How Long Does StockX Take To Ship? (From My Experience)

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I get it, waiting for a StockX order sucks.

As both a buyer and seller on StockX I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve dealt with obnoxious and anxious buyers stressing out about their shoes and I’ve been the obnoxious buyer stressing out about my shoes.

Unfortunately, StockX does take longer to ship than eBay, Mercari, or other online selling platforms. The trade-off is that you have peace of mind knowing that your item will be verified as authentic.

StockX strives to have all items delivered to the buyer within 7-12 business days. The seller has 2 days to ship the item to StockX for verification after which StockX will repackage the item and ship it to the buyer. If StockX feels that the order cannot be completed in a reasonable time they will attempt to locate a replacement. If not possible, the buyer receives a refund.

For example, I recently ordered a pair of Boost 700 Wave Runners that took 6 business days (8 total days) to reach my house. The seller shipped to StockX the day after I ordered and StockX shipped them out 3 days later. This is the same verification and shipping process used by other sellers of hype-sneakers such as GOAT.

How StockX Shipping Works (For Buyers and Sellers)

Why does StockX shipping take so long? Well, let me tell you upfront that you should be glad that it does. If you want fast shipping, go get scammed on eBay.

StockX verifies the authenticity of every item sold on their platform by having it shipped to their shipping center. Once the seller ships the item to StockX and experts verify its authenticity it is then shipped out to the buyer.

This extra step, while time-consuming, is one of the reasons that StockX is able to maintain such high ratings from people who value getting what they actually paid for.

Common Questions About StockX Shipping & Deliver

If you are waiting for a StockX delivery you probably want all the information you can get. This is especially true if you took a leap and purchased a particularly expensive item on their platform. To that end, let’s talk about some common questions that you might have.

Does StockX Deliver Internationally? How Long Does It Take?

StockX does offer international delivery. However, unlike domestic deliveries, they do not offer guidance on how long delivery should take. Most customers receive their items within 2 weeks although some report delivery times of 3 weeks or longer.

Does StockX Deliver To My Country?

If you’re shopping on StockX, they probably ship to your country. In fact, StockX ships to nearly 200 different countries/regions.

While there is an international procession fee (3%) in addition to the international shipping fee ($15-30) you can get StockX shipped to these countries (it’s a huge list).

StockX also provides an extensive list of where its buyers come from. Don’t be worried about where the person you’re buying from is located as every seller goes through the same verification process when they sell an item.

Does StockX Ship To APO, DPO, FPO, PO Adresses?

StockX does not currently offer shipping to APO, DPO, FPO, or PO Addresses. StockX ships exclusively with UPS which does not provide service to this type of address.

However, if you’re currently utilizing an APO address you can use a third-party shipping company such as ShipitAPO to get your order forwarded to you.

Is It Possible To Be Scammed On StockX?

Because StockX authenticates every item sold on their platform it is highly unlikely that buyers are scammed.

In the event that a seller doesn’t ship their item within 3 days, StockX will attempt to find an identical replacement. If they are unable to do so they will offer a full refund.


So is waiting for StockX shipping worth it? In my mind, it absolutely is. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that a company takes extra time to make sure you’re not getting scammed by one of the sellers on their platform is refreshing.

So buckle up and be patient for a week or two and you’ll have your fresh new pair of kicks!

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