13 Rarest & Most Valuable Squishmallows – A Reseller’s Guide

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Ya know what’s better than cuddling with a cute and puffy Squishmallow?

Cuddling with a rare Squishmallow that no one else can cuddle with because they’re not willing to spend $400 on it. At least, that’s why my wife seems to think.

When I bought my wife her first squishmallow I didn’t realize that when she innocently asked for “cow squishmallow” she meant that I’d have to go onto eBay and pay exorbitant prices to scalpers and collectors who wanted $100 or more for Ronnie the Cow.

Now, even though many Squishmallows are rarer and more valuable than ever, I’m no longer bothered by the prices. Because I’ve flipped sides and now I’m part of the crew that collects and makes money by selling Squishmallows. Just don’t tell my wife why her collection seems to be shrinking slowly…

However, the game of flipping and making money on Squishmallows will likely one day go the same that beanie babies did, I figured I’d better share a bit of my knowledge on the rarest and most valuable Squishmallows to help keep the flame alive.

So let’s get to it!

The 13 Rarest & Most Valuable Squishmallows

Since Squishmallows first debuted in 2017 things have changed rapidly for Kellytoy and there are now tons of rare and limited-edition squishmallows. In fact, there have not been over 1,000 different Squishmallow produced which range from being worth pretty much nothing to thousands of dollars.

It used to be that collectors all wanted the same few and everyone knew what was worth money. Now, however, it’s totally possible for me to find a Squishmallow at a thrift store that I’ve never heard of that can sell for $100 or more.

To that end, this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive guide. There are simply too many valuable options.

So we’ll hit the main culprits and a bunch of unusual ones to give you an idea of what typically sells well. From there, be sure to use eBay’s completed listings to check sold prices on any Squishmallow you’re unsure about!

Oh and just be aware that my “valuations” are simply rough guesses and are based on the current market. If you’re selling, do your own research before hitting “list!”.

Jack the Black Cat

Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow

Value: $1,000+

Jack the Black Cat is probably the first one that comes to mind for most collectors in the “rare Squishmallow” category.

Jack was the 500th Squishmallow character to be created and the first from the Select Series.

Because production was limited to only 500 the chances of finding one in the wild are next to nil. However, you can find them on eBay regularly as they change hands for up to $1,200.

Appearance-wise, Jack is a black cat with a white belly, white paws, and white whiskers. He has big, round, green eyes and a small pink nose. And he looks way too pleased with himself…

Philippe the Frog

Philippe the Frog

Value: $80-110

Philippe the Frog is a green frog with a white belly, black-rimmed white eyes, prominent nostrils, and a smiling mouth. He has a pale pink, sparkly heart on each cheek.

This froggy is no longer listed on the Squishmallow website because he was a limited-edition Squishmallow that existed as a promo only. Phillipe was made in both 8″ and 16″ sizes with the larger ones being more desirable (meaning valuable).

Avery the Duck

Avery the Duck

Value: $80-100

Avery the Duck (he’s a Mallard, technically) is a green and brown duck with a white belly and a yellow beak. Avery has black-rimmed white eyes with black pupils, and he has a small tuft of feathers on top of his head.

Avery is available in different sizes, including 7.5 inches, 10 inches, and 16 inches.

Even though Avery is typically available on Amazon (for inflated prices) many people still rank him as one of the top 10 rarest Squishmallows.

Blossom the Lamb

Blossom the Lamb

Value: $100-120

Blossom the Lamb is a white sheep with a tan face and white inner ears. Blossom has closed eyes with short lashes, and she is holding a rainbow between her tan hooves.

Blossom was originally a 2021 white Justice Exclusive Squishmallow and was fairly unusual as her tag had no bio (I assume she just wasn’t meant to be so in demand).

However, the demand on the secondary market exploded, Justice sold out, and she has since been given a bio/backstory.

Harry Potter House Mascot Squishmallows

Hufflepuff Badger Squishmallow

Value: $45-50 (each)

These were the latest addition to the Squishmallow collection in our house that I’m never allowed to sell. Or touch.

While these aren’t the rarest Squishmallows they are very consistent sellers and are always in demand, especially around holidays.

The collection includes the Gryffindor Lion, the Slytherin Snake, the Hufflepuff Badger, and the Ravenclaw Eagle (all available on in the 8″ size).

The Harry Potter House Mascot Squishmallows are officially licensed products and are sold by various retailers, including BoxLunch and Hot Topic.

