Is List Perfectly Worth It? (My Full 3 Year Review)

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Before you get bogged down in the article I’ll cut straight to it: yes, List Perfectly is worth it. In fact, we used it to increase our eBay sales by 28% almost overnight. But don’t take our word for it. If you click here you can get 30% off your first month (with a 5-day/50-post Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee)

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As resellers, it’s in our nature to try and squeeze every cent out of our inventory that we can.

We’re business owners after all.

Because we’re bent on growing our businesses, there are always companies that come along and try to either prey on our needs or straight-up scam us out of our hard-earned dollars. They often tell you that they can optimize your business or increase your profits…you just have to pay them for their help upfront.

A couple of years ago a company by the name of List Perfectly popped up and took social media by storm. You’ve obviously heard of them, which is why you’re here. Well, I took the plunge before nearly everyone else and started a monthly subscription to see if it was worth it.

After more than three years and several thousand listings, I finally feel qualified to write this post and answer whether List Perfectly is legit (an obvious yes) and whether List Perfectly is worth it (a not-so-obvious answer). So let’s get to it!

What Does List Perfectly Actually Do?

Member’s area of List Perfectly

List Perfectly is an online software built to help people list on online selling platforms more efficiently. It helps with listing, inventory management, cross-posting, and more. However, most users (including myself) only use List Perfectly for a few specific tasks. My main use of List Perfectly is to crosspost my existing eBay listings onto other platforms, namely Mercari.

I simply log into my eBay store, select items that I want to crosspost, and List Perfectly will automatically create listings in Mercari (or any one of 8 other platforms) with the pictures and information.

While you can obviously crosspost items manually the main pull of List Perfectly is that it saves time. In fact, they report that their average user saves over 40 hours per month!

It addition to simply listing and cross-listing items, List Perfectly can also track your sales and act as a repository for your listings if (knock on wood) something goes wrong with your eBay account.

Why You (and I) Need List Perfectly

We’ve been selling on eBay for more than 5 years, 3 of those full-time. Despite having sold more than 10,000 items and having over $100,000 in annual sales for most of those years, we still have days with no eBay sales. When it happens it is nerve-racking and discouraging.

I recently posted on Instagram and asked whether people thought that reselling is stable enough to be your only source of income. The general consensus was: yes, but if you are wise you’ll have another income source.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you need to run out and buy rental properties. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. Instead, you should do more of what you do best, reselling! You should just be sure to diversify where you do it!

Cross-posting to multiple platforms gives you multiple chances to sell each of your items. Some items are simply suited better to certain platforms. I’ve had items that have been on eBay for over 6 months that sold within 24 hours after I cross-posted them to Mercari with List Perfectly.

Now, the main reason that we need List Perfectly is that it takes a task that could take you hours and condenses it into minutes. When it comes to making money reselling, speed is the name of the game. The more items you can get listed, the more items you can sell.

With List Perfectly, you can click the items in your store that you want to cross-post and it will copy the pictures and most of the relevant information to autofill. I used to be about to crosspost 20 or so items in an hour but, with List Perfectly I can do 60 or more. As they say, time is money!

-> Wondering where to cross-post? Check out our list of alternatives to eBay.

What I Like about List Perfectly (and how I use it)

Let’s face it, there isn’t any software that is perfect and can do a task without your oversight. At least, there isn’t in the reselling world. Which is great! If there was something that makes it that easy, even more people would be doing it!

With that being said, List Perfectly isn’t quite perfect but it gets me 80% of the way there.

Here’s what I love about it and how it’s helped:

  • List Perfectly doesn’t actually access your eBay store. It pulls data from the public version of whatever store you’re logged into at the time (up to 50 different stores). This means that you’re not putting your account at risk and List Perfectly can’t do anything inside your store.
  • It saves me a huge amount of time. Because other platforms are so much smaller than eBay, it typically wasn’t worth it for me to spend my time on them because the time-ROI wasn’t there. Being able to do a task faster makes it much more profitable.
  • It increased my Mercari sales. Because it’s so much faster to list my eBay items on Mercari it’s no big deal to end/delete my listings after a month and re-list. This has more than doubled our Mercari sales.
  • It allows me to experiment with other selling platforms without a huge time investment.
  • There is a strong support community (on Facebook).
  • They have great customer support. You probably won’t need it but, if you do, they’re there!

Even if List Perfectly didn’t have all the perks that it does I’d still use it. List Perfectly is worth it for me just to post my eBay items on Mercari.

