before buying and when in doubt, avoid them.


Number of Sales: 7

Cash Flow In: $235.74

Amount Spent on Inventory Sold: $49.94

Total Returns: 0

Total Profit before shipping: $176.66

Total Spent on New Inventory:$0

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