Is Closet Assistant Worth It For Poshmark? (My 1 Year Review)

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If you’re in a hurry and want to get back to working on your business I’ll cut straight to the chase, yes, Closet Assistant is worth it. We’ve tested 8 different Poshmark bots and it is the safest and easiest to use. Not to mention is responsible for a significant increase in our Poshmark sales, paying for itself almost 100x over (literally).

Not to mention that you can use this link to get a free trial and 25% off your first month.

You can also use code “RESELLINGREVEALED” when you sign up.

What Is Closet Assistant & What Does It Actually Do?

Closet Assistant is a Poshmark “bot” meant to automate the task of sharing your closet to parties and your followers.

However, Closet Assistant has a bunch of other cool features that will help you manage your store:

  • Follow Users
  • See A Map Of Your Sales
  • Automatically Leave Comments
  • Respond-in-Kind (follow people that follow you, etc.)
  • Automatically Send Offers
  • Closet Organizer
  • Clost Revenue Estimator (used to estimate the sales/revenue of other people)
  • Bulk Price Reducer
  • Item Relister
  • Scheduled Sharing
  • Sales Manager
  • Activity Log
  • Captcha Alert (sends you a notification when it runs into a captcha)

If you’ve been a Poshmark seller for any length of time you can obviously see how any of the above tasks would be helpful for your business.

However, many people have a poor taste in their mouths when it comes to considering a “bot” because they’re often associated with spamming or gaming a platform.

Closet Assistant is not one of those types of bots. Rather, it is a Chrome Extension that integrates with your Poshmark account to perform tasks (which you assign it) that you would be doing anyway. Which leaves you free to do higher-value tasks such as sourcing and listing.

One of the most important things to note is that Closet Assistant will not do anything that you don’t instruct it to. It won’t steal your items, charge you weird fees, or get your account suspended.

Hundreds of people (in addition to my wife and I) use it every day in their reselling business to get more done!

And the fact that the company was founded and run by a couple that sells on Poshmark themselves is encouraging.

Why You Need A Poshmark Bot

Let’s be honest, Poshmark wasn’t designed for large-scale resellers.

Its structure is set up to allow people to sell a couple of dozen items (max) from their own closet.

Their “follow and share” structure isn’t very amiable for having hundreds or thousands of listings. People who are focused on growing their closets typically find that they have to stop sharing their items as often in order to get more items listed.

While this might work in the very long run, in a shorter time frame it results in fewer sales even if you have more listings. Despite what some people claim, sharing your closet is effective and does result in more sales. It’s pretty much free advertising.

So, if you’re maxed out on the time you can spend on Poshmark you have to find a way to outsource or delegate. There are only two paths to take here, you can hire someone to help (a virtual assistant) or you can get software to streamline your tasks (a Poshmark Bot).

Using A Poshmark Bot vs. Hiring a VA

Most resellers who are maxed out start thinking about hiring help. This is especially true on Poshmark where there are VA agencies that specialize in sharing your items following/unfollowing people.

For people (like myself) who want to have as much control of their business as possible, a bot makes more sense than hiring someone or outsourcing your store to an agency.

Bringing another person into your business often adds enough complexity that there is a very small return for the first few hires. Add in the fact that no person or agency will care about your business as you will and simply outsourcing to software starts making way more sense.

While hiring help for a reselling business is a great option, a bot helps bridge the gap so you can keep growing without increasing costs by hiring too soon.

What I Like About Closet Assistant

At their core, all Poshmark bots basically do the same few things.

Some have better interfaces, slightly different capabilities, and different price points but their main purpose is to simply share your closet and help you gain followers.

To say it another way, the job of a Poshmark bot is to increase your sales, and, believe it or not, almost all of them can do that.

If you’ve been doing things manually almost any bot on the market will be an improvement.

However, Closet Assistant is my number one choice because it provides great value for the price (it’s one of the lowest-priced options), has a simple interface, and provides a good amount of control over what the bot does and when.

Without the right balance of these elements, you risk losing profits by overpaying or (even worse) having your Poshmark account suspended for suspicious activity.

