How to Wash Plush Stuffed Animals to Resell on eBay

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We’ve all had the experience, we find a valuable plush animal…only to turn it over and find that it’s been puked on.  Or sucked on, snotted on, pooped on, we’ve seen it all.  So what to do?  Put it back and not reap the profits?  Never!  If you’re an eBay seller, you must know that there is a way to improve the value of everything.  In this case, it’s removing the encrusted grime.Washing stuffed animals can be a tricky business. Regular washer?  Regular soap?  Can it be dried?   So where to start…

**Before undertaking this endeavor be aware that washing will make an animal clean….but not new.  Washing too often can wear on the edges and shape of the animal.  But if you’re not scared: onward!


  • They have a music  or voice box sewn inside.  Water and electronics don’t mix….
  • They are very old or fragile
  • They have glued on accessories or decorations such as sequins, purses, etc.  Glued-on eyes are probably fine
  • They have small foam balls inside (think Beanie Babies)


First off, inspect the stuffed animal to make sure it is free of rips, fragile add ons, etc.  If your washing machine has an agitator, consider heading to the laundromat.  You’ll have much better luck washing stuffed animals in a machine without an agitator as it beats them into odd shapes.
After determining your stuffed animal can be washed, place it in a mesh laundry bag.  The mesh bag gives it an extra level of protection from snagging or being pummeled too much in the machine.  If you don’t have a bag and want a quick fix, you can also put the stuffed animal inside a pillowcase.

Flip the machine to cold and gentle/delicate cycle.  Stuffed animals are tender little guys and just can’t handle anything more aggressive!  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use a warm wash but avoid hot like the plague.  Hot water can dissolve glue!
After washing, remove from the bag and hang the animal to dry!  Dryer heat – even on low – could damage plastic parts and leave the animal crunchy instead of soft.

Aaaaand that’s all there is to it!  Congrats, you just increased the selling price of your stuffed animal many times!  And in case you just scrolled all the way to the end:

The Cliff Notes Version

  • Make sure the stuffed animal can be washed.
  • Place in a mesh bag.
  • Wash on warm/cool water temperature on the delicate cycle.
  • Hang dry.  Don’t put in the dryer.
  • Profit

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