Top eBay Sales: December 2016

Typically, December is our most amazing month for sales.  So what do we do this year?  We take a two week vacation from eBay in the middle of the month!  Doh!  When you have family in another state I guess you do what you have to do to keep everyone happy.  Happy wife happy life after all!  Even with the two week vacation we had our best sales month of the entire year.  We sold mostly clothes (winter, as to be expected) but had a smattering of other more interesting items that we can share!  Read on!

Item: Real Leather & Canvas Messenger Side Bag – Green And Brown – Rough Cut
Paid Price: ​$4
Sale Price: $49.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: This listing was a great example for us of the power of a good title.  We found this at a thrift store and bought it without doing any research.  When we got home, we found that this is a mass produced bag from China and sells on eBay en masse for $29.95.  So we chose our keywords carefully, took picutres, and let it sit.  It took 4 months to move  on to its new home but it made it!

Item: Vintage Arctic Cat Leather Snowmobile Suit – Jacket And Bibs – Men’s Size Large
Paid Price: $28
Sale Price: $260…then $199.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: ​This snowsuit actually sat for a year before selling twice in two weeks!  It was first sold for $260 but we accepted a return because the jacket didn’t fit. (yes, we had provided measurements)  W didn’t want it sitting around for another year so we dropped the price and got it sold!  If you ever see anything leather with a car/motorcycle/snowmobile/etc name on it be sure to grab it!

Item: CABELA’S Gore Tex Goose Down Pants Black Sierra Ski Snow Insulated – Men’s XXXL
Paid Price: ​$10
Sale Price: $79.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid

Notes: ​Goose down items are super hot sellers right now.  Combine the down with Gore Tex and a XXXL size and you have a winner!  These sold in less than a week.

Item: Grundens Herkules Industrial Fishing Pant Bib Waders – Green – Men’s XL
Paid Price: ​$5.60
Sale Price: $39.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid

Notes: ​We have had a lot of luck with fishing waders in the past so when this industrial pair floated our way we knew we couldn’t refuse them.  They took about a month to sell.

Item: Kawasaki Street Motorcycle Armored Riding Jacket – Men’s Size Small
Paid Price: ​$14
Sale Price: $99.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid

Notes: ​Armored riding jackets are fair selers but are usually way overpriced at the thrift stores we frequent.  The only time we’ll buy is when it is made by an actual motorcycle company (such as Kawasaki in this case).

Item: The Jacqueline Kent Collection Figurine – Mary 344701 – Christmas Nativity Doll
Paid Price: ​$10
Sale Price: $129
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid

Notes: ​Last October (2015) we stopped by a boutique down the street from us that was going out of buiness.  We found a stack of nativities that were marked down from $59.95 to $5.  Since they were discontinued and from a well known designer, we took a risk and bouth 10 of them.  They measure about 22 inches long apiece and so we had to take two trips in our jeep to get them all home.  We get them listed ASAP for $49.95 and sold exactly….zero.  They took up a huge space in our storage unit over the summer and this winter we dropped the price to get them sold.  At $20, we ended up selling only two of them.  This Mary figurine from the same collection had a happer story and went for a decent price this winter.  We had it listed for $300 with Best Offer but beggers can’t be choosers.

Item: Mizuno 11.75″ Premier Pro Professional Model Glove – Black
Paid Price: ​Free
Sale Price: $49.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid

Notes: ​This mitt if straight out of the dumpster at our storage unit.  Or more accuratley, next to the dumpster.  When a unit gets cleaned out, things all get thrown away.  When we stopped to toss in some of our own garbage, we grabbed the glove and it sold on auction 7 days later!

Item: Outta Hand by Amy Hetrick – 4 Birthday Plates For Axis Imex – 9 Inch
Paid Price: $1 per plate (we bought 16)
Sale Price: $24.95 for a set of 4
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​We found a lot of 16 of these plates and decided to sell them in lots of 4.  Another set sold after this making it 3 lots that sold within the month.

Item: Ralph Lauren RLX Polo Sport Gore Tex Coat – Black – Men’s Size Large
Paid Price: ​$12
Sale Price: $129.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​Ralph Laruen?  Gore Tex?  Into the cart it goes.  Nothing complex here.

Item: Nike Shox – Red & Black – Men’s Size 13
Paid Price: ​$20
Sale Price: $69.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
​Normally, Iwouldn’t spend so much on a pair of shoes, but I was at my wife’s family’s house for Christmas and there wasn’t much else to do!  I walked to a Goodwill down the street and didn’t find much so I ended up spending more than I should have on these shoes.  Luckily, they still sold for a nice profict within a month.

Item: FRANZ PORCELAIN COLLECTION Striking Vermillion Peony Vase FZ00689 – Floral
Paid Price: ​$63
Sale Price: $300 (best offer accepted)
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​
We won this vase on an eBay auction and immediatley relisted in.  The lesson learned for the seller should be, you can’t sell strange high end goods on auction!  Yes it’s valuable, but there might only be one or two people that want one.  Supply and demand ya know.  So we listed it on a high BIN and let it sit for 8 months before accepting a Best Offer off $300.

Item: True Grit Pebble Pile Fleece Half Zip Pullover – Green – Men’s Size XL
Paid Price: ​$7.99
Sale Price: $69.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid

Notes: ​If you’ve never felt a True Grit sweater, it’s an unforgettable experience.  Ultra plush doesn’t even begin to describe how soft it is!  We typically find them by feel.  We look for something that looks soft, and rub our faces all over it.  If it feels amazing, it’s usually from True Grit.  Their button downs also sell well.

Item: Polo Ralph Lauren Elbow Patch Sweater – Men’s Size XL – Lambs Wool & Alpaca
Paid Price: ​$6
Sale Price: $89.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
​Even I was a bit surprised by how fast this sold at this price!  I highballed it just for fun but it sold before the 30 day listing could end.  Always be on the lookout for unusual wool blends, such as the Alapca in this case.And that’s the story of our month!  It was a decent, if not spectacular one.  We ended the year a bit lower on sales than we had hoped and need to set some agressive goals for this coming year if we want to have a house down payment any time soon!  How were your eBay sales last month?

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