How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship? (Answer & Averages)

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We get it – waiting for your Etsy order sucks, especially when it’s a gift that you need ASAP!

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve ordered my wife a gift off of Etsy at the last minute and then realized that it will take a week or more to arrive. She’s totally used to me printing off a picture of her gift and giving it to her in an envelope on her birthday. I guess I need to plan a bit better.

Having bought and sold on Etsy for years, we understand how it feels to wait blindly for your purchase item. After years of research and experience selling on Etsy, we’ve decided to answer the commonly asked question: “how long does Etsy take to ship?”.

Etsy takes between 3 to 7 days to ship items to the United States. International Etsy shipments take 10 days (usually longer) to arrive at their destination. The exact number of days it takes Etsy to deliver your items depends on factors like product type, location, and quantity.

The real answer, though, is that it depends. Etsy is simply a marketplace so the items are sold and shipped by individual sellers.

If you’re purchasing an item that needs extra customization, note that the seller may require several days to customize the item and deliver it. Long-distance delivery can also take additional time. Read on to find everything you should know about Etsy shipment and why it’s probably taking longer to receive your order.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Your Etsy Order?

Etsy deliveries average 3-7 days within the United States and a minimum of 10 days to ship worldwide.

As with any answer, “it depends”, and Etsy shipping time will vary depending on several factors.

Two major determinants of how long it’ll take for an Etsy customer to receive their order include:

  • Seller processing time 
  • The total shipment time

Here’s a brief review of what they are and how they can affect Etsy delivery time:

Seller Processing Time

Etsy’s huge selection of vintage handmade items makes it, in my opinion, probably one of the best alternatives to eBay.

Otherwise known as order processing time, this is the time it’ll take the seller to prepare your order for shipping. Processing time usually includes packaging, branding, etc., and would take just a few days.

Many Etsy sellers only advertise ready-to-ship items, so they’ll ship immediately. But there’ll be cases where your item will need to undergo some level of creation or finishing before shipment. It may take a few more days to ship your item in such cases.

If you’ve also requested customization, you’ll have to wait a few days for customization to be ready. For example, a custom-printed t-shirt may have to go back to the factory for the customization you require before shipment.

We recommend factoring in your order processing time when calculating how long it’ll take to receive your item. This way, you won’t be disappointed if your order takes a few more days to arrive.

Total Shipping Time

The shipping time is the estimated time for the item to reach the buyer after mailing. This is different from processing time and always depends on the shipping service and shipment speed chosen by the buyer during checkout. 

Let’s also note that there can be extra delays in international shipping because of local transport differences and customs processing delays. Different countries handle their emails differently, which can cause additional delays since the Etsy seller may not be aware of these delays beforehand.

Therefore, you must take the shipping estimates provided by Etsy with a grain of salt. The factors we’ve listed above can delay or quicken delivery, and since local postal issues are unpredictable, you should treat the estimates as just estimates.

Etsy sellers do not have more information about shipping than buyers. Their control over delivery stops the moment they mail the item. After shipping, the postal service or shipment company completely controls delivery.

Fortunately, many shipping companies have tracking software that you can use to track the location of your item. But not all companies have it, so you’ll need to look up the company’s website to see whether they have tracking software. 

International shipments can take anywhere between 10-30 business days, depending on where you’re shipping. So if you’re sending from a distant country, you must be prepared to wait a decent amount of time.

How to Check Estimated Delivery Dates on

The Etsy website features estimated delivery dates, which is the estimate of how long it’ll take for your purchase to reach you. This estimated delivery date may be inaccurate because of the factors listed in this article, but it’s usually very accurate.

To see your estimated delivery date of your purchase on Etsy:

  • Log in to Esty and click on your account
  • Select Purchases and Reviews
  • If the estimated delivery date is available, you’ll see it on the right side of your purchase

Bear in mind that not all sellers provide the estimated delivery information. But adding estimated delivery dates can help boost sales for a seller…so many do.

How to View Shipped Purchases on Etsy

Log in to your Etsy account to see your shipped orders on Etsy. Search for the purchase and review section. This section contains information about your purchases, including the estimated delivery time and tracking information.

Another section of this screen allows you to comment and leave feedback about your experience. Note that additional charges may apply for tracking items being delivered to some countries.

tracking an etsy package

If you’re not registered with Etsy, you can still see your order details by entering the tracking number of your delivery. You’ll find the tracking number in the shipping confirmation email you received when your order was mailed.

Factors like track number alteration, delivery without tracking, etc., can make your goods hard to track. Some Etsy vendors may avoid tracking to spare their customers the expense of the service.

In case of unnecessary delay of your shipment, or if you lose confidence in the delivery process, you can contact the seller. Otherwise, you can wait, as it’s always a case of waiting for things to play out.

Recap: Etsy Delivery Times

That’s it – A detailed look at how long Etsy takes to ship. It takes between 3 to 7 days to ship Etsy items. International shipping can take anywhere between 10 to 30 days, depending on which country you’re sending to.

Several factors like shipping method, postal service, and mailing time can also affect delivery time. For international shipping, factors like local transport laws, customs clearance, and distance can affect how long it takes to receive your item.

Whatever the case, you can always reach out to the seller or track your delivery from the Etsy website.

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