Top eBay Sales: September 2016

September was a rough month for eBay sales.  Our yearly sales are normally picking up around this point as they ramp up to Christmas but it wasn’t so this time!  Our sales are currently down around 30% from where they were at this time last year.  On a high note, we have streamlined things to where we’re spending about half the time working on eBay that we used to.  70% of the profits in 50% of the time?  Sounds pretty good to me!  And, as we do every month, we’re sharing some of our best or most surprising sales in order to help you out.  Check out what we sold!

Item: Drew Bloom ll Mary Jane – Women’s Size 12 WW
Paid Price: $5
Sale Price: $59.99
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​It took these shoes an excruciating year to sell.  We thought about dropping the price at several points but then we thought, “How many women are there that wear a 12WW??”  The right buyer just hadn’t come along yet.  For things in such an unusual size, price high and wait.  Everything sells in the end.

Item: The Complete Far Side – Set of 3 Box Edition – Gary Larsen Complete Works
Paid Price: Free
Sale Price: $39.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​This is one of those gifts that is cool for a couple days.  I do love The Far Side (who doesn’t) but eventually decided that I didn’t need them taking up so much space on my bookshelf.  If didn’t tell the person who gave them to me (shhhh…) but suck them onto eBay on auction.  Unfortunately they received just a single bid but they’re on their way to a new place!  And who doesn’t love shipping media mail?

Item: Glenda Gies Tote Style Tapestry & Leather Handbag
Paid Price: $7
Sale Price: $99.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​We love selling purses!  And here’s a secret…we don’t know anything about them.  We  find almost all of our profitable purses by look and feel.  There are so many brands we look for purses that either have a feel of quality of an unusual look…and then research them at the store!  This one had high quality feeling leather and so naturally it went into the cart.  It took about 3 months to sell.

Item: Harley Davidson Insulated Plaid Flannel Jacket – Men’s Size Medium
Paid Price: $5
Sale Price: $29.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​​Anything Harley Davidson sells.  And to make things even cooler, distressed and worn pieces are often just as desirable!  This jacket was missing two buttons and still sold within a week!  When selling Harley items, be sure that they actually have a Harley Davidson tag and aren’t a private company who is using the logo.  Harley things not from Harley aren’t worth much.

Item: Atwood Ranchera Gus Straw Hat – Long Oval – 7 1/8
Paid Price: $4
Sale Price: $34.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​​This hat actually started out as a joke.  My wife and I make a practice of wearing the largest or ugliest hats we can find at thrift stores and this one made it onto my head.  I wore it around for most of the time we spent in the store and decided it felt so nice I better look it up.  Looking things up never hurts!  It turned out to be quite desirable and moved on to it’s new home less than a month later.

Paid Price: 
Sale Price: 
Notes: ​​I actually listed this calculator during my morning break at work and it sold by lunchtime!  What it is about vintage calculators we don’t know but somebody out there loves them!  

Item: 2010 Nike Air Max Running Shoes – Black, White, & Silver – Men’s Size 12
Paid Price: $10
Sale Price: $90.00
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​​Nikes have a strange, almost mythical, reputation.  Anytime we find some a pair in stellar condition, we sell them as “pre-owned collectors pairs.”  Just be sure to include the year made, the ID number, official model name, color, etc.  The more info you can give the better your odds are of a high priced sale.  This pair took about 3 months to sell.

Item: Patagonia Organic Cotton Full Zip Hooded Jacket – Men’s Size XXL – Logo
Paid Price: $8
Sale Price: $24.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​​Patagonia is one of our favorite brands to sell!  We often find them with logos but our buyer don’t seem to care!  This wasn’t an awesome return on investment but we knew it would sell and fast.  This jacket sold in less than a week!  Check out our list of other Great Outdoor Brands to Sell on eBay!

Item: 10 PACKAGES Creative Memories 12×12 Scrapbook Pages RCM-12S Sealed
Paid Price: $29.90
Sale Price: $179.99
Shipping: ​ Buyer Paid
Notes: ​​We are lucky to live in the scrap booking mecca of the U.S.  We find many items (such as these) which are discontinued that people are willing to pay an arm and a leg for.  These were pages meant to fill a certain size scrap book, and once the company no longer makes them people have to find them on eBay!

These could have had a terrible ending but luckily we sold them to the nicest person in the world.  We left the $2.99 price tag from Savers on the back of them!  Our buyer messaged us to say thank you and let us know about our mistake.  Live and learn!!

Item: Nike Shox – Purple, Gray, White – Women’s Size 8 – Running / Training
Paid Price: $10
Sale Price: $39.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​​Nike Shox in good condition are always good sellers for us.  The girlier the color the more you can ask!  We often find heavily worn pair with one of the shocks mashed down and put them right back on the shelf.  Condition matters!

Item: UGG AUSTRALIA Crochet Knit Boots – 5819 Classic Cardy – Oatmeal Size 10
Paid Price: $12
Sale Price: $39.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​​Selling UGGs on eBay has unfortunately seen its peak already.  Thrift stores know them and price them high, and the pre-owned market is pretty saturated.  When we have researched UGGs we often find them selling for $20 or so.  We ignore what the market says and price them how we want…meaning they take forever to sell.  This pair took about 7 months to move onto a new home.  But the wait resulted in a much more satisfying flip!

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