Where Is Zip Code 01153? (USPS Facility, Package Unknown)

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There’s no worse feeling than checking when you’re much-anticipated package will be arriving and seeing that there’s a problem. Sometimes it’s missent by USPS, sometimes it’s lost, and other times you get the dreaded tracking update:


UNKNOWN, 01153

So your package is lost and gone. Or is it? Where exactly is zip code 01153 and why does USPS report it as unknown? Luckily, there’s a simple explanation.

The 01153 zip code refers to the US Post Office Bulk Mail Distribution Center in Springfield Massachusetts. The zip code for the city is 01152 but the processing center has its own zip code (01153) which is why it shows up as “Location Unknown”. It is simply a mail sorting center and does not indicate a problem with your package.

01153 is not an official U.S. zip code and does not indicate a city. It is directly connected to the USPS sorting center at 190 Fiberloid St. in Springfield, MA.

zip code 01153 in USPS tracking example

Does Zip Code 01153 Mean That My Package Is Lost?

Not at all! It simply refers to the location of the sorting facility. Unless a package has been missent (in which case it needs to be manually sorted) it will only be at Zip Code 01153 for a limited time (usually less than 24 hours).

Why Does It Show “Unknown Location”?

The USPS tracking system is based on zip codes. When a package is scanned in at a sorting center it is uploaded to their database which populates the corresponding city.

Because the zip code 01153 does not correlate with an actual city, it simply reports “Location Unknown”

Why the zip code does not connect to the nearest zip code, 01152, which is also located in Springfield, Ma is anyone’s guess.

What Should I Do?

If your package is showing “Location Unknown” you probably don’t have to do anything. If it isn’t moving again (keep checking the tracking so you know) within 48 hours you can contact your local post office and they will provide you with any additional information that is available.

Why Do Some Packages Go To 01153?

Nobody knows. It seems that there is a huge influx of orders that sit at zip code 01153 during the holiday season. Because there are a huge number of packages moving through the system at that time (and people checking tracking) it is quite likely that more people are simply reporting or searching for the issue.

I can tell you that the Massachusetts postal hub is massive. In fact, most of the eBay orders we ship out to that region of the country are processed there.


So, if you’re still stressed about your package, stop it. Unless you stop receiving updates, it’s moving through the postal system exactly how it should and it should be at your house soon. Or the house of your customer. Whichever it is, enjoy your package!

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