The 5 Fastest Selling Items On Poshmark (Money Making Brands)

Over the past year, I’ve seen hundreds of complaints that reselling has slowed down. People who used to make a full-time living selling on Poshmark are scrambling to diversify or increase their inventory just to get by. However, it’s not all about where you sell or how much stuff you have listed. If you’re not …

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Selling On Poshmark vs. eBay (Which Is Better In 2022?)

If you’re a beginning reseller, choosing a platform to sell your goods on can seem like a daunting task. Choose wrong, and you’ll probably have no sales and be living on the street within a month. Not really. The reality is that every platform has advantages/disadvantages and there are sellers who do hundreds of thousands …

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8 Best Poshmark Bots for Following & Sharing (Reviewed)

If you’ve been selling on Poshmark for a while you probably understand the importance of building up your followers and sharing your closet regularly. For my first year on Poshmark, I did absolutely no sharing and make zero effort to gain followers. I simply cross-posted my eBay listings onto Poshmark and, if something sold, I …

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How To Trade On Poshmark (Tips To Lower The Scam Risks)

Poshmark is an excellent platform for getting pre-owned high-value fashion articles. But selling on the platform can be a little tricky. So why sell and earn money only to use it in the same venue when you can try trading directly? Here’s how to trade on Poshmark: You can trade on Poshmark by reaching out …

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Stuck In Poshmark Share Jail? What It Is & How To Get Out

It can be quite annoying to have access to a platform…but not have the privilege to use its features. If you’re unable to share your closet or interact with your community, the chances are that you’re in the Poshmark share jail! So, what is Poshmark share jail, and how do you get out? Poshmark share …

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5 Poshmark Scams Every Buyer & Seller Should Be Aware Of

If you’re as old as I am (or older) you probably remember the days when it felt like buying things on the internet was nothing but scams. Half of the listings on eBay were scams, there were shoddy websites asking for your banking information, and your aunt probably forwarded you an email from a desperate …

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Best Thermal Label Printer For Poshmark Sellers (3 Options)

Many sellers new to Poshmark spend a bunch of money to create a “home office” and to cute-ify their space. Then they post pictures of it on Instagram. However, you’re probably from a different mold. You actually want results from your Poshmark store and you’re wondering if a label printer makes sense. Well, if you …

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