Zachary the Zombie

Zachary the Zombie

Value: $1,000+ (for the 14″)

Zachary the Zombie is the first valuable Squishmallwo I ever found at a thrift store. I bought him just because he was cute and then looked him up on a whim before passing him off to the little gremlins that live at my house.

Luckily I did because he sold in less than 24 hours for just over $100 (8″ version).

Zachary is a member of the Halloween Squad and is a green zombie with black-rimmed white eyes, a stitched mouth, and a white belly.

Ronnie The Cow

Ronnie The Cow

Value: $100-150

If there is a Squishmallow animal that consistently sells for good money it’s a cow. For some reason, cows of every color and size are in high demand and we have made great money flipping them from Costco and even Walmart.

Ronnie the Cow, in particular, is quite valuable (and available in all sizes) so we’re sure to pick him up if we’re ever lucky enough to come across him at yard sales or thrift stores (I’ve never seen him for sale new in a store).

Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger

Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger

Value: $3-400

You won’t find these in a store but, if you’re lucky enough to find them elsewhere…I want them.

The Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger Squishmallows are a limited-edition collection that was sold exclusively at the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder’s meeting in 2023.

The used market for them is booming right now with the pair going for up to $500 (although I expect that to cool soon).

Buffy The Red Bat

Buffy The Vampire Bat

Value: $60-80

If you’re a Squishmallow hunter or reseller, Hot Topic might be the most underrated place to shop. Buffy the Red Bat (also part of the Halloween Squad) was originally sold at hot topic and is in high demand on the resale market (meaning eBay in this case).

Unfortunately, Buffy was only made in the smallest size (either that or the larger ones are so rare that I’ve never seen one…) so dig through the small plush if you’re hoping to find one

Resul The Clown

Resul The Clown

Value: $40-60

Resul the Clown is a (in my opinion “scary”) looking clown. He is a yellow, blue, and black clown with black eyes, a red nose, and…green hair.

Reseul was a San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive but has somehow gained notoriety and popularity even though he is no longer made.

Livvy The Tie Dye Starfish

Livvy The Tie Dye Starfish

Value: $40-60

Livvy the Tie Dye Starfish is a colorful, tie-dye starfish with black-rimmed white eyes and a pink nose. Livvy is a member of the Sea Life Squad and is available is all the common sizes including 5 inches, 7.5 inches, and 16 inches.

I’m not sure how Livvy became in demand but, as of now, she can be found at various retailers including Target and Amazon.

Squishmallow Stacy Squid

Squishmallow Stacy Squid

Value: $800-1,000

There are multiple Squishmallow plush toys named Stacy, but the most valuable one (by far) is Stacy the Squid.

Stacy Squid was the exclusive Squishmallow for the San Diego Comic-Con in 2022 and has only gained in value since.

Stacy Squid was mostly purchased by resellers apparently as there are several on the market at any given time and they can go for up to $1,200 in new condition.

Jazmanian the Lion

Jazwares Jazmanian

Value: $500+

Jazmanian the Lion is a Squishmallow plush toy that was created to celebrate Jazwares’ 25th anniversary and offered to employees only (possibly making him the rarest one on this list). Jazmanian is a grey and blue Squishmallow with black-rimmed white eyes and a white belly.

Quick Tip: In case you don’t know, Kellytoy (the maker of Squishmallow) is a subsidiary of the toy company Jazzwares so, if you see either brand name in an eBay listing, they’re both authentic and legit.


6 rare & valuable Squishmallow hugmees

Value: $50-400

This last one isn’t quite like the others as it’s not a specific animal, but there’s still cuteness and money to be had here!

In general, Hugmees are harder to find and go for more money when reselling on eBay and other platforms.

Typically I look up any Hugmee Squishmallow I find (and pretty much any other Squishmallow as well) and almost always end up putting them in my cart.

Collecting Squishmallows

Have you ever shopped for Disney VHS tapes or Beanie Babies on eBay? No? Just me? Oh, okay, that’s fine.

Well, the reason I ask is because it’s a very confusing experience. You’ll see some tapes and beanies listed for (literally) thousands of dollars while others that seem just the same are $4.99.

You’re not crazy, they really are the same thing.

What you’re seeing is crazy collectors who are just hoping that someone with more money than brains will think what they’re selling is special for some reason.

While no one actually falls for it, their strategy muddies the market and makes it hard to know what’s actually valuable.

So, to that end, let’s talk about how you can avoid getting sucked into their vortex of weirdness and start collecting Squishmallows without getting ripped off.

