Stuck In Poshmark Share Jail? What It Is & How To Get Out

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It can be quite annoying to have access to a platform…but not have the privilege to use its features. If you’re unable to share your closet or interact with your community, the chances are that you’re in the Poshmark share jail!

So, what is Poshmark share jail, and how do you get out?

Poshmark share jail is a temporary restriction that prevents an account from sharing their closet items and liking or commenting on posts. Being placed in Poshmark “share jail” is most likely triggered by one (or a combination) of suspicious actions:

  • Sharing your closet multiple times
  • Copy-pasting the same comment
  • Invading Posh Parties

Stick around as we cover what you need to know to keep your account from getting banned. You’ll learn more about the Poshmark share jail and the three conditions that can trigger it. The post also covers how you have to behave once you’re out of the Poshmark prison and what you must not do to avoid getting a permanent account ban.

What Is Poshmark Share Jail?

Poshmark share jail is the platform’s way of combating bots and spam by limiting the number of times someone can share their closet. Once this limit is reached, the account is in a virtual jail where it cannot share, comment, or even like posts.

The following suspicious activity patterns trigger postmark share jail:

  • Sharing your own closet multiple times – If you share your for-sale items numerous times, you can downgrade your followers’ user experience. Poshmark uses the “share jail” to prevent that from happening. 
  • Copy-pasting the same comment – One way to get people’s attention is to engage with them. But copy-pasting the same message over and over is bot-like behavior, and Poshmark protects its community by placing spammers in share jail.
  • Invading posh parties – Finally, the easiest way to get on Poshmark’s bad side is to go out of your way and annoy people that aren’t even following you. Rapidly sharing your closet at a party can get you to share jail quicker than a self-share.

Is Poshmark Share Jail Dangerous for Your Account?

Share jail doesn’t endanger your Poshmark account, it simply limits you from sharing, liking, and commenting. If your account keeps getting put in the share jail, your Poshmark experience can be inconvenient. Still, you shouldn’t be banned.

The main reason behind the share jail being unlike an account strike on other platforms is that Poshmark encourages sharing, and there is a fine line between benefiting the platform and making it more annoying. That’s why Poshmark has a hard limit on how many times you can share on Poshmark.

How Many Times Can You Self-Share?

You can self-share once an hour without running the risk of being put in the share jail. If you exceed 10,000 general shares within a day, you’ll be put in Poshmark share jail. We recommend that you avoid crossing 48 self-shares, 24 community shares, 24 posh party shares, and 5000 general shares.

General shares include sharing your closet and items listed by other sellers. The rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you’re pushing people away from Poshmark. If your actions make browsing inconvenient for the platform’s users, your account will be restricted.

How to Get Out of Poshmark Share Jail?

Stop sharing, liking, and commenting for 24 hours to get out of share jail. After that, your share threshold might be lowered, so do not go back to self-sharing or spamming posh parties. Try to limit your shares to once an hour.

You can gradually increase the number of times you share but keep your closet shares to a minimum until you’re past the probation period. It helps to share others’ listings first, which is considered a positive contribution to the Poshmark social selling space.

4 Tips for How to Behave After Getting Out of Poshmark Prison

You’re on Poshmark probation for 48 hours after getting out. During Poshmark Probation, your account is under review despite having access to regular interaction features.

Once the share jail term is over (after 24 hours), you should do the following for the next two days:

1. Become Value-Oriented

This should be something you should be doing as a posh seller anyway. Thinking from the buyers’ perspective will help your business and keep you on Poshmark’s good side. 

2. Help Other Sellers

By sharing items from others’ catalogs to your feed, you can build goodwill with other entrepreneurs while signaling to Poshmark that your account is valuable to the platform.

3. Leave Thoughtful Comments

If you don’t feel like giving exposure to other sellers, you can leave detailed feedback on their posts.

Giving styling suggestions and mentioning the perfect occasion to get the specific product in the post can help the seller and improve your standing with Poshmark.

4. Buy Something on the Platform

This tip is 100% optional but can do a lot to strengthen your account.

Marketplaces like Poshmark value customers more than sellers, and if you purchase even a single item, you’re considered a customer. Purchasing lowers the chances of your account getting banned.

What Can Get You Banned From Poshmark?

Remember, even if you are a buyer, you don’t have infinite immunity. While Poshmark tries to restrict spam with temporary restrictions, a few activities can lead to a permanent ban.

Here are a few things that can endanger your account:

  1. Actual Spam – When you start commenting about your products on others’ posts and use bundle and other features to spam your catalog into others’ notifications and main feed space, your account can get banned after a warning. 
  2. Harassment – Poshmark allows purchase-related messaging. If you use that space or comments to harass someone, your account and IP address can get banned. 
  3. Not shipping orders – Finally, not delivering on your seller’s promise can get you banned. This includes unreasonable delays in shipping and sending out a product different from the one listed and ordered.

Recap: How to Get Out of Poshmark “Share Jail”

Poshmark share jail is inconvenient but temporary. Usually, you’re free to share after 24 hours in the share jail.

What can get your account permanently banned is intentional spam. Aside from that, harassment and fraud can also lead to account termination. To avoid the share jail, keep your shares restricted to once or twice every hour.

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