Top eBay Sales October 2016

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October was a month straight from heaven!  Our eBay sales have been struggling through the summer and this is what we were waiting for!  A 60% sales increase over the past month!  We had several $400 days this month which really helped in paying off our new baby girl! (who knew hospitals were so expensive?  Everyone but us apparently…)

At any rate, we have some killer sales to show you this month, as well as some interesting items that we sourced online, or in other unusual ways.  So if you’re wondering what items sell best on eBay, sit back, relax, and enjoy our top 10 sales of the past month!

Item: SPYDER Entrant Dermizax-EV 20,000mm Black Multi Ski Winter Coat Jacket Sz S
Paid Price: ​$40
Sale Price: $149.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: This coast was actually purchased from eBay!  The seller put it on auction starting at $9.99 and ending at an awkward time of night.  Because it was a NWT coat from a discontinued line, we knew we had to have it!  We ended up paying around $40 for the coat (including shipping) and turned around and listed it immediately.  It took about 4 months to sell.

Item: Orvis Suede Leather And Plaid Flannel Cruiser Style Vest – Men’s Size Medium
Paid Price: $8
Sale Price: $59.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​Leather and plaid are almost always a winning combination.  If we see them together, especially from a great outdoor brand such as Orvis, we’re sure to grab it.  This vest sat for around 5 months before selling but we were totally content to let it sit.  Vintage vests aren’t getting any more common!

Item: HP 468507-001 AJ716A 8G SW B-Series FC SFP+ Transceiver 8Gbps Fiber Channel
Paid Price: $11.50 for 16
Sale Price: $9.99 (x8 for a total of $79.92)
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​We’re still not quite sure what these are.  All we know is that we won a lot of 16 of them new in the package off on eBay for 11.50 and free shipping.  This past month a single buyer purchased 8 of them from us!

Item: Vanilla Junior VNLA Altitude Quad Roller Skates – Gray & Green – Men’s 10
Paid Price: $4
Sale Price: $79.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​We actually found these skates at the bottom of an outdoors bin at a local thrift store and they looked terrible!  After looking them up, we figured it was worth the $4 gamble.  It literally took us less than 10 minutes to wipe the grime off of them and get them photographed.  They sold in less than a week.

Item: Rare Tony Lama Red White Blue Leather Cowboy Gym Shoe Boots Men’s Sz 11 D
Paid Price: $84.92
Sale Price: $299.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​ As with the Spyder coat above, we won these boots in an eBay auction.  We had only seen boots such as these once before in a list of, “The Ugliest Shoes Ever Made” so we knew we had to have them!  This is an incredibly rare color combination and were the only ones of eBay.  We were totally willing to keep bidding and would have gone a bit higher than we did!  They spent about 3 months in our store and sold just before Halloween!

Item: Nike One Piece Padded Cycling Suit – Subaru & Gary Fisher – Men’s Size Medium
Paid Price: $8
Sale Price: $29.50
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​We absolutely love cycling suits and bibs in good condition and so do eBay buyers!  These one was from a reputable brand (Nike) and had great sponsor names (Subaru) wo we didn’t hesitate to buy it.  It took about 2 weeks to sell.  If you know a better way to photograph these please let us know!  Hanging them looks even worse than laying them out because of their padding…

Item: Lot Of 100 8-Track Tapes – Michael Jackson Elvis Whittaker & More
Paid Price: $15
Sale Price: $129.95
Shipping: ​ Buyer Paid
Notes: These 8-Tracks came all together in a big box from a yard sale.  We paid $15 for the box, took a picture of them, put them back in the box, and put them in storage.  Easy!  They sold about 7 months later.

Item: Brooks Brothers Women’s Military Style 100% Wool Dress – Vtg Black & Gold Sz 10
Paid Price: 
Sale Price: ​$79.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​High end vintage brands are hit or miss for us.  Even if the brand is good, the style may be so out that it will only be purchased by hipsters…notorious cheapskates.  This one however had a very classic style and was 100% wool.  It took about 5 months to sell.

Item: Andrew Marc New York Heavy Brown Leather Distressed Jacket – Men’s Medium
Paid Price: $14
Sale Price: $89.95
Shipping: ​​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​Leather jackets are some of the most overpriced items in your everday thrift store.  Therefore, they’re one of the first places we check on half off day or when we have a coupon!  We snagged this one when we had a 30% off coupon and it sold about 4 months later.

Item: Sherri Hill NWT Pink Strawberry Tulle Beaded Ballgown Prom Dress – Size 8
Paid Price: $20
Sale Price: ​$199.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​We bought a dozen dresses from a local business that went out of sale about 6 months ago and this is the second one to sell!  Don’t get so focused on thrift stores and yard sales that you miss other opportunities.  We make almost all of our money back with our first 2 sales and still have 10 more dresses to sell.

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