ResellingRevealed: Understanding the “Best Offer” option functions on eBay is important for both buyers and sellers.  As buyers, we use it to get a better deal, as sellers, we use it when we are unsure of how to price an item or want to increase our chances of a sale.  Hopefully, and understanding of it will help you with whatever you’re looking for!


Best Offers have been around for long awhile now and yet, many are unaware o how to get FABULOUS bargains using Best Offers. Best Offers are a “WIN – WIN” because they allow you to pay what you think an item is worth to you and for seller who offers and accepts Best Offers to move more merchandise each day.   If the seller also offers a great deal on combined shipping you can get spectacular bargains 24/7 on eBay.Best offers can only be made to sellers who have an eBay store and have elected to accept Best Offers for some or all of their items on offer.  So, when eBaying, look for sellers with stores (to do this, go to advanced search and set it up to look for them).  Or you can look for a red door logo next to the user name and click on it to enter a favorite seller’s store.Do a quick scan to see if some (or all) items on offer are open for a Best Offer.  “Best Offer” should appear next to the Gallery photo in the search result.  For superb bargain hunting, the stores (and sales therein), are the ones you should be interested in.   Browse the Store.  See something you like in the store you are visiting?  If so, you’re now ready to make a “Best Offer”!!However, before you make that “Best Offer,” here are some of the finer points you need to know before making offers: 

1.  Remember that you only get to make one “Best Offer” per item.  So, if you really want the item, make a reasonable offer (typically within $1-$3 dollars of the asking price).  If you don’t mind loosing the item to get it for a “steal” — go ahead — make a really challenging offer of, say, 1/3 to 1/2 of the asking price.

2.  Please note that offering super low prices is more likely to be acceptable to the seller if you are buying several items from the same seller and/or if the item has been in the store a long time. The amount a seller will accept is often tied to how long the item has been listed for sale in the store and/or how many times it was cycled through auctions without success.  As a buyer, you don’t necessarily know the details unless you have been watching the item for awhile (or unless you see that the store listing is about to expire).  Those listings that are about to expire are perfect items to make a lower offer for.  This infomation is often found by routinely watching a “favorite sellers” store and keeping tabs on the items you are interested in by putting them on your watch list.  You can watch the items for awhile until the time is ripe for a good deal.  Store listings cost money and, over time, the cost of listing can consume the value of the item to the seller.  Rather than have no sale on the item at all, the seller is likely to honor a lower than usual offer.  So, the longer the item has been in a seller’s store, the more likely they are to accept a much lower offer.  It also follows that, if the item is a newer listing, you should stay away from extremely low bids if you seriously would like to own the item. 

3.  The aforesaid doesn’t mean you can’t get any item at a low, low price….it simply means that people are as different as the items on offer on eBay.  However, if you really must get the item and also want  a bargain basement price, put it in your watch list for awhile before making the low offer.  Saavy and patient buyers can make a killing using “Best Offers” and combined shipping.

4.  Making and accepting Best Offers is particularly good for sellers and buyers who are new to Ebay.  New buyers and sellers often want (and need) to grow feedback to increase sales.  In those cases, Best Offers give everyone an opportunity to build credibility right along with moving merchandise or building a buyers collection.  Best offers are also a wonderul way to get a nearly new wardrobe if you are returning to the workplace or have lost or gained weight.

5.  If you come across a new seller who has entered the Ebay market place to clear closets, they are very likely to accept Best Offers routinely (like me).  In the case of sellers doing the garage sale online, any recovery of a sellers original cost is a good recovery for them.  Such sellers may be willing to deal well and early for anything they are selling.

6.  Gently used items are often more negotiable than new items.  With gently used items, the seller is usually looking for some cost recovery, rather than a profit.  New items always have a fixed cost associated with them, below which the seller will loose money if they take less than they bought the item for (a place they are unlikely to go).  So, don’t take it personally if your offer is declined on new items.  Hopefully, when a seller declines your offer they will explain why they declined and that it would mean a financial loss to accept a very low offer.

7.  If you are really keen on having the item, but have no idea what a reasonable offer might be — don’t guess!  Email the seller, let them know what you would be willing to pay and ask if that would be acceptable before making the actual best offer through eBay. 

8.  Sellers are able to counter your best offer now too, but I think it is easier to negotiate the deal via email before you make that one offer you are allowed.  The counter offer does encourage communication between buyer and seller.  In my experience, there is no guarantee the seller will come back with a counteroffer to any offer you make on an item.  

9.  Communication is key to the consumating a great deal for both the buyer and seller.  So, don’t be shy!  Sellers, do always answer the mail and if the price offered is not high enough, give the customer a reasonable counter offer and explain!

10.  Sellers are often more likely to accept greatly reduced prices for items if they are selling more than one item to the buyer.  The price reductions can be evened out over a group of items to help the seller balance any perceived loss.  It also follows that, the more a buyer buys from one seller, the better the deal you are likely to get overall.  Top that off with a seller who offers a great deal on combined shipping, and you have a REALLY satisfying day of shopping on Ebay.  Not every seller will reduce prices for large sales and combine ship, but the best ones ALWAYS do — So, be sure to ask!  When you find sellers that will deal your way — keep them in your favorites list so you can easily find and shop with them first. It makes great financial sense!

​So — now you’re ready to go negotiate that Best Offer.   Be brave — have fun and, most important of all, — save the best sellers you encounter in your favorites.  If they work with you to make the Best Offer experience a pleasant one from start to finish…and deliver quality goods for low, low prices, they are worth visiting again and again.  When you get some super deals — you will want to be able to visit them often.  That is what it is all about…sellers selling and buyers delighted with getting great bargains — the essence of Ebay at its finest!If you have questions please drop a line anytime.  Please stop by my store, The Write Place, today.  Yes, I offer Best Offers on every piece of merchandise in my store AND I also combine ship — only $1.00 for each additional item purchased!! You can capture a great bargain or two from stores to be sure but my nightly auctions are full of great deals too (Pepper120851). I take pride in assuring your Ebay experience is the best you can have AND I guaranteed your satisfaction with every sale!   Please stop by my auctions and store regularly – thousands have and were very happy — you will be too!Best Wishes or the Best eBay experiences always!!! Pepper120851