5 Common eBay Motors Scams You Need To Know About

Buying a car is always always a harrowing experience. When I was thinking of this article I sat down and realized that I’ve done it 11 times. Since I’ve never bought a brand-new car (and usually bought from private sellers) it always feels like a roll of the dice. If you are feeling super adventurous …

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Poshmark vs thredUP – Which Is Better For Buying & Selling?

If you’re just getting into buying or selling online you’re probably a bit overwhelmed by the number of platforms available. Should you use eBay? Poshmark? thredUP? Mercari? Or maybe all of them? (don’t do that…) It’s my opinion that you should choose one (or two) platforms and get really good there before branching out. So …

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How (and when) Does Poshmark Pay You? – My Experience

You’ve made your first sale on Poshmark, now what? If you’re anything like me you were probably expecting to have money in your bank account already. That’s how getting paid works, right? They get the item and you get money? Well, unfortunately, Poshmark makes it a little more time-consuming than that. While getting paid on …

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8 Common Mercari Buyer/Seller Scams (And How To Avoid Them)

There’s nothing quite like getting a package in the mail. Unless it’s the beautiful Louis Vuitton bag that you bought off Mercari that turns out to be a can of soup because you got scammed by the seller. On the other side, there’s nothing quite like selling a Louis Vuitton bag and having the buyer …

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Should I Include Packing Slips In eBay Orders? (I don’t…)

When I first started selling on eBay I never thought anything of just dropping the item in a box or polymailer, slapping on a label, and sending it off. It wasn’t until I received a frustrated message asking why there was no packing slip, no invoice, no note, or anything else inside. I hadn’t decided …

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