Beginner’s Guide & Collection Tips

These are some of the best tips (cliff-notes-style) that I’ve picked up from nearly 10 years of selling collectibles on eBay and 5-ish years of loving Squishmallows:

  • Research: Whether you’re a buyer or a seller you need to be very familiar with the market. Knowing exactly what certain Squishmallows are worth has allowed me to snipe eBay listings and immediately press the buy button if I see something underpriced. What’s even more important is that you’re far less likely to be suckered or scammed if you know the market. I typically rely on online resources, such as the official Squishmallows website, as well as fan forums and social media groups to keep a pulse on what’s going on.
  • Networking: When I first started flipping things on eBay I was too embarrassed to tell people. It was the same when I got into Squishmallows. It was a mistake both times. People are incredibly helpful and having a group of people looking out for Squishmallows for you really increases your reach. I get texts from friends or family a couple of times per week with pictures of Squishmallows asking me if I want them.
  • Shopping: I’ll be honest, you’ve got to know what you’re looking for but, after that, it’s 90% being in the right place at the right time (aka luck). However, the more time you spend in thrift stores or the right big box stores, the better your luck will be. This is also true for online platforms. I have notifications set at certain price points on eBay so when something I’m looking for is listed, I’m the first to know!
  • Storage and Display: If you’re planning on reselling your Squishmallows (even hardcore collectors move items in and out of their collections) then you’ll want to keep them as clean as possible. Generally, this means keeping them away from direct sunlight and making sure they’re in a smoke-free environment. I’ll go a step further and say that you should keep them away from pets. People get Squishmallows to cuddle with and if you’ve had a cat on your then no amount of cleaning can make it suitable for a collector with severe allergies.
  • Be Patient: The price of Squishmallows (especially limited edition ones) can be quite volatile. Just like when a video game console is released the prices spike quickly (hello video game scalpers…) and go back down just as quickly. You’ll want to be patient and grab it on the way down, not at the peak.

Just remember, if you’re starting a Squishmallow collection, patience and persistence are key. I know they’re cute but you don’t build a massive collection all at once. It may take some time to find the rarest and most valuable pieces at prices that you can afford (and your spouse or S/O won’t leave you over…).

Buying Squishmallow To Resell

Okay, this is my domain. As much as I love Squishmallows, the main reason that I buy them is to make money.

Luckily, making money on Squishmallows is quite easy as there are plenty of people out there who are willing to pay 3-5x over retail price if you pick up the right ones.

The “right ones” will be a matter of timing and research so you’ll want to stay apprised of what’s trendy at the moment, especially around holidays.

However, Squishmallows that are truly rare and valuable hold their value year-round. Here’s how you should go about finding them:

Where To Find Squishmallow To Resell

The best Squishmallows to resell are typically those that you can get the cheapest. While we all want to find rare Squishmallows, you’ll get much farther buying everyday plushies for a dollar and flipping them for $20 than you will by waiting for the perfect flip.

So let’s talk about where I find the ones that I sell.

Thrift Stores

Believe it or not, thrift stores are my favorite place to find valuable Squishmallows. I regularly find NWT plushies of all varieties at Goodwill and Savers and Squishmallows are no exception.

Many people pick up Squishmallows because they like them and they have little to no idea about how valuable they actually are.

If you want to make money from thrift flipping you’ll want to spend a good amount of time in your local stores (including the Goodwill Outlet) and you might as well look up some other things to sell while you’re there!

I have found that shopping for Squishmallows can be done at a variety of popular retailers. Some of my favorites include TargetWalgreens, Costco, and CVS (all of which have had special editions).

It’s always a good idea to visit these stores in person to see the selection for myself, but keep in mind that stock can vary depending on location and availability. If your local store doesn’t have the rare Squishmallow I’m searching for you can always try their websites as well.

Online Marketplaces

Now we’re not just talking about Amazon here (although I have found deals there). If you’re serious about collecting for your personal collection or finding rare Squishmallows to resell you’ll want to be looking on eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, and even local sites like Craigslist.

As with the other options, you’ll just want to spend time in the store and keep your ear to the ground. When you find them in stock, just know that you might not again so take you time and see what they have, you might get lucky!


At the end of the day, yes Squishmallows can be rare and valuable, but they’re still just cute and cuddly plushies.

So get out there and make some money but don’t forget that you can also just stay home, get some cuddles, and still be happy with your collection.


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