9 Location Independent Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree

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When I first started looking into full-time travel, my first thought was (obviously) not how I was going to pay for it. It was all the amazing places that I would be going to.

But it occurred to me fairly quickly that, no matter how magical it might be to sip margaritas on a tropical beach, if I couldn’t afford margaritas here I probably couldn’t afford them there either.

As full-time resellers, my wife and I aren’t very location-independent. We have to be home to source inventory, list it online (mostly on eBay), and then ship it when it sells. However, that doesn’t stop us from pausing our eBay store and taking off in our van a couple of times per year.

Unfortunately, we’re not in the financial position to not work at all while traveling. So, to supplement our eBay income we needed to find either a passive income stream or location-independent work.

Since I didn’t know how to find location-independent jobs that allowed full-time travel I did what anyone would do, I googled it.

It turns out that there is a crap-load of unhelpful articles on the subject. Usually from people who are sitting in a cubicle typing out dozens of articles.

In fact, location-independent jobs seem to be in such short supply that everyone mentions the same few. Unfortunately for me I’m not a software developer, I don’t have an accounting degree, and my graphic design skills? Not good.

So what if you, like me, are an average person who just want a location-independent job so you can travel more (or stay at home more, whatever floats your boat)? What I needed was a location-independent job that didn’t require experience or a degree.

And don’t worry, we won’t be talking about taking surveys online for PayPal deposits or starting your OnlyFans. While I do think that having your own business is the best way to get into full-time travel or digital nomading, I know that’s a giant step.

Since we wanted to get started right away (and I assume you do too) what are the options?

9 Location Independent Jobs That Don’t Require Experience

Before I get going here, I will throw a curveball. The best location independent job is just a normal job that allows you to negotiate for remote work.

If you have a steady job (or a chunk of savings) before you leave your home things will be much less stressful on the road.

Don’t just flit off into the sunset and plan on figuring it out.

Also, I’m mostly focused on entry-level jobs here as, if you are not looking for low-level jobs, you’re probably going to get a job in an industry you’re already in. For example, be a data scientist or day trader would be great for nomading but, if you have the experience to do those, you probably don’t need this list.

I also decided to focus on jobs that allow remote work rather than ubiquitous jobs (like being a butcher or a traveling mechanic) that would allow you to ply your trade wherever you went.

For those of you itching to take off though, check out these types of jobs:

1. Data Entry

Data entry specialists, information clerks, secretaries, whatever you want to call them, every business has at least one job for people who keep non-specialized records. In fact, many companies base their entire business model on tracking/recording data.

What qualifications you’ll need is entirely dependent on the company you’re applying for but it can include anything from keeping notes at meetings, collecting data, proving information to customers, transferring information into excel, etc.

Because the skills required to perform the necessary duties are so varied, so is the pay. The median pay is typically around $17/hour, more than enough to live like a king in many areas of the world.

While many employees who work in data entry also have secretarial or related duties, there are companies that will allow you to work from anywhere you have wifi.

2. Chat Support / Customer Service

If you enjoy helping people, there are customer support opportunities that run the entire spectrum of specialization and experience required. For example, there are gear specialists that answer emails for outdoors companies, mechanics that sit behind a computer and answer questions for car parts retailers, and people who answer generic questions for Amazon.

While there are some job opportunities that require you to have industry experience, many companies will provide the training that you need to work for them as customer support.

This doesn’t have to be a low-earning job either. Many small start-ups have entire teams spread out across the world that world remotely. You could be in charge of customer support for a start-up and work remotely, making six figures per year.

3. Cold Calling, Warm Calling, Scheduling, etc.

If you’ve ever worked at a call center, if was probably in a poorly lit gigantic room with 600 other people. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you are good on the phone, many companies will hire you to make sales calls, follow up on leads, schedule calls or meetings, etc. You are more likely to succeed in making this job location independent if you are able to find a small company and prove yourself capable before asking to take your job on the road.

Many forward-thinking or small companies don’t care where or how you do the work as long as it’s done to a high standard.

