How To Find Out How Much An eBay Item Sold For On Best Offer

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Last week my wife and I were wandering around a pawn shop (in other words, it was a normal day) and we came across an interesting display of plates!  They looked expensive (or “beautiful” to non-resellers) but they were priced at $100 apiece or $500 for the set of six.

The plates obviously weren’t going anywhere in our house since our two kids would probably break them and dance on the shards, so we naturally thought of reselling them on eBay.

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Out came our phones so we could check if anything similar has sold on eBay in the past couple of months.  Sure enough!  A similar set of 6 had sold for (what appeared to be) $1,395 plus shipping!  I didn’t exactly want to drop $500 on a set of plates but if we could make a quick $800 profit we could sure make it work.

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​Fortunately, we didn’t get quite swept up into our self-created hype and put in our due diligence before carrying the plates up to the register.  Check out how we discovered the much less exciting amount the plates actually sold for…

First, How eBay’s Best Offer Feature Works

The Best Offer Feature is an often-used tool when selling on eBay.  It is often employed for items that are worth a large amount, have been listed for a while without selling, or have a buyer unsure of the item’s worth.

These days, eBay usually shows the actual selling pricing if you simply click on “Sold Listings”. Sometimes, however, it simply shows the original asking price with a message of “Best Offer Accepted” Gee, thanks eBay.

The plates we were thinking of selling were a pretty rare item and there were only a couple listed in the “Sold” section.  Because we were unsure of how we would price them, this is how we went about deciding if they were worth selling:

See The Final Price on an eBay Best Offer Listings: Step-by-Step

  • First off we checked the completed listings on eBay and found this listing that sold for $1395 or Best Offer. You can easily see sold listings on eBay by simply making a search and then adjusting your filter settings to completed or sold.
  • Once you find a listing on interest, scroll down and find the item number. It is a 12 digit number that is unique to that specific listing.  Either write it down or copy it to your clipboard.
  • Head over to WatchCount and paste your item number in the search function.

Once the listing comes up, click on the “History” link.  This will take you to eBay where you will be able to see all the offers made on the item and whether each offer was accepted, declined, or allowed to expire.

This is the exact method we used to see how much the plates sold for on best offer. So, enough intrigue, how much did they sel for?

$700?!  While that wouldn’t be too shabby if we had inherited the plates from our stuffy old grandmother they were definitely not worth risking $500 on.

While we wouldn’t have lost money in this case, it would have been close. Even worse, we would have had $500 tied up in plates and, once they sold, sitting in eBay’s new Managed Payments System until we got our weekly payout. That money could very well go to buying more inventory and, once we got paid, it would probably be just over $500 anway. Bad deal.

So now you know how to figure out how much an item sold for on Best Offer on eBay, put your skills to use, and thrift smarter!  If you’re interested in more tips and tricks for eBay sellers check out our blog and get up to date! Until next time, work hard, make money, but never forget why you’re making money!

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