How To Get Paid On Mercari (and avoid the common pitfalls)

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If you want to make fast money online, go ahead and join the club. Everyone does. Fast and easy, right? Unfortunately, that’s not how things work. Not only are there 4.66 billion other people with internet access who would love the same thing, but the number of scammers has made buyers wary and money-making platforms much more strict when it comes to getting paid. Mercari is no exception. Getting paid on Mercari isn’t hard but it isn’t fast either.

Let’s go over exactly how it works.

How to Get Paid on Mercari

To get paid on Mercari, sell something. Or, at least, that will start the ball rolling.

Like every other selling platform (now that eBay’s Managed Payments is a thing) Mercari does more than simply provide a platform where you can sell your items. They decided to be a bank as well. Your sales funds are unavailable to you until the buyer confirms that they have received the item and have left you a rating.

Buyers have three days after tracking confirms delivery to leave you a rating. If they don’t rate you, Mercari will assume that everything went well and release your funds. But not to you…

When you sell an item on Mercari the funds are added to your “balance”. Your balance, held by Mercari, is the money that you earned from your transaction after Mercari takes their fee percentage.

Presumably, there are several reasons that Mercari holds your money in a balance rather than just letting people pay you directly. Numero uno is that it’s safer for the buyer. It is much harder for a buyer to be scammed if the seller can’t take their money and run. In this regard, Mercari functions as an escrow to make sure the selling contract is fulfilled.

Secondly, I assume that Mercari is being paid interest on the massive balance that they hold for their sellers. Last, of all, people are more likely to spend a balance than to use money out of their bank account for frivolous purchases. Mercari knows that the more intangible they can make your money, the more likely you are just to leave it on Mercari and spend it there so they can take another fee cut.

Those reasons aside, once you have a balance, you have two options: use it for purchases on Mercari or transfer it to your bank account where you can use it for everyday purchases.

How To Transfer Your Mercari Balance To Your Bank

Once you’ve decided that make your funds your own and add them to your bank account, just go to My Page > Balance > and choose to transfer your funds. On the app, you can simply click on your balance and it will then give you the option to transfer it.

Mercari transfers their funds through ACH Direct Deposit. Meaning that you have to have your bank account attached to Mercari and, once the clearinghouse batch processes your order, it will be on its way to your bank.

Direct deposit requests are typically processed the day after your request them and it will take anywhere from 2 to 5 days for the funds to show up in your account. Mercari guarantees a five-day timeline but it has never taken us that long

If you need your money faster, you can sign up for Mercari’s Instant Pay. This means you’ll have access to your money within minutes. However, there are a few additional hoops:

  • You have to be I.D. verified. This means uploading pictures of your driver’s license (or other acceptable I.D.) and having someone from Mercari’s customer service manually check it. We are verified (as are millions of other Mercari sellers) and have had no problems with it but it might make you uncomfortable.
  • The instant transfer has a $2 fee, no matter the amount you are withdrawing. If you’re going to use instant transfer, you’re better off transferring large amounts at a time. If I transferred my earning via instant transfer every couple of sales it could easily add up to another 5% of profits lost.
  • There is a $500 monthly limit for instant transfers. After you reach that point you can still transfer via the slow method.

It’s obviously up to you what method you choose. In my case I choose to simply cash out via the slow method every Friday and count on having the money in my account the next Tuesday.

To recap:

how to get paid on Mercari breakdown

It’s worth noting here that there are no other payment options. You cannot be paid on Mercari via PayPal, check, mailed cash, Bitcoin, etc. You can either attach your bank account for transfers or use your balance on the app.


Hopefully, figuring out how to get paid on Mercari wasn’t very hard. Knowing how Mercari pays can mean that you get to keep more money in your own pocket which is the point of selling things after all.

Happy sales!

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