Hardgoods BOLO Guide

Clothing sales are traditionally the “bread and butter” of many eBayers’ stores. Because of this, the internet is rife with lists that tell you what kind of clothing to buy for maximum profit (we have written several ourselves).  However, there are some of us who would rather forgo eBay altogether than dig through rack after rack of used clothing.  Others, perhaps, do sell clothes – but simply want to branch out and find other things to sell.  So this eBook is totally full of non-clothing items that we’ve sold on eBay!  We haven’t written this to be ultra-specific, but rather to give you different types of items to look for with specific examples that we’ve sold.

After reading this 180+ page eBook you’ll be ready to recognize hundreds of potentially money-making items at thrift stores, yard sales, antique malls, etc.

Hurry though, if you don’t learn about these are start profiting you can bet that your competition will be!

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