The Strangest Thrift Store Finds: Goodwill Edition

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If you’ve been in a thrift store for more than 5 minutes you’ve undoubtedly realized that they’re is some weird stuff there and weird people around to purchase it. One one of my first trips to the Goodwill Oulets (the “bins”) I picked up a pair of shoes and an honest-to-goodness dehydrated poop rolled out. Was it human? I didn’t check.

When we posted about in on our Instagram page we had people reporting that they had found anything from human teeth to dildos. These are just a few of the stranger thrift store finds that people mentioned (pics not included…because we care….):

  • Underwear with a pad still in it
  • A small bag of cocaine (in a KUHL shirt pocket. Nothing goes with crack like the outdoors apparently!)
  • Mice (They didn’t say whether they were dead or alive and I’m not sure which I’d prefer)
  • Dirty diapers
  • All types of sex toys (do people pricing items not recognize what they’re sending out?!)
  • Period-stained clothing
  • Mummified cat in a shoebox
  • Couple’s “private” pictures. Seriously, check what family pictures y’all are donating. We’ve heard this so many times!
  • Maggots in a travel coffee mug
  • An urn full of (supposedly) human ashes

While we do our best not to touch gross or disturbing things (always wear gloves boys and girls) we have seen our fair share of thrift store oddities. Here are just a few of the strangest things that we’ve found in the past couple of weeks:

1. The scariest little girl painting in the world.

We found so many paintings during our research for our Most Valuable Thrift Store Finds article we also make sure to check art at thrift stores. While we haven’t found anything super valuable (yet) we do find lots of odd and creepy pictures. This one, however, takes the cake. Is she doing dishes? Dissolving bodies? You decide….

2. The smooching whistler-boy.

My wife collects salt and pepper shakers but this is one we left on the shelf. It wasn’t really surprising that he was alone…he looked pretty creepy after all. Some of our other strange thrift store finds include several pair of very sexual salt and pepper shakers. Like, when would you even be able to use those?

3. The best workout for cat-lovers (or haters, I’m not sure…)

My cat is generally pretty tolerant (we have toddlers) but there’s not way that she would let someone pic her up and swing her around. The real shocker is that this book has great reviews on Amazon. A 5-star average, in fact. While it wasn’t worth flipping, it was definitely an odd thrift store find.

4. As if it wasn’t good enough as a picture, they made it a puzzle.

I don’t know who this man is, but I have to say that I respect his life choices. There is literally no way things can have gone wrong for him and his bacon-suit. I sincerely hope that this was an engagement picture that kicked off a lifetime of awkward family photos.

5. His fuzziness, Sir Walter Snuggleboots

Finding pictures like this is getting to be much more common. In fact, there are companies that produce pictures like this all the time as gag gifts. This one, however, was something different and more special. From what we could make out the signature date was 1977. Meaning someone was serious about this enough to hire a painter and commission an oil-on-canvas piece of art memorializing their cat. That’s another life choice I can get behind.

While I know that none of our recently thrift store finds are overly frightening or creepy (apart from the first one) we’re always on the lookout for the odd and eccentric Goodwill item! As an added bonus, odd finds like these have the potential to sell for really great money! Check out some of our favorite things to sell on eBay here!

Have you found anything weird lately?

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