Top eBay Sales: March 2016

It was a crazy month for eBay sales!  Our sales were actually up and we definitely needed them.  We finally moved on several items that had been clogging up our storage for almost a year and had a couple things which sold within 24 hours!  Hopefully you find a few items here that will help boost your own sales!  That’s why we run an eBay blog after all…  If you’re still confused about what to sell there are some definite BOLOs in here!

Item: Noritake Casablanca 102 Piece Vintage China Set
Paid Price: $100
Sale Price:  $500 + Shipping
Shipping: Buyer Paid!  Most of it anyway.  We ended up shipping it in 4 boxes and had about $40 come out of our own pocket.
Notes: This is one of those things that you regret buying afterwards and just hope that it sells!  Dinnerware is exceptionally slow to sell and this sat for months with no bites.  Eventually we accepted an offer of $500 plus shipping because our buyer’s husband had given her a budget of $600.  Her echeck took 3 days (plus a weekend) to clear which frustrated her and resulted in a passive aggressive positive feedback due to “slow shipping…”

Item: Genuine Givaldi Alligator And Ostrich Skin Snap Back Cap – Luxury Leather Hat
Paid Price: $10
Sale Price: $110
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: ​This hat was missing the liner or we would have priced it even higher!  This hat was sold to an international buyer and went via eBay’s Global Shipping…because we didn’t engage our brain!  Animal products cannot go via global shipping and it was confiscated and destroyed.  Luckily, eBay is merciful and refunded both us and the buyer.

Item: CEP Men’s Compression Tri Suit / Skinsuit – Size IV Large
Paid Price: $10
Sale Price: $99.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: ​We always check for full body biking suits (bibs) and with these we got lucky.  They are actually triathlon suits meant for for biking, running and swimming.  They took about 6 months to sell but we resisted the temptation to put them on sale because we knew we had the only ones on eBay!

Item: Vintage Jansport Leather Bottom Backpack – Red – EUC
Paid Price: $5
Sale Price: $39.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: ​If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ll know that we love backpacks!  We typically sell multiple Jansport packs a month so this was one of a few.

Item: Men’s Vintage Abercrombie & Fitch Hipster Sweater – Medium – England
Paid Price:  $6.00
Sale Price: $49.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: ​Lesson learned here.  Let vintage sweaters sit!  This one took over a year for the right buyer to come along but, when they did, they just couldn’t pass it up.  The market is growing creating a great demand for name brand sweaters such as this one.

Item: Burton AK Goretex Ski Snow Pants – Men’s Size XL – Orange
Paid Price: $10
Sale Price: $59.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…if you see something labeled “Goretex”, grab it!  These pants sold within a week.

Item: Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition Binoculars – 10×50
Paid Price: $30
Sale Price: $89.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: ​Gotta spend money to make money!  These were more than we’d typically pay for an item we were only making 2-3 our money on so we priced them to move on fast and they sold within 2 days.

Item: Vintage Leather Bottom & Canvas MEI Daypack Backpack
Paid Price: $1
Sale Price: $49.95
Shipping: Buyer Paid
Notes: ​We hadn’t heard of MEI and couldn’t find anything about it except that that made some day-packs sometime in the past.  We took a chance and priced it higher than all the other packs listed.  It sat for a few months before a nostalgic buyer was willing to pay our asking price.

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