Poshmark Sales Down? (9 Tips For Daily Sales)

Having slow sales or no sales on Poshmark? Most of us have been there. It’s obviously difficult to predict the sales that you’ll have with Poshmark but we have had periods of drought so severe that we thought there must be something wrong. Now, all platforms have slow times and Poshmark is no different. However, …

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How To Become A Poshmark Ambassador (Free Printable)

So let me guess, you’re a Poshmark seller? Me too! Are you looking for some ideas to help with becoming a better seller on the platform? Maybe, you just want to increase your sales? Either way, you’re in the right place. In order to become a good seller on the platform, you should always follow …

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Poshmark Invite Code for 2023: POSHBONUS ($10 Credit)

If you’re looking to make your first purchase on Poshmark then here’s a secret: if you sign up using a referral code from an existing member you can get a $10 credit to spend on anything you want! The Poshmark invite code that we’re using in 2023 is “POSHBONUS” You can simply use this link …

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13 Best Women’s Clothing Brands To Sell On Poshmark in 2023

Figuring out what the best-selling clothing brands are on Poshmark isn’t always easy. On eBay, I just check completed listings. It’s not so easy elsewhere. One of the main problems with learning how to sell on Poshmark is that it’s always changing. It is a marketplace for current and trendy clothes so, as soon as …

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Are eBay Sales Down? (How We Fixed Ours For 2023)

Everyone I know that sells on eBay ultimately does it for the same reason – to make money.  Even if you’re trying to get rid of some of your stuff, you want to walk that line between getting rid of it quickly and getting as much money for it as possible. But what about when …

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