The Best Day & Time To End eBay Listings

ResellingRevealed: The main deciding factor for whether or not your item sell on eBay, is how many people see it.  Every single thing that people suggest to increase sales (better titles, higher quality pictures, etc.) revolve around getting more pairs of eyeballs to see your listing and encourage the owners of those eyeballs to click it.  So it stands to reason that, when you start an item on auction, you want to start it when the maximum number of people will be watching it (and hopefully bidding on it) when it ends.  The traffic on any website (especially eBay roller coasters based on the time of day, the day of the week, etc.  So if you can figure out what the best time is to start you auction, you should always see your items sell for a higher price!  While it does vary based on the time of the month, as well as the category you are listing it, the following guide is a good starting point for you to know when to list your items.


I have listed tons of items on Ebay, I have been selling for about 4 years.   I sell clothing accessories for men, women and children.  In this guide I will be completely honest and open with each one of you on the best day and time you list your items.  When I first came across Ebay Reviews & Guides;  I noticed that sellers never wrote a lot of guides on the best time to list auctions on Ebay.  Are you scared someone is going to make more money than you? Do you care not to share useful information that this community needs to know? I can’t seem to understand why, but the most important thing is to share my experiences with this community  through my personal trial and error.  When I first started selling my items on ebay I experimented with the days and times of when to start a listing, end and listing. I have paid a lot of  Ebay fees through experimenting.   The  saying “Timing is everything”.  That is so true when it comes to selling on Ebay; especially if you don’t have a clue when your item will most likely sell. Just like you I googled this information, went on the yahoo search engine, yahoo answers, went on Ebay blogs, spoke with other sellers……NOTHING.  They even have sites that are selling the information…WHY?  What is the big secret  as to why no one wants to give answers from their own experience, In my opinion there is plenty of money to be made on Ebay so many categories, etc for everyone here to make money.  I realize by reading this guide whether you are a potential seller new to Ebay or you are a current seller than are second guessing the days and times you are listing.  I realize everyone has their own personal opinions, I am a straight forward honest person, I pull no punches when it comes to the truth so I am going to give you the honest answer.
First I would like to start off by saying: Saturdays: are a terrible time to ending auctions on this day everyone has been working during the week and they are out and about, spending time with family and isn’t near the computer.  I have missed out on so much money having my auctions end on Saturday.  Please do not waste your time listing on that day.  Mondays:  A friend of mine that is a new seller seems to think that if they have their items end on Monday..she has the theory that everyone is back to work and they are at work on Ebay…NOT she discovered this isn’t a good day to list.  The best day to end ebay listings is onSUNDAY!!!  I know some of you may be skeptical; however Ebay has said their best high traffic day is on Sunday. There is more competition and definitely more bidding on Sunday. I have tried to list items during the week and there isn’t that many bids on my items than it is on Sunday.  Now when is the best time to have your listings end?  10-11 pm (Eastern Standard Time), which is 7pm-8pm (Central Standard Time) and 11-12pm (Eastern Standard Time), which is 8pm-9pm.  I stand behind this 110% and if you list your items during these times I guarantee you will see results also the reason why i choose those two times 10-11pm I do some of my listings for the ones that want to go to bed early they are browsing for a little while and they have to go to bed so they will browse for about an hour or two and they want to get their bid in before they go to bed (10-11pm East Coast). The central timers which that time is 7pm-8pm every on the Central time is by the computers and browsing Ebay.  Now the 11-12pm (EST) this is for the ones that stay up late and want to browse ebay and the central timers from 8pm-9pm are online browsing through auctions and bidding during that time.  I try to accomodate all my customers and potential customers and I ask that you do the same.