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And the best part? We’re no one special.

We’re Seth and Kirstie, a husband and wife team who started selling on eBay during the hardest part of our lives and ended up turning it into a six-figure per year business. (You can read that story here)

Since launching this (totally free) repository of information we have helped thousands of people achieve greater levels of financial freedom and we’re not stopping there.

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Wait, what do you do?

In the simplest terms, we buy low and sell high.

We make a living by flipping everything from clothing and shoes, to antiques and collectibles, to electronics and tools. We have a knack for sourcing products that we can sell (on eBay, Poshmark, or Mercari) for big bucks!

For example, check out how we turned $100 into $1,000 in a single day!

Where do you buy things?

There are tons of places to buy things to resell.  Our spot of choice is a thrift store.

At thrift stores, we can buy high-end goods for a fraction of their actual value and “flip” them on eBay.  We routinely sell items on eBay for more than 10x what we paid for them at thrift stores.  Other popular sourcing locations include yard sales, retail store closeouts, end-of-season sales, flea markets, online selling groups, etc.

Use our Goodwill Locator To Find Outlets Near You

What kind of things do you get to sell on eBay?

Anything that we can make money on!

We have the eBay app on our smartphones and when we find something we think could be valuable, we look it up on eBay and see what it’s currently selling for.  If the item is profitable (after shipping and fees), into the cart it goes!

It’s not possible to look up every single thing you find at a thrift store, so here are some of the Best Things To Sell on eBay to get you started.

Is it worth it?

Selling on eBay is worth it for us!

While working for yourself doesn’t always come with the security that working for The Man does, it benefits you in other ways.

I control how much money I make by how much I work, and have the possibility of making twice as much money next year. Or 10x as much money.  It all depends on how hard you want to work and how clever you are!  Whether you simply want to declutter your home or join the ranks of sellers who gross 7 figures per year, it’s all possible on eBay.

We have used sales from eBay to pay our rent, purchase a car, take a trip to Costa Rica, and (soon), buy a house!  You are limited only by your willingness to work!

Unsure about how to get started? Try some of these articles if you want to get your toes wet:

See you out there!

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