How To Clean Velcro (and remove that stubborn lint)

We’ve all been through it, our velcro doesn’t seem very sticky any more and we look down to find that it’s clogged with lint, hair, strings, and who knows what else!  Whether you’re looking to resell the article of clothing or simply clean it up for your own use, cleaning velcro is incredibly easy.  Follow along if you want to know how to clean lint out of velcro and make it look like new again!


A t-pin.  That’s it.  Really.  In fact, you don’t even need that!  Any pointy object can work

Let’s get started…

Grab that nasty old velcro and your push pin.  Slide the pin in between the grooves and simply pull the lint up and out.  After the pin slides free, grab what you can with your fingers and simply pull it out.

Keep going….

And just like that, you’re done!  Look at that beautiful finished product!  If it needs a little more help, a little toothbrush work with some soap and water with have it shiny in not time!

A word of warning, you’re better off to get a sturdy quality pin that will last the journey.  Normal pins may work but they’ll end up looking like ours did after our first project!

And there you go!  Easy as can be!  Whether you’re an eBay seller looking to clean velcro or simply walking to clean up a coat, jacket, (or your kids shoes?) then we hope this helped!  Let us know what else you’re in need of help with.  Keep working hard!

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