Flyp Crosslister Review – Is It Worth It? (My Thoughts)

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At A Glance
Flyp is a good starting point for sellers with no or a very limited budget for reinvesting in their business growth. Serious part-time or full-time resellers will benefit from having a crosslisting software with more functionality and community support such as List Perfectly.

A couple of years ago almost no one had the slightest inkling that crosslisting their items onto multiple platforms would be the best way to grow their business.

Whether you sold on eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, or another platform people would always say, “Just list more! List daily! You can’t sell if you don’t list! etc.”

However, no one could see that, eventually, competition would grow and sales would slow down, forcing people to find other ways to increase sales.

Enter cross-listing software. We first got into crosslisting our items from eBay to Mercari about 4 years ago and experienced a 25% jump in monthly sales almost overnight.

Since then, there have been a dozen different cross-listing services launched (probably more but I’ve only tried that many).

One of the newest comers is Flyp.

Flyp is actually a platform where you can find a virtual assistant that will list all of your items for you. Alternatively, you can be the seller and sell other people’s inventory (keeping a chunk of the profit). However, they recently launched a free crosslisting software (I assume to get more people to their website).

It likely has worked as literally thousands of resellers have tried it. Well, we tried it to and, well, you get what you pay for.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of our Flyp Crosslister review so you can see if it’s for you or if there are better options out there.

What Does The Flyp Crosslister Actually Do?

Long story short, the Flyp Crosslister is an online tool that is targeted at resellers and claims to make their lives easier. And, to some extent, it does.

It allows you to list your items across multiple platforms with (about) the same amount of effort it takes to list in a single place.

In other words, you can have access to the users of Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, and several other platforms with very little extra work. Which means more money with the same number of items listed.

You’ll need to download the Flyp Crosslister Extension for your browser and connect the stores you want to use but I was able to get started in about 5 minutes (including making an account).

If you’re been cross-posting your items manually (like I did for more than a year) you’ll be blown away at how much time you can save by having it done for you.

However, that’s not all that Flyp does.

Here are a few of the other features that they offer for free when you sign up:

  • Crosslisting to/from Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, and Facebook (support for Depop & Etsy is supposedly coming soon)
  • Automatic delisting when items sell
  • Bulk delist/relist
  • Analytics
  • Automatic CAPTCHA resolution
  • Unlimited closet sharing on Poshmark
  • Offer to likers
  • Community shares
  • Scheduled shares
  • …and more

However, just because it’s on their list of features doesn’t mean that they do it well or that there isn’t a better option. So let’s take a look at how I’ve used the Flyp Crosslister and how you can get the most out of it.

The Flyp Crosslister Workflow

Using Flyp is actually super intuitive. The workflow isn’t complex so you’ll probably just be able to work your way straight through it in a couple of minutes.

If you’re ready to crosslist, you have two options:

  1. Put the information into Flyp’s Universal Listing Form and then post it to different platforms.
  2. Import your existing listings from any of the supported platforms and then copy them onto new platforms.

I have a listing flow in place on eBay that feels much faster to me so I typically stick with listing my items on eBay and then copying them onto other platforms at a single point in the day.

Here’s what it looks like:

1. Connect Your Accounts

Yes, you have to connect your accounts to Flyp to use the service. However, you don’t have to put your password in. Simply install their extension and then sign into your account on another tab. It will then pull all the information about your listings.

2. Import Your First Listings

At its core, the Flyp Crosslister is a fancy copy-and-paste machine. When you import a listing it simply does what you would do if you were doing in manually…but faster. It will bring over the pictures, description, and all the filters that it can.

I do wish there was a bulk import function like other tools have but, as of now, you have to do it one by one which, while faster than crosslisting manually, will still be a huge time-suck if you have a large store.

3. Add In Specifics And Hit List

Since none of the platforms share all of the same filters you’ll likely have to put in a few more things (such as brand, size type, etc.) depending on which platform(s) you have selected.

Once you do, just scroll down, save, and hit list!

Flyp Crosslister – Pros & Cons

At the end of the day, there is a lot to like about Flyp. Of course, it’s not perfect (and you can’t really expect it for the price). So let’s talk about some specifics that are good and…not so good.

Things I Like

  • It’s free. Having a free option is very cool if you’re pinching pennies but need to make more money from your reselling side hustle.
  • There is a bulk delist/relist feature. This feature is integral to getting fast sales on Mercari in particular.
  • The app is streamlined. It’s very user-friendly and there isn’t much to get hung up on.
  • Sold listings are ended automatically. Double-selling an item is many people’s biggest fear with using a crossposter like Flypp and they’ve mitigated that risk by ending a listing if the item sells on another platform.

Things I Don’t Like

  • No bulk importer. The more automated a process can be the more time it will save. I find it odd that an app meant to save time requires so much manual input.
  • It glitches. In the time I used Flyp I experienced issues listing items on both Facebook Marketplace and Mercari. I was eventually able to get it to work but, with the time I wasted, I could have just manually crosslisted the items.
  • Lack of community. Several other software options have large communities of resellers that you can learn from. Flyp does have a community but it’s mainly for people who are using their main service, not their crosslister.
  • Limited reports & analytics. In my opinion, reselling businesses live and die by the numbers and, if you’re going to increase the complexity of your business by listing in multiple places, you need more data.
  • Limited Platform Options. The Flyp Crosslister supports less than half as many platforms as other crosslisters. While they get some of the big ones, it leaves thousands of resellers without a use for it.

