Top Sales: November 2016

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November was very good to us.  Despite putting our eBay store on vacation mode for 10 days out of the month, our sales were significantly higher than October!  If you’re looking for the top selling items on eBay, the brands that we have listed here will get you off to a good start.  As usual, we’re including mostly clothing sales as they’re our bread and butter, but be sure to note that our eBay sales in other areas are steadily increasing!  So without further ado, here are our top sales of November!

Item: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Coat – Block Two Tone – Men’s Size Large
Paid Price: ​$10
Sale Price: $99.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: Down is incredibly trendy right now which creates a great opportunity for eBay sellers.  If you manage to find high quality vintage down, Tommy Hilfiger in this case, you can wear it all the way to the bank.

Item: Genuine Original YAMAHA RAV285 REMOTE CONTROL WN05830 Amp Tuner
Paid Price: ​$2
Sale Price: $42.50
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​Remotes are a great seller for us.  If you have a couple hours a month, you can make a couple hundred on just remotes.  All it takes is 30 seconds to look up a remote on eBay and find out how much it can be flipped for.

Item: Villa Romana Hand Painted Italy Pasta Set – 6 Plates And Serving Dish – Green
Paid Price: ​$16
Sale Price: $54.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​If we had a lot of storage space and someone to pack things for us, we’d sell a lot more dishes on eBay.  These took about a month to sell and 45 minutes to pack.

Item: Nike Manchester United Nylon Warmups – Men’s Size Medium
Paid Price: ​$.50
Sale Price: $19.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​This was a super easy flip.  24 hours and these were on their way to a new home.  Be on the lookout for soccer gear from a team (These were from Manchester United).

Item: UGG Australia Men’s Classic Short Sheepskin Boot – Two Tone – Size 12
Paid Price: ​$12
Sale Price: $59.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​UGGs are great sellers on eBay whether they are men’s or women’s.  The larger the size, the higher we can price them.  These we let sit for about 3 months before they sold.

Item: Nalini Basic Pantalone Ole Padded Cycling Shorts – Black Lyrcra – Men’s Size XXL
Paid Price: ​$6
Sale Price: $35
Shipping: ​Free
Notes: ​This was part of a large lot of cycling gear that we won on eBay for $15.  We experimented with a new picture taking method on these….which was obviously terrible.  These did end up selling after 4 months or so but they are the only thing from the lot that has sold thus far.

Item: NFL Detroit Lions Zip Up Fleece Hoodie – Blue – Men’s Size XXL – NWT
Paid Price: ​$7
Sale Price: ​$49.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​Anytime we see something that’s actcually nice from a well known sports team we pick it up.  This still had the $80 price tag on it so it was a no brainer.  It took about 5 months to sell.

Item: Jack Georges Milano Collection Rolling Briefcase – Red – Vertical Laptop
Paid Price: ​$16
Sale Price: ​$249.95
Shipping: ​Free (Cost me $18)
Notes: ​Unfortunatley for the seller, we actually won this suitcase in an eBay auction (with free shipping).  It came so beautifully packaged that we put the package straight onto our shelf so that it would be ready to ship when it sold!  It took about 2 months to sell.

Item: BMW MOTORRAD Rainlock Motorcycle Shell Pants – Men’s Size Large
Paid Price: ​$8
Sale Price: ​$49.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​Almost any sort of motorcycle riding gear is a good buy.  Coming from a high end brand like BMW made it a no brainer to pick these up.  Also, if you know how to photograph pants to sell on eBay…please let us know in the comment section!

Item: Eddie Bauer – Whittaker Mountaineering 800 Fill Down Vest – Blue – Men’s Large
Paid Price: ​Free from my closet!
Sale Price: $34.95
Shipping: ​Buyer Paid
Notes: ​Selling stuff from your closet is great…especially when that thing came from a thrift store originally!  I bought this vest for myself around a year ago (for less than $10) and didn’t wear it nearly as often as I thought I would.  So when I was doing some cleaning, onto eBay it went!  It took less than a week to sell for our full asking price.

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