4. Content Creation / Non-Freelance Writing

Over the past couple of years, I have contracted with half a dozen different writers to produce content for my affiliate sites. These were generally freelance writers who were happy to have consistent work on a weekly basis.

The scale at which I have hired writers obviously pales in comparison to a large content producer or media company. Large websites can have dozens or hundreds of writers producing content for them, often from home.

If writing isn’t your thing, that’s just one small piece of content creation. Online publishing companies need people to edit and format articles, make videos, take stock photos, etc.

These kinds of jobs can often be found by browsing websites you’d like to write for and messaging them directly to see if they’re hiring.

5. Social Media Management

Every single person that travels wants to have a travel blog. It’s everyone’s dream to be paid to do what they love. It’s just not very realistic. Most travel blogs shrivel and die.

But what if you focused on a single part of the process and became abnormally good at it? Many blogs and companies hire social media specialists to work through their Facebook and Pinterest backlog or even manage their ad accounts.

You also have the option to produce/sell your own travel content to travel sites or social media platforms.

6. Transcription/Translation

When my wife was sick and unable to work, we needed money. More than usual. I started selling on eBay, and Kirstie put her English degree to work by doing transcription work for Rev.

There are dozens of companies that specialize in creating transcripts of videos or translations of books, videos, etc. While this can be done as a freelancing, if you want a location-independent job that gives a regular paycheck you can find a company to provide you with regular work.

The more skilled you are (or the more unusual of a language you speak) the more in demand you are likely to be. Most companies require you to complete testing beforehand and then complete training to make sure you are able to complete the job.

7. Graphic Design

Every time I need something designed artistic for this site I either ask my wife to do it or find someone with artistic talent.

Because I have none.

If you have the skill to design Pinterest pins, logos, marketing materials, pamphlets, etc. you can find a related job that you can do on the road.

8. Virtual Assistant

I’m personally in the market for a virtual assistant and I don’t care at all where they live or travel. I just want results. If you are the responsible type that has a full set of skills you can find a job as a VA (virtual assistant). VA jobs range from helping out someone like me (for a couple of bucks per hour) to managing the schedule or administrative tasks for a CEO (six figures per year).

There are several VA sites where you can list your resume and hope for the best but the best way to get hired in the industry is word of mouth. If you’re interested in a VA job, hang out in the right circles and spread the word!

9. Teach/Tutor for English/Math/etc.

If you are a smart cookie, get paid for it! While many people choose to teach or tutor as a freelancer, there are many location-independent jobs that allow you to teach/tutor online and get a regular paycheck.

It’s not only academic subjects either. Many people will pay for digital teaching in music, hobbies, work subjects, etc.

How To Get A Job That Allows Remote Work:

If you want to maximize your chances of having a location-independent job, find a job and prove your worth.

My dad, who works in inventory management, worked at his company for a full year before getting permission to work from home on Fridays. While he hasn’t really pushed the envelope, his job could be done almost entirely online and he could likely go into the office once every week or two.

Now, remember, the more desirable a job is, the more likely it is to be competitive. Most people who work in a location independent job take a significant pay-cut to do so. In many instances, location-independent jobs often have different expectations of benefits as well.

So, if you’re going to travel full-time, be sure to have your job all planned out as you never know what the pay will be like!

The Best Remote Work Job Boards

While there are a significant number of job boards the purport to have only location independent jobs not many people seem to have luck on them.

Instead, head to the major job sites such as Indeed, Monster, or ZipRecruiter and search for jobs that allow for remote work. The jobs you find will have fewer applicants and are more plentiful.

If you strike out there, give some dedicated sites a try. I’d recommend the following:

If you’re looking for freelance work, there are tons of other options such as upwork, or fiverr but the above options are better for those who are hoping to be on a payroll.


At the end of the day, finding a location-independent job without a degree isn’t impossible or even that difficult. However, they’re not for everyone. If working isn’t your cup of tea, check out some of the other ways to flip money that we’ve tried.

Whatever you decide to do remember that it will be much more difficult if you’re already on the road and stressed from lack of money.

So persist now.

Apply, apply, and apply. Once you have your toe in the door and have show you excel with remote work things will get much easier. Good luck!

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