Poshmark Sales Down? (9 Tips For Daily Sales)

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Having slow sales or no sales on Poshmark? Most of us have been there.

It’s obviously difficult to predict the sales that you’ll have with Poshmark but we have had periods of drought so severe that we thought there must be something wrong.

Now, all platforms have slow times and Poshmark is no different. However, sales have been down on Poshmark for a while now.

But what if you’re like us and rely on your Poshmark sales to buy more inventory or to pay rent?

Well, there are a few things you can do to sell your items faster on Poshmark. We’ve been working to implement these and, while things aren’t booming, having daily sales is at least a step in the right direction!

Now if you’re running a large-scale business it’s likely that you’re already doing most of these.

However, if you’re new to Poshmark, these will give you a good foundation so, when sales are slow, you’ll at least know that you’re doing everything you can!

9 Tips For Faster Sales On Poshmark

1. Share Your Closet

Many Poshers believe that sharing is related to sales; specifically, that the more you share, the more sales you’ll have and we agree.

You should try to share your items as much as possible.

If you don’t have much time during the day, try to share your items during the times when Poshmark has its parties. There are four parties that occur every day on Poshmark. The parties occur at 12 pm, 3 pm, 7 pm, and 10 pm if you’re on Standard Eastern Time.

If you don’t have time to share your items during all the parties, you can pick and choose the items you feel would most benefit from some extra exposure.

I’ve found that evening parties are a great time to share as more people are off work and shopping online. So if you have extra time in the evening, try to share your items during Poshmark’s later parties.

Also, it may help to share on Thursdays and Fridays, as these are the days when people typically get paid!

I should mention that if you over-share you could end up in Poshmark Share Jail, so be careful!

2. Step Up Your Research

Research is very important when trying to be successful on Poshmark.

It may seem obvious but we say our favorite saying again here, your sales are determined by the items you’re selling. If you aren’t having sales, source better items!

The best way to do this is to make sure that you’re doing your research often. You can try doing an online search for “brands that sell well on Poshmark.”

What works for me is keeping a list of popular brands on my phone, so that I can refer to them when I go sourcing.

Sometimes being at Goodwill or another sourcing spot can be overwhelming (especially a Goodwill Outlet) so it’s easy to get distracted by other items. Having a list at the ready may help you to stay focused.

3. Listing

Many resellers recommend listing every day, and I agree with them. The more items that you have in your closet, the higher your chances of making a sale will be.

Many people who are concerned about having slow sales only have a couple of dozen items in their store. Until you have over 300 items in your closet I wouldn’t expect regular or consistent sales.

If you don’t have enough time to list every day, then try to list new items to your closet as often as possible. You can also experiment with alternative sourcing methods such as Goodwill Mystery Boxes to beef up your items on hand.

Everyone has different schedules, so don’t feel bad if you can’t list every day. If you don’t have new items to list, try relisting items that are already in your closet.

4. Photographing Your Items

Learning how to take pictures of clothing to sell can be an absolute game-changer for your Poshmark sales.

When we went back to look at some of our first listings we were shocked at how poor they were. We managed to make even our best items totally unappealing.

Retaking poor photographs and improving our methods going forward made a huge difference in how fast our items sold.

While we wrote an entire article on this subject, here are our best tips for taking pictures for Poshmark:

  • When photographing your items, make sure that your photos are clear and taken in well-lit areas. Avoid using dark or blurry photos. It’s almost always worth retaking a picture or adding an item back into your deathpile to photograph later if it’s just not working at the moment.
  • Take multiple photos of your items, so that your buyer has a good idea of what they will be getting. Make sure to take photos from different angles so that all sides of the item are captured.
  • When taking your photo picture, try to make sure that your item is placed in the center of the photo.
  • Choose a blank wall or another plain background when photographing your items. You can accessorize your background with plants or other accessories, but just remember to keep them to a minimum. You want your item to stand out in the photo. 
  • You may want to purchase female and male mannequins or dress forms. This will help buyers who are looking at your item to envision what the clothing will look like on them. Also, using a mannequin or dress form often looks a bit nicer than photographing your clothing items on hangers.

5. Respond To Buyers

Be responsive to questions or offers from your buyers. Respond within an hour if you can. While some people are just wasting time, questions from interested buyers may turn into sales.

I once took too long to answer a question that a buyer had posed, and when I did respond, the buyer informed me that they had already purchased a similar item from another Poshmark closet.

Providing great customer service is one of the hallmarks of a great seller and, if you do, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Poshmark Ambassador!

6. Rework Your Titles

Having a great title influences both your placement in search results and the likelihood that someone clicks on your listings.

Make sure your title gives a brief description of your item. Include the brand, color, and type of item at the very least. The title should give the customer a good idea of what the item is that they’re looking at. Don’t be too wordy with titles; leave extra details for the description section. Check over your listing’s title and description before submitting to see if there are any spelling errors.

7. Test New Descriptions

Make your descriptions detailed, and includes all essential information for your listing.

Remember to include the item’s brand, size, condition, color and more. Imagine yourself being in the place of the buyer, and try to think about everything you would like to know about an online item before deciding to purchase it. Also, you can include search terms in the description related to your item.

Doing a bit of online research should help you know which this to include. For example, when buying clothing, I personally like to know the amount of stretch in garments and how soft they are.

Including details like this can make your buyer feel much more comfortable buying from you for the first time.

8. Use Poshmark’s Price Discount Features 

One of my favorite features on Poshmark is the price drop option. This feature allows a user to discount the price of a particular item by lowering it by at least 10%.

Once you do this, Poshmark will send a notification to all the people who liked the item. I tend to use this feature a lot, and it often results in sales. If you plan to use this feature regularly be sure to work the price drops into your original price.

Your other option is to send a private offer to the people who liked an item. To use this feature, you will have to include a shipping discount of some kind. I do tend to prefer the price drop feature because of this. Sending private offers quickly after someone likes an item tends to be more effective than sending them later. You want to send the offer while the item is still at the forefront of the buyer’s mind (Mogibeth, 2021).

9. Crosspost

I’ve saved the best for last. If you want to sell on Poshmark fast, it might be time to branch out from Poshmark.

Listing your items on multiple platforms is like fishing with multiple fishing poles. The more lines you have in the water, the more likely it is that you’ll be catching fish.

We crosspost almost all of our items so all of our Poshmark items can also be found on Mercari and eBay. This ensures that we can weather almost any sales drought as we have daily sales.

If you want to try cross-posting your items onto multiple platforms do not make the mistake of doing it manually. You’d be better off just listing more items. If you use software like List Perfectly you can crosspost your entire closet quickly and easily. (Check out our List Perfectly Review and be sure to grab our coupon)


When sales are slow or non-existent, it’s very easy to become disheartened. This is why most resellers don’t last long.

Try to stay positive and keep listing and sharing your items. If you need to, take a break from the app and do something relaxing (or do what we did and delegate some work to a Poshmark bot).

Remember, slow sale periods don’t last forever. Soon enough, you’ll be making sales again and bringing home profits.

You can also consider using your Poshmark account in other ways to make money such as sharing your Poshmark Invite Code for an extra $10!

Good luck and happy sales!

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