11 Items You Can’t Sell On eBay (Where To Sell Instead)

When eBay first switched everyone over to the managed payments system they left a bunch of unhappy sellers and unanswered questions. Who could have seen that coming? Gone are the days of selling on eBay with PayPal. Instead, eBay has opted for the Dutch company Adyen to process all of their payments. In theory, this …

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How to Flip Furniture for Fun and Profit (Start To Finish)

There are many ways to make extra money in your spare time, but few are as fun as flipping products for a higher return. Unlike flipping houses, adding value to furniture requires little capital, and you can start immediately. Here’s how to flip furniture for the most profit: Find underpriced furniture  Acquire and upgrade the …

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Can You Sell Mystery Boxes On eBay? (Complete Answer)

Everyone loves a great surprise. In theory, mystery boxes on eBay should be one of those great surprises. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way. Because of the prevalence of eBay scams, there have been a number of policies put in place for eBay sellers which severely limit selling anything that could be termed a …

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