47 of the Best Men’s Clothing Brands to Sell Online

It’s been said that women love to shop but, believe it or not, men’s clothing dominates the “Sold” section for most top eBayers.  In fact, whenever I find a profitable brand, I’m a little let down to see that it’s women’s and not men’s.

Why do I prefer men’s clothes to women’s?

  • Men’s clothing almost always commands a higher price than comparable women’s pieces.
  • There are fewer sellers looking at men’s clothes which means less profit and more competition
  • Men often find specific clothing items they like and just search for the same thing to buy (for example, I have bought half a dozen pair of black 511 Levi’s off of eBay in a size 36×34)
  • Men are less likely to return items for fit or “cuteness”
  • Men are less particular about your items’ pictures

I can’t imagine that anyone would need more reasons than that!  More money for less work!

The majority of resellers are women who gravitate towards selling women’s clothing either because they are comfortable with it, knowledgable about it, or simply enjoy it.  This means that even though the thrift stores have twice as much women’s clothing as men’s, there are 5x as manly resellers which means that inventory is scarce and the online market is saturated!

So, if you want to bypass that slog of digging through dozens of racks (elbowing past other resellers for space) and fighting for a few sales in a saturated clothing market then it’s time to broaden your horizons!  Learn about 47 of the hottest men’s clothing brands to sell online and start passing everyone else in sales!

However, this 100+ page eBook gives you way more than just brands.  You’ll see examples of tags to watch for, learn about the myths or selling used clothing, and see real items we’ve sold from every single brand we talk about!

Buy it now and you’ll have it in your email within minutes to peruse at your leisure!  With the future of so many eBay sellers looking shaky and certain, the ones who last are the ones who invest in their business and educate themselves wherever and whenever they can.  Be one of the survivors!

If you’re unsure what you’re in for, you can see the first part of the eBook for free here!

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