How I Use It (Closet Assistant Tutorial)

The best way to use Closet Assistant (in my opinion) is the same way I list my items – set it and forget it.

I recommend starting your new bot by sharing each of your items on a daily basis with either your followers or party as well as following people (to build up your own following)

There’s no need to use every single feature. Just cherry-pick what makes sense for your store. For us, its main purpose is to share our items and the increase in sales pays for the app on the first day or two of every month.

What’s Bad About Closet Assistant (Not Much…)

My main problem with Closet Assistant is that it simply doesn’t feel fleshed out enough. The company is run by a husband and wife team so I understand that they’re limited but there are a few things that I would wish for in future updates.

Better User Interface – I wish that Closet Assistant followed the path of List Perfectly and Vendoo by becoming a full web app and using an extension to communicate with Poshmark. Doing everything I want to do on the small extension popup screen isn’t a great user experience (but it does get the job done).

More Metrics – I would like to have a better log of actions and metrics per item available in reports.

However, the reality is that the job that Closet Assistant accomplished isn’t overly complicated and it’s fine to have a simple extension. Geeks like myself would just appreciate a bit more control and data.

However, there are a few things that you’ll want to think about before unleashing a Poshmark bot on your store. These apply no matter which bot you choose but here are a couple of the main things that you’ll want to think about.

You Can Overshoot

Closet Assistant allows you to set your sharing parameters to just about anything you want. If you are overambitious (or dumb) it’s possible to have settings so aggressive that you can put your account in danger.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll lose your account you can be shadowbanned or receive suspensions (usually for 24 hours) due to your account being flagged for suspicious activity.

Can I Share Too Much On Poshmark?

On Poshmark, there really is too much of a good thing. Because Poshmark was designed for sellers trying to make money from their own clothing, anything else can set off red flags.

While Poshmark is obviously fine with people selling thousands of items, they’re less fine if it looks like you’re gaming the system to do so.

Sharing in a way or at a speed that seems impossible for a person selling their personal items can get you suspended or stuck in share jail.

The guidance from Closet Assistant is to stay under 6,000 shares per day. I would view this as the extreme upper limit and you should only ever get that high if you have several thousand items in your closet.

If you only have a couple of hundred items on Poshmark your share count will obviously have to be lower to stay natural.

As a general rule, we try not to share items more than twice per day.

Can Poshmark Detect Bots?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, it seems that the answer is no, Poshmark cannot detect whether you’re using a bot or your activity is done manually.

That is, as long as you stay within the parameters of what a normal person would be doing.

Having said that, it’s also possible that Poshmark can detect bots and doesn’t enforce its TOS of removing closets that use them. However, most bots are designed to work within your closet in a way that is undetectable.

While there are reports of people that use bots having problems with their accounts there are typically other contributing factors that are the more likely culprit.

So Is Closet Assistant Worth It?

it’s worth it if you’re serious about growing a business on Poshmark.

It’s not going to make a huge difference if you only have 100 items. Sure, it will help but you’re probably better off just focusing on listing more things.

Closet Assistant Alternatives

If for whatever reason, you don’t want to use Closet Assistant there are other options on the market.

Closet Assistant was my personal favorite of the 8 Poshmark bots we tested and reviewed but ClosetPilot is a close second.

If you’re sketched out by the idea of running a bot on your Poshmark account you can always go the Virtual Assistant route instead.

Just be aware that you’re probably going to run into the same issues (of your account not looking natural) as well as adding complexity to your business.

Final Words (And Our Closet Assistant Coupon Code…)

In my opinion, Closet Assistant is worth it even for mid-level sellers. As soon as you wish you could get more done on Poshmark, automating a task (or more) is one of the best ways to free up some more time.

Whether you use that free time to relax or list more things is up to you. I just know that I’m happy to no longer be sharing my closet every time I go to the bathroom or lay in bed at night.

So grab our coupon code (it’s “RESELLINGREVEALED“) and go get your free trial to see if it’s for you!

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