How Long Does DHGate Take To Ship? (Hint: It’s A Long Time)

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Buying from DHGate or any e-commerce platform for the first time can come with many uncertainties. This is especially true for platforms that are located in a country other than the one that you live in.

We’re big proponents of shipping internationally for unique and well-priced opportunities and one of the places that we frequent is DHGate.

Since one of the most common negative reviews that DHGate receives is that they take forever to ship we thought we’d lay some of those to rest and let every know, from our experience, exactly how long it will take DHGate to ship your order.

DHGate takes 3-15 business days to ship items to buyers. Usually, purchased items are prepared for shipping within 24 hours, then sent for delivery. Items that require customization may take more time to be ready for shipping.

DHGate is one of the largest online wholesale and retail marketplaces. The e-commerce platform prides itself on providing customers with a fast, easy, and safe purchasing experience.

How long will it take to get your DHGate order? Can you track your order?

Luckily, we’ve worked with both buyers and sellers on the platform, and know everything about DHGate shipping. So if you want to long-version of the answer then let’s dive in!

How Long Does DHGate Take to Ship?

DHGate is a Chinese e-commerce company, so its products mainly come from China. Chinese customers would generally receive their items quicker and experience fewer problems during the process.

On the other hand, shipping products outside China can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks, depending on several factors. But you can pay an extra fee for fast delivery.

The overall time it takes for DHGate to ship comprises:

  • Processing time 
  • Shipping time 

Here’s a brief review of what they are and how they affect delivery. 

Processing Time

Processing time is the time it takes for DHGate to receive your orders from the manufacturer or seller. As DHGate is a selling platform, each seller in the marketplace will have a different shipping time and will typically use different carriers (with different speeds).

After the reception, the items will pass through a processing center, where they’ll be checked and organized before being shipped to you.

Special orders or products that need extra customization may take more processing time than other items.

Shipping time

The shipping time is the estimated time it takes for the items to move from the processing center to a buyer’s doorstep. The shipping time is different from the processing time and depends on the shipping method used.

As a DHGate customer, you’d be able to choose your preferred courier or delivery service from the options available on the website. So, you have a significant level of control over how quickly or slowly shipping will be.

Generally, faster shipping options are more expensive than slow delivery options.

3 Factors That Can Delay International DHGate Delivery

It takes approximately 10 to 25 days to complete the international delivery of DHGate items. But this time is subject to change based on several factors:

1. Seasonal Events

Chinese culture is quite different from many others. As a result, holiday periods in China often differ from holiday periods in Western countries. To be safe, look at China’s holiday schedule and avoid ordering during the holidays.

Ordering during public holidays may delay the delivery of your item by 3-5 days (or longer).

2. Customs Issues

Customs laws differ from country to country. While the smooth passage is guaranteed from China to some countries, the reverse can be true in other countries.

If your country operates a strict customs law, your item may experience some delays at the port. Delays can also be a result of import tax payment issues.

3. Flight Delays

Perishable goods and other express deliveries are typically transported by air. While air travel is the fastest method, there can still be delays due to bad weather or aircraft emergencies. When flight delays occur, you will experience added delays in receiving your order.

How to Track DHGate Orders

There are four ways to track your DHGate orders and we dig into each below:

  1. Sign in to your account on the DHGate website. Click “My Order” and enter the tracking number provided by the seller to track the item. From here, you can see the shipping status of your item.
  2. During checkout, you’ll see the name of the shipping company used to ship your order. Take note of the company and its correct website address. Enter the company’s website and provide your item’s tracking number to see the present location of your item.
  3. If you’re still confused about tracking your package, contact DHGate customer service to learn how to go about it.
  4. You can also contact the seller directly to know about your order status.

What to do If You Don’t Receive Your DHGate Order

Once in a while, customers face situations where their DHGate orders won’t arrive on time. If this ever happens to you, here are steps you can adopt for resolution.

Note that the DHGate sellers provide an on-time delivery guarantee for all their items. This means that your items should reach your house at the estimated time given by the seller.

In a situation when your delivery doesn’t arrive as promised, here are actions you can take:

  • Submit a refund request or wait for delivery – Most users go for the previous option, but it’s up to you.
  • Reach an agreement with the seller – If you’re convinced that your order delay is not the seller’s fault after reaching out to the seller, you can resolve it with them. Most sellers will listen to you and create new convenient agreements for a better experience.
  • File for arbitration – Most sellers are willing to resolve any issues. But, if a seller is unwilling to settle the case, you can file for arbitration with DHGate. The e-commerce store will reach the seller on your behalf and try to negotiate a reasonable resolution.

Conclusion: DHGate Shipping Times

So far, we’ve discussed that it takes 3-15 days to ship DHGate orders locally and 10 to 25 days to ship internationally.

The majority of my orders to the U.S. have taken about three weeks to be delivered but I’ve almost always received some sort of tracking to allay some of my worries.

The e-commerce company always works to ensure prompt and efficient delivery. But that’s not always possible. We’ve highlighted factors that can delay your DHGate orders from reaching you on time.

Like most e-commerce stores, the items do not belong to DHGate. It only serves as a marketplace where sellers and buyers can meet. But it tries hard to ensure that both sellers and buyers are satisfied with every transaction on its platform.

As most sellers are vetted by the company (to avoid straight-up scams) it might take a bit longer for you to receive your order. Even though there is likely a language barrier between you and the seller they are typically willing to help you out and let you know what’s going on.

So order away and just be patient. Your item will come!

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