As you can see, none of the shortfalls are huge dealbreakers. I would just describe Flyp overall as “limited” Sure, you get unlimited free listings but that’s not all you need in a crossliting app.

Best Alternative – List Perfectly

Whether Flyp is worth it for you and your business really comes down to two questions:

  • Do you need features that they don’t offer?
  • How much do better options cost?

After all, if you only list a couple of items per month and better alternatives cost hundreds of dollars then it makes sense to stick with Flyp or another free option.

However, neither of those things is typically the case. I personally list between 200 and 300 items per month and pay $49 per month for List Perfectly which is better than Flyp in pretty much every way. It has a better listing flow, it has a large community, amazing customer service, better reports, and is more dependable.

We’ve compared several cross-listing options but I always default to using List Perfectly. I figure that using List Perfectly makes about a 15% difference to our sales every month which, depending on the time of year, can range from $500-$1,500. I’d say it pays for itself.

However, if you’re unable to invest in your business then Flyp might tide you over until you can grow it a bit.

But first, I’ll mention that if you click the link below you can get a 5-day trial from List Perfectly during which you can list up to 50 items totally risk-free. So why not try both and see which one fits your style better?

(You can also use the code “Reseller” in List Perfectly’s coupon box to get 30% off your first month)

Flyp’s Other Services & Tools for Resellers

If you’re looking for other ways to give your reselling business a leg up, Flyp has some other services that you can check out:

Poshmark Sharer

While Flyp calls this service a “Poshmark Sharer” it’s really a full-blown Poshmark bot. After all, it doesn’t just share your listings – it also offers options like closet sharing, CAPTCHA solving, scheduling, and follow/unfollow.

In theory, this gets rid of the tedium of sharing things manually and automates the growth of your Poshmark Closet on the social side (you’ll still have to do the listing yourself…).

You can read more about our thoughts on Poshmark Bots and get our recommendations here.

Flyp’s Inventory Service

The core business of Flyp is actually providing a marketplace where you can, ostensibly, get inventory to resell for free.

Here’s how it works.

You apply to become a seller. Once approved you can look at inventory lots that people have listed. Once you choose one they’ll send you a box full of the inventory that they’ve sourced.

You are now responsible for listing it and, once it sells, you keep part part of the sale price as your fee. In other words, you’re being hired to sell on commission.

I have not personally tried this out as I have more inventory than I can handle but, if I struggled to source items, I’d probably give it a whirl.

I know many others have with some good results and some frustrating ones.

If you try it out, let me know below in the comments how it went!

Pricing – Is Flyp Really Free?

I will address this really quickly because people tend to be quite cynical (as they should be).

The Flyp Crosslister is completely free and unlimited. It was never meant to be a paid service but simply a loss leader for their actual business, the commission sales platform.

So, whether or not you decide you get your inventory from Flyp you can use the crosslister to your heart’s content!

Do You Need A Crosslisting Software At All?

Impact On My Resale Businesses

For the majority of resellers, a crosslisting app makes complete sense.

You can increase your sales by doubling the amount of people who see your items with very little extra expense. It’s like eBay’s promoted listings on steroids.

When I first cross-listed all of my listings I had an extra $1,000+ dollars of sales in the first 24 hours and since then it’s been 15-20% higher than what I would expect by just using eBay.

If you’re new to other platforms, just choose one in addition to what you normally use and move over some of your stagnant listings. If things go well, scale it up and consider expanding to another platform!

Who Shouldn’t Bother With One?

There is a small demographic of people that I wouldn’t advise to list their items on multiple platforms. And you probably don’t fall into either of them.

Really small sellers. If you have fewer than 100 items listed, focus on listing more before adding in the extra complexity of listing, selling, and shipping on multiple platforms.

Really big sellers. If you have scaled up your eBay business to the point that you have thousands of items listed I would recommend you just stay in the course. You’ll get farther but improving your systems and just getting really good at eBay than trying to master multiple platforms.

Cliff Notes & FAQs

Is Flyp Good For Crosslisting?

Flyp is a good option for sellers who want to sell on multiple platforms without paying for a crosslisting software or service.

Why Is The Flyp Crosslister Free?

The Flyp Crosslister acts as a lead magnet to generate traffic for Flyp’s revenue-generating portion of the business, their commission-selling platform.

Does Flyp Work With Shopify?

The Flyp Crosslister currently does not work Shopify but the company says that they are currently working on the integration.

Is Flyp Against The Platforms’ Terms of Service?

Most selling platforms have rules against using bots or third-party software. However, the Flyp Crosslister does not affect your listings or endanger your account as it simply copies information and pictures over to a new form.

Closing Remarks

At the end of the day, you can probably get by with just about any crossposting app. Flyp will definitely get the job done and you can’t beat the price.

However, there are a bunch of options out there so shop around and find which one works best for you and your business. Happy selling!

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