Poshmark Invite Code for 2023: POSHBONUS ($10 Credit)

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If you’re looking to make your first purchase on Poshmark then here’s a secret: if you sign up using a referral code from an existing member you can get a $10 credit to spend on anything you want!

The Poshmark invite code that we’re using in 2023 is “POSHBONUS”

You can simply use this link to sign up and get a free $10 coupon toward your first purchase!

When creating your account, simply put it in where it shows “Invite Code” and you’ll have a free $10 credit to your account!

How Does The Poshmark Invite Code Work?

While Poshmark offers promotion codes at various times, the Poshmark invite code works a little bit differently and, if you want to take advantage of it, you’ll need to go about it the right way.

The invitation code is meant for people to invite their friends and family who are not currently Poshmark sellers or users. It has to be used when you first create an account. If you do not put it in (or follow a referral link) you’ll miss out on the $10 bonus as you cannot do it retroactively.

Where To Put Poshmark Invite Code

Creating a Poshmark account is simple and takes a single screen. One of the last things you’ll put in is the Invite Code. You’ll have to click on “Have an invite code?” for the input box to show up.

This is how it looks on a desktop:

where to input Poshmark invite code on a desktop screenshot

And on the mobile app:

where to input Poshmark invite code on the mobile app screenshot

Just be aware that you’ll need to choose the option of signing up with your email rather than through Facebook or with your Apple ID if you want to use the invite code.

Once you’ve put in the code you’ll have $10 automatically credited to your account. You can check your credit at any time by going to your account and checking your balance. Everyone I’ve talked to has had their credit in the account immediately after signing up but, if you don’t, Poshmark is extremely responsive via phone and chat.

You won’t be able to transfer this credit as it is for in-app purchases but you can apply it to anything you want to buy ($5 purchase minimum).

Poshmark Invite Code Not Working?

If you try to use an invite code and it doesn’t work, chances are you’ve simply mistyped the code or someone gave you the wrong one. The code box is not case-sensitive so, as long as the letters are in the right place, it should work.

If that still doesn’t work, my best advice is to simply find a different invite code. Every Poshmark user has a code and you can find dozens of them on Instagram and Facebook.

How To Invite Friends On Poshmark With The Referral Program

Now that you’ve signed up and got your first free $10, the real fun can begin.

Every Poshmark member has access to their own code and can take part in the Poshmark referral program. As there is no Poshmark affiliate program, this is a great way for both sellers and buyers to get some extra cash in their accounts.

For every person that signs up with your link, you also get a $10 credit!

It may not seem like much but let’s imagine it over the next year:

Referrals Per WeekYearly Credit Earned

If you could invite just one person per day to Poshmark with your Invite Code you could buy all of your family’s clothes and home decorations for more than a year just with your credit!

At 3 people per day, you could be buying luxury items with your credit and re-poshing them for cash, lots of it!

Your Poshmark Invite Code is simply the username that you created when you joined Poshmark.

This also makes it easy to get your $10 credit when you first sign up as you can input the username of anyone on the app and it will work as a code.

Poshmark Referral Program – Sharing Your Code

Now that you’re set up and ready to start earning you just need people to start using your code. This is the most difficult part thus far but, if you’re ingenuitive, your credits should start piling up.

Poshmark recommends sharing your invite code with friends and family and that is a great place to start.

If a family member asks where you got a clothing item, recommend that they check on Poshmark and sign up with your code to effectively get a $10 coupon!

Wait…What Is My Poshmark Referral Code?

If you’re second-guessing what your referral code is, you can find it easily through the Poshmark app.

The screen that shows you your invite code also gives you options to share it as a link directly to Facebook, send it in a text, etc.

Here’s how you can find yours in three easy clicks:




How To Get Money On Poshmark

The best way to get money on Poshmark is to simply sell things that you already have. Selling items from your closet that you no longer wear is as close as you can get to free money.

If you’re just getting started reselling and want to learn how to best sell on Poshmark, check out our Poshmark beginner’s tutorial. It will save you tons of time and headaches while making you money.

Now, if you’re looking to get free money on Poshmark by using an Invite Code hack then I can help you there too!

Poshmark Invite Code Hack

Instead of trying to game the system and reuse a code, simply share your own code! Many people choose to post their Invite Code on coupon sites, in YouTube videos, or on their social media.

If you let the credits that you earn accrue in your account you’ll be shocked at how fast it can add up! In the past year, we’ve “made” several thousand dollars on Poshmark just from sharing our code. It’s always fun when we can get the shoes/clothes/etc that we want for free because we have a bunch of referral credits built up.

So, in short, use our code “POSBONUS” when you sign up, and then start sharing your code with your friends! Best of luck!

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