Is Ross A Thrift Store? (Plus, Tips For Shopping There)

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I used to think that I liked Ross…and then one opened up just down the road.

Now, every time we need something it’s “we should run to Ross” rather than “we should run to Goodwill”.

I have to say, Ross and Goodwill are hardly interchangeable. First of all, one is a thrift store and the other is…what?

What is Ross considered? Is Ross a thrift store? A bargain shop?

Well, in short, Ross is not considered to be a thrift store.

Ross is a discount clothing and accessories store that offers new items at a lower price than what one would find in other retail stores. Unlike at a thrift store, merchandise at Ross is chosen from wholesalers, manufacturers, and other stores to find current trends.

So, while Ross may offer great deals on items, they are not strictly considered to be a thrift store as they are not offering used and second-hand items and don’t accept donations.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t great deals to be had! So let’s talk a bit more about Ross so we can figure out exactly how they function and how we can take advantage of it.

What is Ross & How Does It Work?

Ross is a discount department store chain that offers clothing, home goods, and other items at discounted prices. It has over 1,400 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Ross Stores Inc., commonly known as Ross Dress for Less or simply Ross, was founded in 1982 by Morris “Morrie” Ross. The company’s headquarters are located in Dublin, California.

At Ross, you can find name-brand apparel and accessories for men, women, children, and babies at up to 70% off regular retail prices (although I’m typically looking for 90% off deals…)

I’ve found all sorts of brands at Ross, from Nike and Addidas to luxury or unusual items from brands I’ve never heard of before.

In addition to clothing, you’ll see a strange assortment of other goods ranging from jewelry to handbags, from bedding to bath products, and from furniture to electronics.

Even though Ross isn’t a thrift store, their wide range of items makes them an attractive destination for people like us who are looking for cheap items that we can flip for a profit on eBay, Mercari, or Poshmark.

So, whether you’re shopping for yourself or trying to buy items to resell, let’s talk about how Ross differs from a thrift store and how we can make the most of our time there!

Is Ross a Thrift Store?

While it may seem like a thrift store at first glance, Ross is actually quite different.

Unlike traditional thrift stores, Ross does not sell used items or second-hand merchandise. Instead, the store sells new products at discounted prices. This means that you can find brand-name items for much less than they would cost in regular retail stores.

The catch is that it’s probably something that was in style last year or is currently in style…but Ross only has it in a 5XLT.

The types of products available at Ross also differ from those found in thrift stores. You won’t find any vintage clothes or antique furniture here; instead, you’ll find modern apparel and accessories as well as contemporary home goods such as lamps and rugs. The selection changes often so there’s always something new to explore when shopping at Ross.

Shoppers looking for unique finds should keep an eye out for designer labels too—Ross carries many high-end brands including Michael Kors and Calvin Klein at deeply discounted prices compared to what you’d pay elsewhere. And if you’re lucky enough to visit during one of their clearance sales events then even better bargains await.

3 Tips For Making Money Flipping Items From Ross

So, while Ross doesn’t qualify as a thrift store, we lump it in with the other thrift stores we visit when sourcing items for our resale store.

Here’s the short version of how we find profitable products at Ross.

Research Prices and Trends

The main thing that separates a profitable eBay store from a struggling one is the type of products that they sell.

At most thrift stores it’s difficult to get a good idea of what you can sell something for by doing a deep dive into eBay’s sold listings.

At Ross, however, nearly everything has a tag so you can simply scan the barcode with the eBay app to get the UPC and search for similar items.

Nearly everything that is available at a Ross is also available at other locations of the store so you’ll be able to see pretty quickly if other resellers are picking up the item to sell.

Do be sure to check how many are actually selling instead of just “listed” though.

We typically shoot for making 4x our money on anything that we buy from Ross.

Stay In Your Lane

While there are tons of different types of items available at Ross, you’ll be much faster and more effective if you stick with the types of items you know and can quickly decide about.

For example, I have a friend that buys nothing but shoes from Ross. He makes six figures per year just reselling his finds. Does he leave money on the table by not also selling clothing?


But what he makes up for it in speed as he knows profitable shoes like the back of his hand and can get in/out of a Ross location in about 10 minutes.

So get good at a niche and stick to it!

Price Items Aggressively

If you’ve found something at your local Ross, odds are good that dozens of other sellers have found similar items. If you fail to move your items quickly, the market can become saturated and you may barely recoup your investment.

So, instead of holding out for top dollar, get your money back with a decent profit as quickly as possible!

You can also figure out which days Ross restocks so you can be the first person to get your items online!

FAQs About Ross

Does Ross sell used stuff?

Yes, Ross does sell used items. The store often stocks items that have been returned or have some minor flaws. These items are typically discounted for customers looking for a bargain. Carefully inspect any secondhand items you’re interested in to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth!

What is Ross known for?

Ross is best known for offering customers a huge selection of clothing, home decor, and other items at discounted prices. The store typically stocks fashionable items from well-known brands and designers. They also have their own lines of apparel and home goods that offer stylish options while staying within budget.

Where does Ross get their clothing from?

Ross sources their clothing items from a variety of vendors, including well-known fashion brands and distributors. These items are typically overstocked, out of season, slightly damaged, or returned.


In conclusion, Ross is a great store to shop at if you’re looking for discounted items and deals…even though it’s not a thrift store.

So whether you are shopping for yourself or trying to make some extra money by reselling items, Ross can be a solid choice!

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