What To Sell on eBay

Wondering what to sell is a question that constantly plagues eBay sellers.  Most sellers ask themselves constantly, What are the best items to sell on eBay?  Should I buy this?  Is it worth it?  Am I becoming a hoarder?  All of these are questions we ask ourselves every time we thrift.  The jury is still out on whether we’re hoarders or or not (we say no, my mom says yes) but luckily we have some solid answers to the other questions!

If you’re super impatient and just want to see lists of things to make money on: here they are.  But seriously…just read the rest of the article.


If you’re a new eBay seller, you might be wondering what BOLO stands for.  After all, people are always chanting BOLO, BOLO, BOLO! on every Instagram post.  Well let’s solve the mystery: BOLO stands for Be On the Look Out.  Meaning brands or types of things that you should be on the look out for while you’re sourcing.  If you look on eBay groups and other websites it’s easy to find lists of things people paid $.99 for and sold for hundreds of dollars.  This is the type of thing that people call a BOLO.  But around these parts, we disagree.  There is no point in keeping your eyes open things that are so unusual that you’ll never find them.  For example, a friend of mine recently bought a 1960 boardgame from a yardsale for $1 and flipped it the next day.  He texted me and was like, “Hey Seth!  Keep an eye out for the game Rocky and His Friends!  TOTAL BOLO!”  No Jerry, it’s not.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  The chance of me finding a copy of that game is nil.  In my mind, a BOLO would be this: “Hey, I just sold a copy of Rocky and His Friends for $255!  Keep your eye out for vintage board games, especially ones that have to do with movies, dragons, specific sports teams, or are still sealed.  TOTAL BOLOS!”

One of the main reasons for this is: there are literally hundreds of thousands of items that can be flipped for a profit.  Memorizing each item will drive you crazy and make you unproductive.  Instead, learning the type of things to look for will result in you rarely leaving a thrift store empty handed.  While we do share specific brands to look for, especially in the case of clothes, our main purpose is to teach you to recognize that something is profitable when you’ve never heard of it and may not even know what it is.

One of the other requirements for a specific BOLO is that it has to be easy to find.  A good example of this is the Mr. Coffee Cocomotion.  We have found and sold more than 20 of them during the time we’ve been selling on eBay.  If we see one in working condition we pick it up every time no thought required.  A true BOLO, easy to find, and easy to sell.


A quick search on eBay or on Amazon will show you dozens of eBooks from selling who claim to make $500,000 a year working part time on eBay and will show you how for only $4.99.  While there are may be some gold nuggets out there, here is the problem with most “BOLO Lists” on the web:

  • They’re not from actual eBay sellers.  The recent influx of eBay sellers has left a scent of blood in the water…so the sharks have come out to prey on the weak and desperate.  The majority of eBooks for resellers are simply written by people who scrape content off the internet and sell it to you.  By the time you realize that it’s worthless info, your money is gone and, believe me, they don’t have a money back guarantee.
  • They’re outdated.  Ask any eBay seller who has been at it for a few years and they’ll all agree, “Change is the only consistent thing on eBay.”  They brands and items that were selling for big money just a year or two ago may now be completely worthless.  Our lists are living, always being updated and added to.  If an item was profitable last month and has since taken a fall, we’ll let you know!  Good luck finding an eBook that is updated on a weekly basis.
  • They’re short and insufficient.  There are many lists online with title like, “The 7 Profitable Jean Brands to Sell on eBay.”  How in the world did you narrow it down to 7!?  We have literally sold thousands of brands on eBay.  Because of this, we’ll be sharing dozens of brands with you!  We have made out lists exhaustive enough that you should NEVER LEAVE A THRIFT STORE EMPTY HANDED!


You are probably familiar with the old adage, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  I don’t do much fishing these days (Kirstie absolutely hates fish and anything other food that comes from water) but I have a new hobby.  Teaching people to fish by helping them develop a full time income on eBay!  Whether you want to work online full time or not, you simply cannot expect people to hand you fish every day.  Hanging out of Instagram or reading people’s BOLO Lists and then trying to find those items is relying on handouts.  That is why our goal with our lists is not only to teach you brands, but to teach you to recognize that something is profitable when you’ve never heard of the brand, and then confirm that with your own research.  This is the only way that you can truly grow your eBay store and surpass the competition and believe me, the current competition on eBay is fierce and when you first start out you need every leg up you can get!Now that you are well armed with the ability to see through the charlatans trying to sell you hopes and dreams, let’s move on!  What interests you the most?  While you don’t have to interested in something to make money on it, you will spend a lot longer researching and becoming knowledgeable about something that holds your interest.  To that end, we currently have 6 BOLO guides on the site and a dozen more in the works.  Choose the one that interests you most and we’ll go from there: