The 5 Fastest Selling Items On Poshmark (Money Making Brands)

Over the past year, I’ve seen hundreds of complaints that reselling has slowed down. People who used to make a full-time living selling on Poshmark are scrambling to diversify or increase their inventory just to get by. However, it’s not all about where you sell or how much stuff you have listed. If you’re not …

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Are eBay Sales Down In 2022? (7 Ways We Increased Ours)

Everyone I know that sells on eBay ultimately does it for the same reason – to make money.  Even if you’re trying to get rid of some of your stuff, you want to walk that line between getting rid of it quickly and getting as much money for it as possible. But what about when …

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Where Are Authentic Chanel Items Made?

If you’ve never walked into a Chanel store it can be a depressing experience. Believe it or not, there is more than the price that’s a downer. Chanel takes some of the most extreme business practices in the industry to ensure that their product is scarce. This scarcity, in turn, allows them to create urgency …

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