What People (meaning me…) Dislike About List Perfectly

There isn’t really anything that I hate about List Perfectly. It does the job I expect it to and, as long as you don’t expect perfection, you’ll get a ton out of it. But, as you would expect, there are a few things that irk me:

  • I still have to input some things manually. eBay and Mercari and quite different in the fields that they require. Because of this I typically have to edit the title (Mercari allows fewer characters), input my zip code, and manually edit the shipping before posting the item on Mercari.
  • The interface is still a bit clunky. List Perfectly is worth it for sure but it’s still new enough that the interface is a bit dated seeming (strange, right?). I’m sure it will improve with time and it’s not a huge problem now.
  • It’s expensive. Yes, you get what you pay for, and, yes, we make our money back but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt to pay for it monthly. Having run websites and worked on creating other SAAS projects I can tell you that it’s extremely expensive to develop and support a great tool like List Perfectly so I guess I can’t be too salty about it.

Now, there are other people who are far less satisfied with ListPerfectly. Some of their concerns include:

  • Possible double sales. One of the main fears of people who are contemplating cross-posting is what they’ll do if something sells on both platforms. Well, it’s possible. However, after more than a year, I will say that it’s very unlikely. Just stay on top of ending items on the other platform when they sell and you’ll be fine. When things have been double-sold, we’ve simply written the person an apology and canceled the order. Just be sure to cancel the order on Mercari as they are more forgiving.
  • Adding an extension. All of the work that List Perfectly does is done through an extension that you have to add to your browser. Many people fear that extensions slow down their browsers and pose a security risk — they don’t.
  • Platforms discourage bots & automation. Nearly every platform has policies that disallow the use of software to increase your chances of sales. In fact, many sellers have lost their accounts due to using bots such as auto relisters, sharing bots (on Poshmark), etc. List Perfectly is not an automation software. It is simply a listing tool and is within the rules of every platform they operate on. They are not alone in this regard as there are dozens of other listing tools that have been around for years.

In my opinion, there aren’t really any valid concerns when it comes to using List Perfectly. They’ve been around for a while and have proven that not only can they be trusted, but they are dedicated to helping their customers and continually improving their products.

So is List Perfectly Worth It? My Honest Opinion…

is list perfectly worth it two thumbs up

The obvious answer is that it depends. Personally, List Perfectly is not only worth it but pays for itself 20x over every month. If you’re a full-time reseller then I would say it’s not only worth it, it’s a necessity. Without it, you’ll be falling behind. With the growing level of competition on eBay and other reselling platforms, you’ll need every edge you can get if you want to stay in the game.

There are three “levels” of List Perfectly and I think the mid-tier (which they call “Business”) is the best for most people. It allows you to crosspost items in bulk (the base tier only allows single listings at a time) as well as all the other usual features that make List Perfectly worth it.

With that being said if you’re a small-time seller (with no plans for growth) and only list a couple of items per day, don’t bother with it. Simply list your items on Mercari at the same time. Also, if you haven’t ever used another platform before, get your feet wet by cross-posting your items manually and get a few sales before investing in software.

You can also cross-post your existing eBay listings onto Mercari using this method:

List Perfectly Alternatives: List Perfectly vs. Vendoo

So what if you like the idea of crossposting but not List Perfectly? Well, there are some alternatives out there that may be better for you depending on your situation.

I will tell you that, in the end, I found List Perfectly to be the smoothest, quickest, and most complete option. It is not the cheapest, but I’m more into running my business efficiently so I can make money, not trying to do it as cheaply as possible.

However, if you want to check out some other options:

You can check out our full List Perfectly vs Vendoo Review Here (Spoiler Alert: List Perfectly Wins).


At the end of the day, one of the best ways to grow your reselling business is to invest in tools. When you are finally at the point where you can spend some money to save you massive amounts of time you are able to scale your business and start making huge amounts of money. So is List Perfectly worth it? If you want to make money, yes, it is!

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4 thoughts on “Is List Perfectly Worth It? (My Full 3 Year Review)”

  1. This article is so helpful! Going to bite the bullet and use List Perfectly. Where do you make your listings originally? eBay? It sounds like those contain the most info so it’s less work to switch them over into Mercari and Poshmark? I want to have a few things ready to test it out. Thanks

    • I prefer to list my items on eBay first and then cross-post the items I want. That’s mainly because I’m familiar with eBay’s listing process and pretty fast with it.

      You can actually add your items into your “inventory” on your List Perfectly account and list them from there so you don’t have to list on any platform first.

  2. I’m wondering how well this would work cross listing between eBay & Etsy. I’m not using Mercari at this time. Any ideas?

    • Etsy is one of the platforms that List Perfectly is compatible with so, while I haven’t personally tried using it for Etsy, I’d imagine it’d be great. We’ve tried several of the other platforms and it’s been super helpful.

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