Ross Restocks & New Shipments (Everything You Need To Know)

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TJ Ross is an undisputed leader in the discount shopping space because it offers a wide range of products akin to Amazon but at a lower price and a more examinable method (physical shelves). But this results in the good stuff flying off the shelves. You can get the best deals by knowing when Ross restocks.

Ross restocks and new shipments happen at an irregular schedule, with a bulk of new inventory updated on Monday afternoons. Most Ross stores get new loads daily in the early mornings starting at 6 am or in the evenings after 3 pm.

In this article, we will go over every single tactic and lifehack you can use to get the best deals and early access to new shipments from Ross. Different stores have different inventory updating schedules, but with the information from this post, you’ll be able to get ahead of everyone when the store restocks.

“Ross Restocks”: The Two Definitions

Before we delve deeper into the Ross restock schedule and your chance to get new items before they run out, let’s look at what a Ross restock means.

Ross restock is a term used to describe the restocking of goods at Ross stores and define the act of restocking your essentials from a TJ Ross store. I believe that the best time to do your Ross restock is when your local store does its Ross restock.

When Does Ross Restock?

Ross restocks aren’t scheduled like a corporate inventory update. Instead, the stores have a system that tracks products and an algorithm that decides when the inventory of enough items is low enough to make restocking worth the transport cost of the deliverables.

This approach means that the Ross stores in crowded regions get better Ross restocks more often. But this also means that your chances of finding good items are higher in a low-traffic branch because it doesn’t run out of stock as quickly.

Regardless of the specific time at which Ross shipments arrive at your local branch, the following is true for all Ross stores.

The Days Ross Restocks

The Ross stores restock from Monday to Friday, omitting the weekend. If you do not find a specific item that you know is part of TJ Ross’s inventory, you can get it the next day.

Some locations restock multiple times, so you also have the chance to get it on the same day.

The Time Of Day Ross Restocks

Ross Stores do not have a specific time to restock, but they restock within a predictable time range.

Most restock events occur overnight, with some happening early morning. In these instances, you do not have the first-mover advantage over others as the store is closed.

However, the restocks that happen between 6 am and 10 am can be taken advantage of at 9 am when the Ross store is open. And the ones that occur between 3 pm and 10 pm are up for grabs right after 3 pm until the store closes.

How Often Does Ross Restock

The frequency question is interesting because Ross restocks used to happen three days a week until the essential shopping boom during the early phases of the pandemic made the company lose business because of a lower frequency of restocking. Since then, Ross has restocked five days a week.

Now that the company is erring on the side of stocking more often, it is safe to assume that most Ross locations get two shipments a day. However, some branches don’t even request two loads in a week – it is all relative to the inventory.

How to Take Advantage of a Ross Restock

The most significant benefit of a Ross restock is to people who are interested in flipping items online (online arbitrage) and those who like discount shopping. When a discounted item truly commands a price much lower than its value, it flies off the shelves.

So the best way to take advantage of a Ross restock is to be around when it happens. Fortunately, TJ Ross allows you to sign-up for notifications of inventory updates. These updates are sent after a restock is complete. During the restocking process, the odds of being present are higher at a post-3 pm restock, but you’ll likely get a notification for that at around 7 pm.

The table below covers the different restocking possibilities at your local TJ Ross location and how you can get the best from its inventory updating practices.

ContextLikelihood of this being valid for the Ross in your city/neighborhoodRecommended strategy
The store restocks early morning70%Sign-up for notifications regarding restocks and inventory updates.
The store restocks in the evening30%Visit the Ross location at 4 or 5 pm on weekdays. This will allow you to catch a restock before others are notified of it.
The store restocks in the morning and the evening5%Sign-up for notifications and become a frequent visitor to make room for serendipity.
The store restocks less than five times a week10%Sign-up for notifications, and personally ask the relevant staff when they expect the new shipment.

How to Maximize Your Chances of Getting the Best Deals?

While the table above covers the most beneficial thing you can do based on what context is valid for your local Ross outlet. Here, we will look at how you can go a step further to ensure that if there’s a deal worth shopping, you get it:

  • Make Monday visits mandatory – Almost all Ross stores restock on Mondays, and most of them do so after 3 pm. The notification for this update goes out at 6 pm, meaning you have a two to three-hour window to get the best deals. 
  • Befriend the staff – It helps to say hi to specific individuals in the staff every time you visit. After you have established a connection, you can ask them when they expect the next shipment. 
  • Don’t confine yourself to a single branch – If you truly want to get the best deals, you should check out low-traffic Ross stores on a Monday, even if this means going to an outlet that’s farther from the nearest branch.

Recap: Ross Restocks and New Shipments

Ross restocks have been happening daily since the 2020 pandemic. The only branches that don’t get their inventory updated regularly are ones with fewer customers.

In either case, Monday happens to be the best day to luck into good deals, and new shipments arrive at your local TJ Ross.

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