Mercari Coupon Code For New Users (Up To A 50% Discount)

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If you’re shopping on Mercari, you’re probably the type of person who is smart with your money.

But what if you could make a thrifty thing even thriftier by using a Mercari coupon?

Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that there is a coupon that will save you $10 off of your first purchase (of $20 or more). The bad news is that the only way to get it is to sign up as a new user!

To get it, sign up through this link and it will automatically be credited to your account!

But that’s not all, if you’re looking to sell on eBay, that same link will give you an extra $20 when you hit $100 in sales! The moment your cross that threshold Mercari will simply credit your account with an extra 20 bucks! How cool is that!?

So scroll back up and click through to take advantage of the discount code!

Selling $100 on Mercari To Get Your Sign-Up Bonus

When we first started selling on Mercari there weren’t any promo codes available. Which is unfortunate because we passed $100 in sales within the first two days and it would have been awesome to have a 20% bonus.

If you are looking to get the free $20 on Mercari as soon as possible, there are a few things you can do to sell things faster:

Sell the right things. Focusing on the fastest-selling items on Mercari will get you to your sales goal in record time. Mercari has a specific type of customer that is looking for certain things. Forget clothes (unless they’re hype brands) and focus on electronics, shoes, and accessories.

Offer great customer service. Many people on Mercari send offers while they’re in buying mode. If you don’t respond to their offer or question quickly then they’ll find someone else to buy from. And if you don’t ship quickly? Then they might cancel. Getting paid on Mercari is a matter of being quick so make your customers happy!

Avoid scams. Mercari is a safe platform but most of the scams are likely to be run on new buyers. When you are a new seller be hyperaware of anyone acting strangely and trust your gut. Having someone scam you out of a sale will make your $20 bonus much less sweet.

When it comes down to it, the trick to selling on Mercari is to list as many things as possible. You can’t sell what you don’t have listed so sign-up and get posting!

Does Mercari Offer Coupon Codes At Other Times?

Apart from the sign-up bonus, Mercari rarely offers discounts or coupon codes. When they do, they are typically sent out via email to those with accounts and posted on their site.

Because Mercari doesn’t offer many discounts, be sure to take advantage of the free $10 for signing up through our link!

Get Your Own Mercari Referral Link

Another excellent way to get a discount on Mercari is to get your own referral link.

By doing so you’ll be able to offer the coupon to others and get a kickback of your own.

For every person that signs up through your link (and makes a purchase), you get a $10 credit to your account! If they end up listing items for sale and get their $20 bonus, you’ll get a $40 credit!

A $50 credit that can be applied to any purchase is amazing! You just need to get some friends and family to sign up and follow through!

Places To Share Your Mercari Coupon Code

Getting eyes onto your referral link will be the most challenging part. Having a variety of places to share it will give you the chance. Try a couple of the following and see where you have the most success:

Mercari coupon code screenshot
  • Social Media. If you have lots of followers on social media, sharing your link is a great starting place to build up your credit. Every friend who clicks your coupon code through to Mercari and signs up is a bonus to your account!
  • Forums. If someone on Reddit or another asks a related question you can share your link! Just don’t go spamming it everywhere.
  • YouTube. If you have a YouTube channel, share your coupon code in the description of a Mercari review or a how-to video!
  • Blogs. Whether you have your own blog you can still use the internet to get some traffic. Just share your link in the comments (only when it’s helpful) or offer it to website owners to add value to their articles.

If you are smart with sharing your Mercari coupon you should be able to get a couple of conversions before the promotion ends at the end of the year.

How I Would Maximize My Coupon Code

We routinely flip items from Mercari to eBay. It seems that the majority of Mercari sellers are not full-time sellers and are less savvy about pricing and demand.

There are typically items that can be found for less than half of what they’ll sell for on eBay.

Let’s say you use your Mercari coupon on a $20 item that will sell for $40 on eBay. Your $10 coupon would let you make a cool $30 before fees!

For an added twist, you could turn around and sell the item on Mercari which would put you even closer to your next level bonus!

At the end of the day, getting your Mercari coupon is easy to get, as long as you’re a new seller. If you’re already selling on eBay and want to maximize your sales, check out our crossposting between eBay and Mercari guide.

Happy sales!

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