How To Refresh Your eBay RSS Feed – Step By Step Guide

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2021 Update

Since the release of eBay’s 2018 Seller’s Update, the RSS Feed Reset option has disappeared for sellers. It was expected but still a bit of a blow when it finally happened.

We say “disappeared”, but the reality is, the only thing that disappeared is the ability of sellers to see and manually refresh their feed.

According to the Seller Update, RSS Feeds are either outdated or will automatically be taken care of for sellers.  So what to do?  Our vote is to not worry about it!  There are other things you can do that will have the same effect as refreshing your feed!

Why Would People Want To Refresh Their RSS Feed?

Refreshing your RSS feed worked because it gave refreshed your last 50 listings, giving the appearance to eBay that you had new listings.  eBay’s search engine rewards activity so having a constant supply of new listings ensures the all of your listings will receive a boost in search results.  So how do we now make eBay things you’re being active?  Well, there’s really only one way:

Be Active On eBay

We have always preached that the best way to improve eBay sales is to list list list!  Listing daily on eBay is the thing that will transform your business faster than any tips or tricks.

We recommend sellers try to list at least 5 new items per day and, if you know you’ll fall short beforehand, schedule listings to go live so you’ll have a constant influx of new products in your store.  We routinely schedule listings to go live in the middle of the night and wake up to additional sales.

Since the eBay RSS Reset is gone, check out some of these other ways to increase your eBay sales.

Ending your listings and either relisting them or choosing “sell similar” will give you the same effect as refreshing your RSS Feed. New listings are new listings.

What Is An RSS Feed?

Simply put, an RSS Feed is a program that makes sure readers/users get the freshest data possible.

An RSS Feed can both notify readers of new content or, in the case of eBay sales, affect search results so that the newest listings are shown first to potential buyers.  In other words, the older your listings get, the further down in search results they appear.  If they are listed long enough, it’s possible that your potential customers never even see your item!  So how could it possibly sell?  (This is the reason that many sellers advise avoiding GTC listings).

Original Article Instructions

How To Reset Your eBay RSS Feed (Outdated)

The most complete way for a listing that looks fresh to eBay’s search engine program (known as Cassini) is to end your long-time listings and re-list.  However, this is impractical for any seller that has more than a few dozen items in their store (yes you had to have a store to refresh your RSS feed).  So how to do it…

  1. Find the RSS Feed refresh page on the eBay website (Click Here for quick access)
  2. Toggle on “Don’t activate your Fixed Price listings via RSS” and click Apply
  3. Wait.  Waiting overnight is best, but people recommend waiting for at least 6 hours before…
  4. Revisit the RSS Feed page and reactivate your RSS Feed.
  5. Sit back and reap the rewards of increased sales!

Now it’s worth noting that this method was never foolproof.  Its effects were temporary and it only refreshed the first 100 listings in your store.  For this reason, we recommended refreshing your RSS Feed every couple of weeks!

Without that option, just be one top of listing and everything will be fine.

Happy Selling!

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