Depop vs. Poshmark – Which Is Better For Sellers in 2023?

Every reseller gets excited when a new platform starts getting popular. I mean, we all know that sites like Craiglist have gone the way of the dodo and even eBay seems to be gasping for life. However, just because there’s another platform around doesn’t mean it’s worth using. Even though I resell full-time I have …

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How Long Does eBay Take To Ship? (2023 Update)

Waiting for an eBay order can be anywhere from annoying to nerve-wracking. There has been more than one instance where I have ordered something I need to have by a certain time (usually by the time I leave on a trip) and eBay fails to get it to me. Such experiences are frustrating because it …

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137 Poshmark Username Ideas (Poshmark Name Generator)

*Just signing up for Poshmark? Use our Poshmark Invite Code for a free $10 towards your first order!* When I first signed up for Poshmark I spent nearly 20 minutes trying to figure out a username. It felt like everything I typed in was either taken or sounded dumb once I typed it out. I …

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8 Best Poshmark Bots For Following & Sharing (Reviewed)

If you’ve been selling on Poshmark for any time at all you probably understand the importance of building up your followers and sharing your closet regularly. For my first year on Poshmark, I did absolutely no sharing and made zero effort to gain followers. I simply cross-posted my eBay listings onto Poshmark and, if something …

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