Best Shipping Scale for eBay Sellers

When it comes to selling on eBay, very few things are actually necessary to make a business run smoothly.  Many people find “necessary” items that are actually destructive to their bottom line.  Personalized boxes, cute work area decorations, replacing working products, etc. are all examples of items that, while attractive, do nothing to increase your earning power.  A scale, however, is one of the areas where the rubber meets the road.  Having a quality shipping scale for your home business allows you to get accurate weights so you can charge accurate shipping!

So, of course, we have to ask, what is the best shipping scale for selling on eBay?  Or for selling on Amazon?  Or how about shipping products in your home-based start-up?  Well, whatever your shipping needs are, rest assured that we have a scale for you…and it’s the same one for everyone.

The Best Shipping Scale for eBay: The Smart Weight Digital Scale

Smart Weigh Digital Shipping and Postal Weight Scale, 110 pounds x 0.1 oz, UPS USPS Post Office Scale

The Smart Weigh Digital Scale was the very first scale we purchased for our home based business.  We always told ourselves we would buy a “better” higher capacity scale when we wore this one out.  One day, someone (it was me) stepped on the screen and crushed the display.  Instead of ordering a larger more industrial scale we found ourselves reordering the Smart Weigh.  This is the most bulletproof scale we have ever used that comes in such a compact package.  You get all the durability of an industrial scale that can easily fit on your home office desk.  As an added bonus, it comes with wall mounting hardware for the detached readout and can either be plugged in or run on batteries.


  • Durability:  Our first Smart Weigh scale lasted 3 years with absolutely no issues until it got stepped on.  2 days after we got the new scale I spilled water all of the screen which caused some really erratic weights.  An hour later though it had dried out and worked perfectly again.  The scale feels quality!
  • Plug & Play:  You can take this scale out of the box and be weighing items within a minute.  No calibration needed.
  • Detached Screen:  A detached screen is absolutely necessary on a shipping scale.  Otherwise the box you’re weighing covers up the readout and you end up doing gymnastics to try and see the weight.
  • Battery or Plug:  Multiple power sources means that we never get caught without batteries.


  • Lower Capacity:  In 5 years on eBay and Amazon we haven’t yet shipped a package that exceeded the weight capacity of this scale.  If you routinely ship livestock or furniture you should probably be looking for a different type of scale anyway.
  • ​Unstable Platform:  Because the platform is so compact, it can be slightly unstable when you try to balance very large or oddly shaped boxes on it.

The Best Shipping Scale for High Volume Sellers: ACCUTECK ACB440

Accuteck 440lb Heavy Duty Digital Metal Industry Shipping Postal Scale (ACB440)

If you have a little more cash to burn, are trying to match the decorations in your warehouse, or have a habit of sending out large packages, Accuteck’s ACB440 might be the better choice for you.  It has nearly all the advantages of the Smart Weight but with the added bonuses of a larger platform and higher capacity.  If you are routinely sending out large packages (75+ pounds) then this is the direction you’ll want to go.


  • Higher Capacity:  To be honest, this is the one main pull of this scale.  It is like the big brother of the Smart Weigh and can handle 4 times the weight!
  • Large Platform:  The larger platform of the Accuteck is the definite winner in the stability section.  The time when we prefer this scale is when we are setting large boxes of books on it for Amazon FBA.  It’s super stable!


  • Size.  If you have a limited amount of desk/work space this scale takes up more space when it’s out and is more difficult to store away.
  • Durability Concerns.  Some people have reported durability or calibration issues with this scale.  While it wasn’t as good as the Smart Weigh right out of the box we’ve had no major issues with it.
  • Questionable Accuracy.  With a scale that measure up to 440 pounds many people have expressed concern over it’s accuracy under 1lb.  If you ship a lot of First Class Mail this may be an issue for you.


So in the end, maybe there isn’t so much a “winner” but two different scales that serve different purposes.  Both of the could probably be considered the best shipping scale for eBay sellers, but for the average home business we recommend the Smart Weigh to everyone that asks.  If you are pinching every single penny, there are cheaper options on Amazon, (if you’re truly on a budget we recommend the Accuteck ShipPro) but there are none that beat it in durability and overall function.  Whatever one you choose, may you set thousands of packages on it and need to buy multiple scales for all your employees soon!

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