Love Seeing Thrift Store Hauls? 5 Places To Get Your Fix

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I always hated haul videos. I’d like to pretend that I was disgusted by the overt consumerism but, the truth is, I never enjoyed watching people unbox a bunch of bags or clothes worth more money than the entire Christmas for my family.

Then I discovered thrift store hauls and my life changed. Well, not quite. But I certainly have much more entertainment while I’m listing dozens of items on eBay or decompressing at the end of the night!

Thrift store hauls are more exciting than regular hauls for many reasons.

The most important reason is simply that there is a large amount of skill (and luck) involved.

Anyone with a fat bank account (or a high-limit credit card) can go into a store and walk out with a new bag. The only thing that makes it special is that it’s out of reach for most of the viewers.

Finding a Louis Vuitton bag at a thrift store? Skill, luck, and patience.

Seeing people tenacious enough to be successful at thrift stores inspires me!

So whether it’s a mid-century furniture haul, a vintage electronics haul, or mostly clothes, these are the places we love to look at (and salivate over) other people’s thrift store hauls!

5 Best Places For Thrift Store Hauls

1. Thrift Store Haul Videos On Youtube

We’ve written before about our favorite YouTube channels for eBay Sellers and this covers some of the same people. However, if your main interest is in thrifting and thrift store haul videos (instead of selling on eBay) then check out the following channels:

RalliRoots: While most of their content is related to selling on eBay, this awesome couple posts lots of interesting thrift finds and buys as well. And the best part? They aren’t annoying or painful to watch.

Jenna Phipps: For more classic “thrift store haul” and “thrift with me” content, Jenna Phipps is a great one to follow. I won’t claim to watch this channel but Kirstie insisted I include it here.

2. Thrifting and Reselling Blogs

We’ve been known to mostly post our Top eBay Sales as opposed to hauls but there are haul videos and posts to be found on most reselling blogs!

Most people who blog are looking for items to flip on eBay, Poshmark, or Mercari so, if you’re in that sphere, haul videos are a great education in what sells.

Apart from the best eBay blog (this one, of course), there is another one that I think everyone should check out:

Things I Find In The Garbage: While this might stretch what you think of when you want to watch thrift store hauls, it’s one of my favorite blogs that I’ve followed for years. The owner is a “professional scavenger” and posts things (usually antiques) that he finds in people’s garbage. Well worth a binge-read.

3. Thrift Hauls Subreddit

What would a list like this be without a shoutout to a Reddit group? I’m betting you’re not surprised to find out that there is an entire subreddit dedicated to thrift store hauls.

What might surprise you is the fact that it’s actually pretty good! It’s well-moderated and, with nearly 2,000,000 members there is a huge amount of good content to feast on.

4. Thrifting Facebook Groups

There are tons of Facebook groups for eBay sellers and thrifts alike. If you are willing to wade through tons of posts about “How many items should I list on eBay every day?” then you can find some totally golden thrift store hauls.

There are a couple (many, actually) Facebook groups which are meant to do nothing but build an audience for the person who runs it. We’ve been banned from a couple of those for trying to be helpful and not kissing enough butt. We won’t like any of those here.

The best options for haul pictures and videos include:

5. Instagram

The biggest group of eBay Sellers (and therefore thrift haulers) can be found on Instagram. That is the place where everyone documents their journey, their finds, daily sails, etc.

You can check out our Instagram and a few others where you can see thrift store hauls of all varieties, thrift store try-ons (not from me…), and much more!

Our favorite accounts to follow include:

What If You Want To Post Your Own Thrift Hauls?

The thrifting and reseller communities are very active. While there are some very well-known thrifters the people adore the majority of people in the community are just like you and me, people who enjoy sharing their finds and see everyone else’s.

So where should you post your own hauls to get involved?

If you are just getting started, YouTube is about the last place I’d go. Unless you like sharing your haul videos with a ghost town.

Start instead on Instagram, Reddit, or Facebook and build up a community of people you actually enjoy connecting with.

If you become a regular contributor it’s much easier to get feedback, make friends, and even improve your thrifting skills.

How Do Some People Have So Many Great Thrift Finds?

When I first started frequenting thrift stores I didn’t want to post haul videos because I felt that the stuff I found was so average.

And in hindsight, it was.

thrift store haul receipt
50 pairs of jeans for $2.50 apiece? Yes, please!

While it may seem that some people have magical thrifting abilities, having success at thrift stores really only comes down to three things:

  • Time spent shopping. When it comes to finding great things, it’s simply a matter of time. I have found $1,200 shoes, MacBooks, Louis Vuitton Wallets, Burberry Coats, Le Creuset Sets, and much more but it has taken me several years to cross them off my thrifting bucket list. More often than not my best finds come off the cart that someone just wheeled out of the back. With the number of thrift store hauls that are always posted, someone is getting lucky every single day. One day it will be you!
  • Your location. Like it or not, you might be in a dead zone when it comes to thrifting. How well-stocked thrift stores are can depend a lot on local culture, the affluence of the area, whether your local Goodwill sells things on eBay, etc. You’ll learn which thrift stores are better than others but sometimes whole regions can be pretty dry, no matter how skilled you are.
  • Knowing what is valuable. It pains me to know that I have probably passed on or totally missed items at thrift stores that were worth thousands of dollars and would have made an incredible thrift store haul video. Even after making thrifting and reselling my full-time job for the past 4 years, I don’t know nearly enough. If you want to learn exactly what to look for at thrift stores (whether you choose to flip them or not) you can check out some of our other guides:

If you want to learn exactly what to look for at thrift stores (whether you choose to flip them or not) you can check out some of our other guides:


The best advice I can give you, then, is to participate in what you enjoy! Thrift store hauls are amazing because everyone can make them! You don’t have to be rich or charismatic to make a great haul and share it!

Most thrift store hauls are normal people who want to share something they love. Be one of them!

Happy thrifting!

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