What Should You Name Your Poshmark Closet? 37 Username Ideas

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When I first signed up for Poshmark I spent nearly 20 minutes trying to figure out a username.

It felt like everything I typed in was either taken or sounded dumb once I typed it out.

I didn’t feel like I was being overly demanding either. I just wanted something that was unique, professional (or at least witty), and gave me room to diversify. Oh, and I also wanted it to let people know the types of items they were likely to find in my closet. Maybe I was being demanding after all.

However, there was a good reason for it. Your Poshmark closet name is one of the first impressions that a potential buyer has. If you blow it, you may not get a second chance.

I ended up searching high and low for a list of Poshmark username ideas. I never found a list and ended up just scrounging up a few tips on Reddit and then brainstorming until I came up with something that worked.

Now that I’ve been selling on Poshmark for a while and have seen literally 10,000+ Poshmark usernames I’m going to make a list for you so that you can avoid typing in thing after thing as I did.

The Importance Of Your Poshmark Username

On the average selling platform, your username isn’t of much importance. In fact, if you own your own store or website, the name is only marginally more important.

This isn’t the case on Poshmark.

Your Poshmark user name shows up in lots of places. In fact, every time you send an offer, like an item, share something from your closet, etc. people will see your username.

I recently decided not to buy a jersey on Poshmark because the seller’s closet name sounded like random computer-generated gibberish. In other words, it didn’t instill confidence.

Even though Poshmark is an established and legitimate platform, many people who are new to buying and selling on Poshmark are a bit gun-shy and a respectable sounding name for your closet can assure them that you are a safe and professional person to deal with.

List Of Poshmark Username Ideas

I spent a couple of hours typing these into Poshmark and I can tell you that, as of now, they’re available.

If someone has taken them before you get here, hopefully, they’ll get the wheels turning!

  1. LuxuryDressing
  2. DapperDuds
  3. LuxeGear
  4. CleannFresh
  5. ThriftPickins
  6. CheapFinery
  7. SnazzySportswear
  8. OutfitAndFashion
  9. OppulentGetup
  10. LavishLivery
  11. Deluxation
  12. ClothesOutOfRehab
  13. StitchPatch
  14. ReuseRewear
  15. KingsRansom
  16. LordsCloset
  17. LordOfTheThrift
  18. LuxuryPlanet
  19. GildedNation
  20. BoshPoss
  21. GirlyGearz
  22. TrendzNao
  23. MensMentionables
  24. InYourDrawers
  25. PantsParties
  26. BagLady
  27. DressingUpDapper
  28. QuickFixFashion
  29. CapsuleWardrobeLife
  30. WearableWardrobe
  31. LavishLuxuryLinens
  32. ClothesAndOtherStuff
  33. ClothingStuffing
  34. StylePatch
  35. WearABag
  36. PlasticBagPrincess
  37. GildedGarments

What If The Name You Want Isn’t Available?

If you are absolutely stuck on a username (that isn’t available) there are a few things you can do to modify it and get it to work.

While I generally don’t advise adding strange numbers or letters to the end of a username, it has a few drawbacks on Poshmark.

The only possible problem you might have is that a person is unable to remember exactly what your name is and can’t find you in a search.

However, since most people will find your items through a closet-share or organic search, here are a few ways you can improve your username:

  • Add your zip code or phone area code to the end. For example, DesignerDeals becomes DesignerDeals801 (my area code)
  • Change a single letter. DesignerDeals become DesignerDealz
  • Add your name. DesignerDeals becomes HazelsDesignerDeals

You can also combine one or more of the options if you’re really stuck. Although I probably wouldn’t go with HazelsDesigerDealz801 as too long of a name starts looking spammy.

Best Practices For Poshmark Usernames:

If none of my Poshmark username ideas resonated with you, I’m sure you can come up with something amazing on your own.

While your username won’t make or break your business, there are a few best practices you can employ to make sure you give yourself the best chance:

  • If you sell items in a particular niche, your username should let people know it. If you specialize if jeans, make your username something about jeans or denim.
  • Try for something memorable or catchy. Witty is even better if that’s your wheelhouse.
  • Don’t make it unreadable or difficult to understand. If your potential buy has to spend time puzzling our your username they may just lose interest and leave.

Can You Change Your Poshmark Username?

If you started off with a weak or spammy-sounding username, don’t worry, you can change.

Once you’ve read through the list of Poshmark store names, here’s how you can make a change:

  1. Select your profile picture and enter the Account Settings page
  2. Select Account Info
  3. Select the word Change located next to your username. Poshmark will send you a verification code.
  4. Enter your new username.
  5. Done

Although changing your name on Poshmark is quick and easy, I wouldn’t make a habit of it as people tend to look at shares from closets they like and may even unfollow you if they don’t recognize your new handle.


At the end of the day, don’t stress about your Poshmark username. You can sell items even if your username is terrible and, when inspiration strikes, you can also upgrade your closet name to something better. So get listing!

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