Shipping Tips – Using USPS Media Mail The Proper Way!

ResellingRevealed: Believe it or not, using Media Mail incorrectly can be extremely detrimental to your business.  Many people send the wrong items via media mail in order to save a few dollars but, in the process, risk their items being returned to them, them being delivered with “postage due” or even being damaged as a suspicious postal worker opens them to inspect.  So, what can you send via Media Mail?  Well, the following article will help you wisen up!  Believe me, USPS can and will eventually open your package to make sure you are only sending acceptable items via media mail so be safe, pay the extra few dollars, and send you packages the right way!


I have decided to write this review because there are a lot of misconceptions and false facts out there about using this method of shipping.  I have had a lot of buyers tell me just send it Media Mail in attempts to save money on shipping when a lot of items don’t even qualify for this type of shipping! 
I have a great relationship with my local postal employees and asked one day what qualifies.  They sent me home with an official copy of a memo they received on what qualifies.  Please read below.
Media Mail:
Minimum weight – None
Maximum weight – 70 lbs.
Media Mail is most likely used for

  • Books that contain at lease 8 pages.
  • The books are not required to be bound.
  • The books cannot contain advertising other than announcements of other books.
  • Printed music, 16 MM Films, Video & Sound Recordings, Manuscripts, and Printed Educational Charts.
  • Loose-leaf pages & binders consisting of medical information.
  • Computer-readable media mail.  Example: diskettes, CD-ROMs, and DVDs.  Information that is prerecorded on teh media does not have to be one of the qualifying items (example: books, films, printed music, etc.) to be eligible for the rate.
  • Recorded CDs and DVDs – CDs and DVDs (only) are acceptable.  Also, video game CDs and DVDs (only) are acceptable.
  • Old magazines/comics with no advertising.
  • Examples of what does not qualify for Media Mail Rates:Game cartridges – Computer hardware or game consoles (example being Sega or Nintendo game consoles and video game cartridges) that contain a computer chip or other like-materials do not qualify.
  • Blank Media – Blank CDs, DVDs, audio tapes, and video tapes.  Other non-recordable media included.
  • Video Tapes with advertising.  Trailers for movies are not considered advertising.  The tape cannot be advertising movies or anything else for sale.
  • Photographs or photo albums.
  • Trading Cards, such as sports & hobby cards (example: baseball cards).
  • Note: I was told by postal employees that these packages are routinely inspected for violations.  If caught, they will send your item back, issue a fine, and re-issue other postal charges.  They are allowed to open any packages to check for violations. 
  • If you are not sure if your items qualify the best thing to do is either ask your local post office employee, go to the usps web site, or just send it another way.
  • Again the information above was provided on a memo released to me by my US Postal Office.  Please don’t forget to vote whether this was helpful or not!